This is taher from apps analysis back with another video, and today i will show you guys the best apps that you can get on your android device in 2021 and as usual, i will show the apps in random order, so without any further delay. Let’S get this video started on number one we have glitch lab glitch lab is a photo editor, packed full of digital glitch effects. You’Ve probably seen apps like this before and the style of effects offered won’t appeal to everyone, but if you like making your pictures look a bit glitchy or retro, this is one of the most capable and versatile ways to do it. There are over 100 effects in this android app, and many of them are customizable ensuring that your glitches won’t look like anyone else’s as if to demonstrate the power it’s even possible to generate an image from scratch. Building it up through a number of effects and tweaks there’s plenty here, even for free, but to get the absolute most out of glitch lab you’ll need to grab the pro iap for 6.49 per 5 pounds and 99 pence on number two. We have universe. In a nutshell, the universe, in a nutshell, is a fascinating educational, app that shows you, the relative size of numerous things in the universe, launch the app and you’ll be presented with animated images of a giraffe, the largest elephant, a human and other creatures, along with a Listing of their size, you can tap on any of them for more information, but you can also pinch to zoom in or out and see much bigger or smaller things zoom out and you’ll whiz past creatures, man made objects, countries, moons planets stars and beyond until you.

Finally, reach the entire observable universe as the largest thing included zoom in, and you eventually get right down to the tiniest particles and every single one of these things can be tapped on for more information. The colorful cartoony presentation makes universe in a nutshell. Look like it’s designed for kids and they’ll certainly enjoy exploring it, but it’s, just as fascinating for adults on number three, we have stadia stadia as google’s big play to get into gaming and more specifically game streaming. It essentially allows you to play aaa console and pc games on a phone screen, a tv, a laptop or a tablet without having the high end hardware, that would usually be required to run them as instead google’s hardware. Does the heavy lifting and then streams the games over an internet connection? That also means you can seamlessly pick up on one device where you left off on another and you don’t have to wait for games to download or update. You just need a fairly fast wi fi connection. So if you have say a google pixel 4, then the stadia android app can give you access to the sorts of games that would usually be found on an xbox one or gaming pc and going forward. You can expect more phones and other devices to get stadia support on number four. We have simple habit. Meditation apps are meant, among other things, to relax and distress us, but if you’re anything like us, they run the risk of doing the opposite, becoming chores that we feel guilty for neglecting simple habit.

Doesn’T completely solve that problem, but it gets some way there by offering short five minute meditations that you can easily fit in at any point during your day, simple habit also has a variety of different teachers to guide you. So if you don’t get on with one or just get bored of their voice, there are plenty of others to choose from the rest of the android. App is as you’d expect, with meditations, designed around specific life circumstances, goals or moods and a simple interface that doesn’t get in the way on number five. We have otter voice notes. Sometimes you don’t have time to take notes. Recording audio can come in handy but often means spending time transcribing it later, not so with other voice notes, the android app will automatically transcribe what’s spoken using ai and you can teach it to recognize your voice, so it can differentiate between speakers once the audio is Transcribed you can read it and correct any mistakes manually. The audio is also recorded, so you can listen back to the recording as well. The really clever bit, though, is that otter will detect keywords automatically, so you can search for a word and the app will find where it appears in any of your recordings it’s a great feature that makes it easy to find specific information, even if you’ve recorded hours Of audio, you can also create groups allowing you to share recordings with others, and all of your recordings are stored in the cloud, so you can access them on any device and they won’t take up space in your phone.

The only two problems i have found so far is that longer recordings can take a while to be transcribed and the transcription isn’t always perfect, it’s, usually good enough that you can tell what it means, though, and you can correct any errors. So it’s not a big deal on number six. We have miui iffy notification, shade phones are getting bigger, but hands aren’t, which can sometimes pose a problem when it comes to accessing the notification shade, as this typically sits all the way at the top of the screen. With miui, if you notification shade, you can move it to the bottom, but this is more than just a simple switch of positions. The app also lets you customize the colors and overall look the size and position of the area you have to swipe over, to bring it up and to pick exactly what shortcuts appear on the shade. Among other things, the core android app is free, but many of the customization options require a one off two dollars and forty nine cents or one pound and ninety nine pence, which should be worth it. If you plan to use this app, if you like my selection of the best android apps, please do me a favor and drop a thumbs up seriously. It helps the channel a lot also consider subscribing with the notification turned on. I release videos every week with the list of quality apps.