Lets find out the best options together: number one most popular oria, precision, screwdriver kit, the aurea is an excellent precision, screwdriver repair kit. It is very suitable for amateurs and di wire to finish their everyday household tasks. The handle is comfortable to use and also comes with an extension rod and a flexible shaft that will help you with those hard to reach screws in electronics. There are 60 pieces included in this kit. 56 of them are bits all this comes in a hard to open case, which is a good thing to keep children away and out of harms way, number two ifixit protect precision. Screwdriver set the ifixit pro tec. Toolkit has been developed over a period of five years to provide electronics professionals with every tool required in a single comprehensive package, its centered around a 64 bit precision screwdriver set that allows you to work with 15 types of fasteners theres. Also, an anti static wrist, strap a variety of opening tools and picks, plus esd, safe tweezers, several spudgers for opening plastic enclosures and a suction cup for lifting phone screens. It requires a bigger investment than some competitors and comes in a sensibly arranged tool. Role. Number three xol80 in one precision screwdriver set the xol kit is an amazing bit that is very suitable for small applications. It is a great kit that will certainly benefit you a lot. The handles length is eight centimeters. It is created from aluminum on the inside to make it more durable and robust, while a soft plastic wrap wraps the outside.

In order to increase your comfort when gripping the handle, there are also two extension shafts included. The other is a 60 millimeter soft shaft extension, which is very suitable for those hard to reach screws in electronics. Number four cintus precision screwdriver set. You also need plastic gadgets to crack open or slide various access panels without scratching a case or damaging components. The 63 piece, electronics repair tool kit from syntis provides all of this in a well organized case. It holds the magnetic driver extension rod, flexible shaft and 57 s2 hardened steel bits for slotted, phillips, pentalobe and tri point fasteners, plus the less common hex and square screws and nuts found in some apple models. Its a versatile collection for both hobbyists and professional users. Number five efficient, nine piece: precision screwdriver set this nine piece budget. Precision screwdriver set provides three sizes of each which work with fasteners in everything, from reading glasses to guitars and thermostats to laptops, despite the minimal cost. This sets non slip. Rubber handles offer a sure grip when you need a little extra effort and rotating caps allow for finger dip control. The shafts are highly durable, chrome, vanadium, steel, the blades are accurately machined magnetized and have a corrosion resistant finish. These tools also comply with american national standards. Institute safety standards. Number six jake me precision, screwdriver set not only you can work on various tasks, but even under challenging situations, it delivers the required precision, which is sure to please you.

It acts as a forty three in one repair kit, with components for various tasks, thereby allowing you to use it with several tiny electrical devices or for more intricate jobs. All the bits are tightly connected to the handle which reduces vibrations and delivers stability, while working jake me has also focused on durability, which is visible in its chrome, vanadium, steel construction to provide longevity number seven nanch precision screwdriver set the h8 is another precision set designed By nanch that goes to show you how well they craft their sets. The h8 is perfect for almost every task. It is suitable for professionals and amateurs alike. The screwdrivers handle is ergonomically designed and 100 made out of steel. It is very comfortable to grip, and also it endures, a lot of pressure. The handle is also non slip and it has a swivel top to maximize your comfort. Moreover, there is an extension shaft that can be installed to increase the length to reach those hard to reach places. Number eight roy, a small precision screwdriver set. If your requirement is a multi purpose tool, they dont come much better than the roye screwdriver set its a 119 in one screwdriver set capable of handling a range of tasks from iphone repairs to home appliances. Gamers can also use it with their ps4 and the reason for the quality output is the addition of anti static, tweezers and non slip. Silicone handles. It delivers comfort while allowing you to get the required precision in your tasks.

It comes with a total of 101 bits.