The redragon k552 is my first choice for a mechanical keyboard for typing work. If youre not interested in the expensive keyboards, then it might be a nice option for you, although its not offering the real cherry mx switches, its still a great option for a budget price. But if you looking at keyboard for professional typing, then you should check my other recommendations. The redragon is a 10 keyless keyboard, which is quite portable. It can easily fit on a small desk and can be carried easily anywhere number two corsair k95 rgb platinum, mechanical gaming keyboard corsair is one of the most popular brands among gamers, which is well known for manufacturing high quality gaming products. The corsair k95 is the latest keyboard from corsair, which has been popular quickly among gamers, but its not very useful for typing work due to cherry mx, speed switches. Actually, cherry mx clear is a linear action, switch that doesnt have any tactile of audible feedback, but the keyboard which i am talking about is the cherry mx brown version of this famous gaming keyboard, which provides silent working with soft tactile feedback number three dos keyboard, 4 Professional wired mechanical keyboard, first of all, the dos keyboard is offering cherry mx brown and cherry mx blue switches. You can choose according to your choice. This variant – i am talking about doesnt – have any backlit feature, but its also available with rgb. If you want, on the bottom side, there is a magnetically attachable, foot bar has been given, which can be used as a ruler.

Moreover, here are some extra media. Controls are given with an oversized volume knob, which comes in handy while listening to music, doing skype or watching videos. Number four microsoft, ergonomic 4000, fast typing keyboard. There are lots of great fast typing keyboards on the market, but few can be considered as ergonomic as this model from microsoft. This is a wired keyboard designed for business users that do a lot of typing. It has been optimized with a split design which makes it more easier to use as you keep your hands in a more natural position. Office workers will appreciate the handy, hotkeys included in this keyboard. It comes equipped with customizable keys, with a dedicated purpose for increasing your productivity number five logitech k800 fast typing keyboard. This is a wireless backlit keyboard that enables you to type fast, regardless of light conditions. The keys of this model have been laser etched to enhance durability. Over time, the illumination comes with advanced technology for detecting your hands when they get close, so that makes it incredibly convenient to use in the dark in terms of design features. Logitech equipped this keyboard with low profile, keys and sleek lines to boost the ergonomics. Its ideal for either a desktop, pc or laptop computer number, six filco match touch two tkl keyboard. If youre looking for a mechanical keyboard with no frills design and solid durability, the filco mage touch 2 is definitely a solid choice. Personally, i also like a keyboard with a minimalistic design, because who cares about the fancy rgb lighting while doing rigorous work? We just want a stable and smoother typing experience.

The filco mage touch 2 is available in both cherry mx, blue and cherry mx brown switches. If you prefer silent working, then you would be better off with brown switches number seven eagletech kg010 mechanical keyboard. The eagletech kg010 is a well designed and affordable mechanical keyboard that can suit a wide range of users looking to improve the speed of their typing. It features aircraft grade, aluminum, construction for enhanced sturdiness and the keys have been designed for precise actuation and satisfying tactile feedback. The keyboard can be successfully used to cover the needs of gamers or office workers. You can use this keyboard at night, thanks to the blue, led illumination. It doesnt deliver the same level of visibility compared to backlighting keyboards number, eight logitech, k780 multi device wireless keyboard compatible with a wide range of devices. The logitech k780 is an excellent keyboard for fast typers. It incorporates the flow technology which ensures that you can write more seamlessly by pairing the keyboard with a compatible mouse that speeds up various work operations. One feature that makes this an ideal keyboard for typing is the use of large and quiet keys. As this is a wireless keyboard, you will need to use triple a batteries to keep the unit charged for more details.