This is one from guiding tech and let’s get started. Music, all right, so the first app on this list is ditto clipboard. Imagine your default windows clipboard manager, but on steroids, like seriously dato, is basically an extension to the standard windows clipboard where it saves each and everything that you copy onto the clipboard and then allows you to access them later as well. Now this includes any and all sort of information, be it images text, videos, basically any custom format as well. It just boosts your overall productivity so much and makes you wonder why windows does not have such a feature by default. Speaking of things that windows does not have by default. Well, there is a tab file explorer that i wish windows had well. Thankfully, there is a work around to that. The balco explorer is a portable open source app, so you don’t even need to install it. Just download and launch it and use it as the explorer app of your choice, there’s a plus button at the top that you can click to create more tabs. Now you can browse through different folders and all the tabs support, easy, drag and drop of various files and folders. You can even switch between these tabs using control plus tab or close these tabs using control press w. Okay. So in case you haven’t noticed we’re. All working from homes right now, but even when we are not pdfs, remain an essential part of our work and even personal usage.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many good pdf editors available for free on windows or is there drawboardpdf is an app on the windows store that i recently started using and my god what an app it offers a plethora of features that let you easily annotate mark highlight write text Insert images and whatnot it also supports digital links. So if you have a touchscreen pc using drawboard on it would be your next level experience, but even for keyboard mouse users – this is a must, have pdf. Editor speaking about must haves aqua. Snap is something that i just cannot forget about. I mean yes, windows does have the default aero snap, but aqua snap takes all of that features to the next level. It’S such a tiny app, but offers plenty of features. You can talk your windows and once done, you can tile them as per your preference. This gives you more control over each window. Unlike the default route that prefers to give them equal spaces, you can quickly stretch your app windows, move them together, while they’re snapped and the keyboard shortcuts make everything work way too quickly. Now, while you need a paid version for a multi desktop setup like this one for a normal user, the free version should suffice easily. Now, while we’re on the topic of customizing and making windows work, better taskbar x is an app that you should definitely install on your pc, especially if you’re a fan of minimalism.

Now, while i have it installed as a rainmeter skin, you can choose to install it as a standalone app as well. Taskbar x, centers, all the app icons in the taskbar, giving it a windows style dock experience. You can then even customize the animations and change their speeds as per your liking. Okay, now i’ve recommended image glass previously as well, but it just had to make it on this list as well, because it’s just so so good, and i really cannot stop recommending it. Image glass is an open source image viewer that comes in a very simple neat and easy to use interface. It supports over 70 different formats, which includes gif, svg, hdic and even raw images. It’S super lightweight doesn’t, take a toll on your system and displays all the image info neatly in the title bar. You can check out our other video talking about the best photo viewers for windows last, but definitely not the least there’s microsoft power toys, power. Toys is basically microsoft’s own collection of experimental features that are already quite stable. To be honest and genuinely add a ton of functionality to the system. It has its own modern, run tool which is similar to apple spotlight. You have a system wide color picker, a quick use, image resizer and much much more. Now we already have a far too detailed video talking about each and every new tool and functionality. That powertoys adds so just make sure to check out that video from the card here or the link down below and well that was it.

As always, you can find the download links to all of the apps that i talked about down there in the description box. Also, if you you’re using a windows app that you feel others might not have heard of and they should be trying make sure to comment down below and who knows, we’ll include it in our next updated best apps for windows list till then.