I have put together the list of options that will meet the need of different types of buyers, so, whether its price performance or particular use, we have got you covered for more information. I have put Links of products in the description make sure to check it out, like the video comment. Dont forget to subscribe and lets get started. Number 7 HP Chromebook one of the most impressive advantages of the HP Chromebook is its remarkable battery life of up to 15 hours and 45 minutes. With the above unique battery capacity, you can focus on working for a long time without interruption, but the advantage of this Chromebook model is not simply about battery life. The product also boasts a mediatek integrated graphics card, with the power of a powerful graphics processor in its price range HP Chromebook can help you complete many tasks related to machine learning and deep learning. Number six Lenovo, Chromebook Flex 3, working with with an AI program, will require your device to be highly secure and the Lenovo Chromebook Flex 3 is one of those impressively specific devices. Youve always wanted. The product uses the Chrome OS operating system, unlike Windows or Mac OS. This operating system is relatively easy to use, besides, its security capabilities are also significantly higher. Besides, the manufacturer also integrates the products anti virus protection feature, so you can better protect your work, related programs and documents number five, Asus. L2. 110. There are many reasons why the Asus l20010 is a laptop that serves your on the go needs.

First, the representative from Asus has a compact design. The product has a relatively small screen only 11.6 with a lightweight and neat design. Battery life is also an advantage worth considering with a maximum operating time of more than 10 hours. Your work with Asus, L2 110 will not be interrupted. This laptop model also impresses with a series of other commendable advantages, such as emmc memory. Windows 10 has highly secure S Mode and diverse connectivity. Ports number four Lenovo Chromebook s330. The Lenovo s330 is less than an inch thin. However, that does not mean that the product removes a large number of connection ports on the product. In contrast, this Chromebook model supports full slasho with the appearance of USBC, USB 3.0 and micro SD ports. You can ultimately connect easily with many peripheral devices during work. In addition to impressive connectivity, this Chromebook model from Lenovo meets your machine learning needs quite well thanks to its high performance. The media, Tech mtk 1173c processor is a powerful choice in the price range meeting. Your working needs quite well number three Lenovo IdeaPad, 311 Chromebook. Your job requires you to transfer data quickly in all conditions, to meet the above requirements and prepare a stable network connection. You need to prioritize laptops like Lenovo Idea pad 311 Chromebook. The product supports connection via USB type c and USB type of ports. Thanks to that, you cannot only transfer data but also stream multimedia and perform many other tasks simultaneously.

In addition, the idea pad 311 Chromebook supports Wi, Fi 802.11 act and Bluetooth 5.. The device still has robust connectivity and data transfer, even if you travel to multiple locations during work. Number two Acer, Predator, Helios, 300 pH 31554 Acer, Predator, Helios 300 pH 315547 160s – is a gaming laptop model that can give the highest gaming performance. However, as someone who works in machine learning and AI programming, you can ultimately be satisfied with the extremely high performance of this laptop model. Acer has equipped the product with the processor that can compete with pretty much any current competitor on Market 11th. Gen Intel Core ISO. 11800H, with eight cores and 16 threads with the heaviest and most professional tasks, this device still does not disappoint users, Number One Acer Aspire, 5, Slim studying and working in machine learning and AI programming. You will have to focus on working with a laptop for many hours in a row. However, with the Acer Aspire 5 Slim, you will have a more focused and comfortable working experience. It can be confirmed as above, because the device owns an IPS HD screen possessing Acer, color intelligence technology, so you can be completely comfortable without stress, even when working continuously for a long time, in addition to the display being quite optimal, Acer Aspire. 5 Slim also owns a powerful processor AMD ryzen 7 3700 ucpu, combined with Vega 3 GPU, has created a laptop model that can handle all complex tasks related to machine learning and deep learning so guys, thats all for the top 7 best laptop for machine learning.

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