That might be the primary reason, especially if you have a stressful day. You just want to sit back open your favorite game and forget about the real world. It might be primary, but people will always want the option to surf the internet. Watch movies have video calls with family and friends. If people would want a device purely for gaming purposes, they would buy nintendo, playstation or xbox here at review press. We are a bunch of product researchers and testers where our aim to bring you up to date on the latest and best products from tech, essentials like laptops, tvs, cameras and all kinds of gadgets and gear. We test analyze and research new products and create a list of top 7 best products based on quality price features and user feedback, so that our viewers can make the right buying decisions in this video. We will discuss the top 7 best gaming tablet, so lets get started. Number seven apple ipad, pro 2021. The 2021 ipad pro is by far the most powerful tablet available to date, released in may 2021. Whether we talk about the display or the processor, everything about this device is meant to render high end performance and gaming is no exception. The ipad pro features a liquid retina xdr display with a resolution of 2732 x, 2048 pixels. The display operates at a refresh rate of 120 hertz and brings in a contrast ratio of one zero, zero, zero zero zero to one.

In simple words, the devices display is designed to bring sharp visuals and the overall viewing experience to life. Talking about the hardware, the 2021 ipad pro is home to the mac apple silicon m1, chipset club with 8 to 16 gigabytes of ram, which provides a seamless gaming experience from all the popular games like pubg fortnite call of duty asphalt, 9 minecraft clash of clans, etc. Play every game in high frame rates with no issues whatsoever; number six samsung galaxy tab, s7 plus world class display with massive battery life; great audio attachable keyboard; an option to connect xbox and playstation controllers to take your gaming to the next level. If youre an xbox owner, it currently might be a better pick than ipad pro 2020, since it supports project xcloud. The device also supports five g sim cards, making it a future proof pick. When the 5g starts rolling out. We played a little gears of war 5 and a couple of other games via xcloud pairing. The controller was easy. The gameplay was magnificent, the display was gorgeous. Didnt feel like something is streaming. It felt like the game is on the device number five apple ipad. Air 2020, the new apple ipad air surprised everyone in 2020. Can you connect it to tv and xbox and ps4 controllers? Yes, you can. Is it as good as ipad pro or samsung galaxy s7 plus? Unfortunately, no ipad air lacks processing power at the core, its not built for high end games, but they are still totally playable when you connect it to tv, there isnt really a difference.

It streams perfectly, but you still cannotice some small frame drops here and there number four microsoft surface pro 7. Are you a fan of microsofts environment and want the best performance on the go, and you also want to play on it and enjoy lagging free gameplay. Its worth it, the best windows tablet you can buy at this time its very durable and will amaze you with new 10th generation intel processors, core i7, with 16 gigabytes of ram and one terabyte ssd drive. Now we have intel iris plus graphics, which are more low. End, graphics, processors: you will not be playing the latest call of duty, but gta 5 fortnite or civilization. They will run smoothly on low parameters. It has a usbc port with that you can plug in a lot of options, especially with adapters, its funless. Until you choose the i7 version, we noticed that its heating up quite a lot, but its extremely quiet. So is it good for gaming for light low intensity gaming? Its great more than expected, the pro 7 will be a decent device for modern photo realistic games. The surface pro 7 will not really cut it. If you lower your setting its totally playable and enjoyable number. Three acer switch 7 black edition, a tablet that we all have missed a high end surface, like a tablet with a kickstand and attachable keyboard. Black edition fanless 13 inch tablet with intel core i7 with discrete nvidia mx 150 graphics, with 2 gigabytes of vr am quad core cpu.

Without a fan, its achieved by using a technology called dual liquid loop cooling solution. It has 16 gigabytes of ram and 512 gigabytes. Ssd is standard, material is good, smooth glass, but it asks for more metal usage. It has a full size, usb 3 port. It also has a finger scanner and comes with a nice stylus, which you can hide into the tablet body along the top edge. You can get a really nice gaming experience in 1080p, like playing gtav or civilization. Six number two samsung galaxy tab a7 for a tablet thats under three hundred dollars, its more than decent. If were keeping the price tag in mind, its excellent, the battery life is outstanding and the charging is incredibly quick. The screen could have been a bit brighter its a budget tablet. So if you expect it to knock you out of the park with the performance, it wont it was created to consume media, have video calls with family and friends and play average demanding games. You can still play some high demanding gaming, but you will feel the lag here and there and just wont get the experience. Thats intended samsung galaxy. Tab a7 is a decent tablet for gaming. Doesnt have the top of the line specs, but it runs smoothly. Nonetheless, number one lenovo yoga tab 3 pro lenovo. This model has an integrated rotatable projector. It has 50 lumens. So not only you will enjoy the entertainment by playing games, but also your friends.

Projection can be up to 70 inches, but better till 50 inches. Because of resolution, the display is 10 1 inches ips lcd with 1600 x, 2560 pixels resolution. It has good brightness, it has lenovo any pen technology. You can use anything to interact with it. This version has a nice leather finish. You have four jbl speakers built in. It comes with an intel, atom, processor and four gigabytes with the ram. It also has two cameras: it has a huge battery life around 10 hours on normal use, but can handle up to 18 hours. The yoga tab 3. Pro does not do anything seriously wrong. Nevertheless, the total package is not enough to be the ultimate device for gaming. That was our list of the top 7 best gaming tablet.