It provides more giant screens than a traditional tablet, 360 degree folding, super thin, affordable, runs all office apps and more. This video lists the top 7 best 2 in 1 laptops in 20 21 up first, is the hp elite dragonfly. This laptop comes with a 13.3 inch display and features an fhd 1920×1080 resolution and 1000 nits of brightness. Its fhd resolution makes text crisp and sharp while the 1000 nits help combat sunlight and outdoor use and its built in fingerprint reader as well as a 720p ir camera supports facial recognition via windows, hello, plus, its webcam, has an integrated shutter to physically block the camera. To protect you from malicious surveillance and it houses, an 8th, gen intel core i5 8365u quad core processor and 16 gigabytes of 2133 megahertz lp ddr3 ram for allowing you to run your business apps quickly and efficiently, and its two thunderbolt 3 ports can connect a thunderbolt Compatible external drive for fast data transfer rates. Next is the hp envy x360. This multi touch two in one laptop from hp is powered by a 1.8 gigahertz intel core i7 10510u quad core processor and allows you to run multiple applications simultaneously. Its processor can increase to a max clock. Speed of 4.9 gigahertz using intel turbo boost 2.0 technology and it’s 8 gigabytes of 2666 megahertz helps ensure smooth multitasking and allows the computer to access frequently used files and programs quickly, plus its 15.6 inch wled backlit, ips micro edge display features a full hd 1920×1080 resolution.

Viewing angles of 178 degrees, 95 ntsc gamut coverage and multi touch functionality, and it also allows you to utilize the touch, features and functions in windows 10 to improve accessibility and productivity. Furthermore, its integrated intel, uhd graphics, delivers a sharp and clear picture, and it includes a 3.3 inch power cord, a 65 watt ac adapter and a four cell 55.67 watts per hour. Lithium ion battery that lasts for up to 14.75 hours before recharging, is required and can recharge up to 50 percent in 45 minutes. Moving on to the next is the lenovo yoga 9i. This lenovo yoga 9i is a windows 10 laptop with a 14 inch display with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. It is powered by a core processor and it comes with eight gigabytes of ram. Its power gives you the ability to run the most demanding software from creative tools for photo and video editing, music production and pc gaming for boundless creativity and entertainment, and its dolby atmos speaker system, encased directly in the 360 degree hinge, offers three dimensional audio that augments Your media experience, moreover, its dynamic tuning technology uses machine learning, algorithms to predict workload needs intelligently, adapting power based on usage and system temperature with extended battery life and its two high speed. Usb c thunderbolt connectors give you the ability to connect to the latest high end gadgets and peripherals. Next is the lenovo chromebook duet, this 10.1 inch ideapad duet, 64 gigabyte multi touch two in one chromebook from lenovo features, a two gigahertz mediatek, p60t octa core processor and four gigabytes of ram.

Its detachable keyboard allows you to convert the duet into a 10.1 inch tablet and its two cameras and a dual microphone array facilitate easy. Video chat, plus its verified boot, helps keep your files virus free, while automatic updates run seamlessly. In the background, its 5 point, pogo, pin and magnet design make it easy to connect and detach and it’s thin and light for worry. Free transport and its gigabyte emmc provides massive storage space for huge files so that you can store important digital data and work. Your way through it with ease next in line is the acer spin. 5.. This acer laptop comes with a 10th generation intel core i7, 1065, g7 processor and 16 gigabytes of lp ddr4 x memory, 512 gigabytes, pcie, nvme, ssd, its excellent magnesium, aluminum alloy design lets you work and play in style and its 360 degree. Dual torque hinge provides four different modes for you to enjoy, plus its .3 inch narrow, lr, bezels and impressive 80 screen to body ratio offer 18 more screen real estate to work and its acer. Active stylus with wacom aes 1.0 features 4096 different pressure sensitivity levels to give you the natural feeling of holding a pen to paper for more precise strokes and movements and its 15 hours. Long lasting battery life can accomplish all your daily tasks from morning to night and takes only a 30 minute charge to go from empty to 4 hours of battery life. Next is the dell xps 15.

. This compact laptop features a powerful 2.6 gigahertz intel core i7 10750h6 core 10th generation processor, with 16 gigabytes of ddr4 2933 megahertz memory. It includes a 15.6 inch 1920 by 1200. Fhd plus resolution va display that supports 100 of the srgb color gamut, with a 500 nit brightness for vivid and lifelike photos and videos and its files can be copied onto the computer using the built in sd sdhc sdxc card reader. Furthermore, its graphics are driven by a dedicated nvidia 1650 designed to deliver high frame rates for games and smooth performance for other demanding tasks and its two thunderbolt 3 ports. Allow you to daisy chain compatible devices such as external storage drives each with a maximum throughput of 40 gigabytes per second plus its integrated dual band. Wi fi connection is designed to deliver up to 2.4 gigabytes per second with compatible wireless networks for delivering fast performance for 4k video streaming playing online games and more, and it also features a fingerprint reader built into the power button and an infrared webcam for facial recognition. Last on our list is the dell inspiron 13 7000. This dell laptop comes with a 10th gen intel core i5 10210u quad core processor, ultra low voltage platform, its quad core 8 way. Processing provides maximum high efficiency power to go and its intel turbo boost technology delivers extra dynamic power when you need it. Its intel, uhd, graphics, on processor, graphics, with shared video memory, provide everyday image.

Quality for internet use, basic photo, editing and casual gaming and its 8 gigabytes system memory for advanced multitasking, substantial high bandwidth ram, helps smoothly, run your games and photo and video editing applications plus its 13.3 inch. Full hd touchscreen, with 1920×1080 resolution, boasts impressive color and clarity, and its 32 gigabyte intel optane memory works with the pc to recognize, remember and provide speedy access to your frequently used files, applications and games. Thank you for watching.