The youtube deal guy matt grant and i haven’t slept in like a day. I’Ve been navigating all of these deals. If you expand the video description box, you’re going to find a link to accompany each deal without further delay, let’s get to the first of the prime day deals as i count them down live in real time. A reminder. I do use affiliate links, which means i benefit monetarily, if you’re kind enough to use one of my links deals can change in an instant and can sell it quickly. So keep an eye on all of the deals in that video description box, the magic bullet blender to begin with 25 bucks down from 40, a nice offering perfect for all those summer, beverages and i’m going to go back and forth between tech and, if there’s, something You don’t see on this list. I promise i will hunt it down over the course of today. The nintendo switch light. How nice it is to see a nintendo switch, not only in stock, but at 199 included with the sandias 128 gig solid state micro sd card license for the nintendo switch. Specifically, that is a nice pairing as we move on to deal number three. These are the apple air pods. With the charging case. I apparently bought these in 2019. I have no recollect, oh, i gave them to my wife, that’s right 119 down from 159 40 bucks back plus an additional 19 and one cent at checkout.

So a reminder you’re, actually lowering your price to a hundred bucks, even that’s a fantastic deal, and these do include the charging case. The wired version the apple airpod pros, which you saw in my hand, at their lowest price ever today of 189 and an additional prime day exclusive. If you do have the amazon prime reward signature visa card you’ll knock out an additional 11.’. I don’t know if that’s enough of a reward to open up a credit card, but there you go the samsung galaxy buds, which i actually prefer 43 off. This also includes the wireless charging case. This is the us version. I love them they’re great for really any activity with the one step connect and the samsung buds work with both ios and android devices, the vitamix 428 down to 270, if you’ve ever had difficulty wrapping your head around a vitamix based on the price. This is going to give you everything that you want as part of the renewed program. I don’t generally love renewed products, but the nice thing about the specific one has a 90 day return window on it. So, for any reason you don’t, like it a vitamix on a regular purchase date, would be a 30 30 day return window. You have three months to return that which is lovely the samsung 65 inch. This is an infinity edge, display 240 hertz motion rate. I know i’m speaking quickly. I apologize this has that object, tracking, sound and while i realize not, a lot of content is available in 8k.

This does a beautiful job upscaling now it says there only is one left in stock. This will be replenished throughout the day, but a full 51 off. That is a beautiful television, the streaming system of choice, the roku express today coming in at 40 bucks and 29.99, the 25 off awesome. I love this and by the way for those of you watching right now, if you’re looking for additional deals as they drop, i do have a special facebook group if you’re, if you’re, not big on facebook, i promise i will still make this worth your while there Is a link if you expand the video description box also, as i move on to the next deal, don’t forget to subscribe and turn your notifications on right here for this channel, because i’ll be hooking, you up as prime day runs all day today and through tomorrow. The fire tv stick: 4k, 24.99, a full 50 off and again this is the amazon alexa voice service streaming system that does have the voice remote, so that’s, beautiful, 4k compliant the apple tv 4k. So this is 179 down to 99.. I think this is one of the first times i’ve ever seen an apple tv at this discount, specifically on prime day, a full 45 off beautiful. If you are looking for a smartphone, you’re gon na find some great unlocked, smartphones there’s, a whole list expand the video description box. You’Re gon na find smartphones that have all sorts of beautiful specs the instapod duo, plus it may always appear to be a product.

That’S constantly on sale, but it’s not regularly at a full 54 off so you’re. Looking for that six quart, nine in one electric pressure, slow cooker, you put your vegetables and everything that simmers over the course of the day, it’s great all right. The kasori smart, wi fi air fryer again, i don’t – know if i would gravitate toward any product that has a wi fi air fryer component, but when they’re throwing it in at a price of 83.99. This is a great way to get that perfectly even crisp on all your vegetable tempura, your chicken wings and so on. I love it. The insta vortex six and one as an alternative as easy as using a microwave, and you can cook with using little to no oil 64.95 down from 100 bucks who’s having fun now yay prime day soda streams i’m. Just trying to show you some of what i’ve bought okay. 92. 99. 150. This was on deal before prime day, so i did nab it 38 off i’m, not a big fan of carbonated beverages, but very popular in my household and for so many people and i’m. Actually, starting to like it a little bit more than i anticipated the ninja compact kitchen system that says that auto iq turn ice into snow blending mechanism 109.99 down from 160., the nespresso virtual next coffee a way to get some of the best coffee. You can now make in your home and not pay someone else to do.

You become your own barista 193 down to 99 49 savings phenomenal, and this does include a 30 count of the coffee pods, the coleman sundown sundome, tent uh great. If you’re, looking for a camping, hiking excursion for just 40 and 71 cents, depending on whether or not you buy the two person, the four person i don’t have many friends, so it’d probably be about a two person tent the chemical guys, 16 piece arsenal builder car Wash 69.99 down from 100 bucks awesome a reminder guys if you like this content as i go through the deals, please give this video a thumbs up. That does help with the youtube algorithm and my self esteem. The ring alarm five piece kit: this is the video doorbell wired, now included with the system. 85 bucks off 165 down from 250. there’s a fly in this room. I don’t know if anyone saw it. It’S gon na drive me crazy over the course of the broadcast and no i’m, not on anything i’m, just drinking a lot of iced tea, the lenovo ideapad there’s, some great laptop chromebook and desktop all in one deals that are dropping. I am updating constantly expand that video description box 199 down from 256 beautiful moving on to the acer aspire. It has a measly four gigs of ram, but a nice solid state drive so for your basic everyday computing task. This is a very popular model. That’S now coming in at 100 off, i really do like the slim laptop pro profile on that the asus zenbook, a much more robust system has the i7 processor 16 gigs of ram and a whopping one terabyte solid state drive.

If you do any type of video editing, 4k graphic intensive work, the one forty 1049 dollar price is a full 151 dollars off the dell xps touchscreen again a hardcore laptop great. If you do any type of gaming, there’s, a really nice graphics card, built in 331 off that’s, a full 20 again anytime, you can find this on a new computer that has windows 10 pro and all these specs you’re doing very well again: 16 gigs of ram On that, the acer monitor that you see right here is a truly a bestseller on amazon and now at its lowest price of 79. Bucks to get an ultra thin monitor it’s got a nearly bezel less display. I know the bezel looks pronounced in this, but it is strikingly thin if you look down upon it on a bird’s eye view. So you buy your monitor. You can just look down on it in weird ways and feel good about yourself. The hp 27 inch. You see right here has got some slightly better specs. It does tilt it’s got some, i think very reasonable pricing on it regularly, but to see it at 131 as part of the prime day 2021 special, you are doing well. The lg 32 inch monitor, see right here again you got a dual hdmi on here, so you could have a fire tv sticker that roku. I showed you earlier constantly plugged in great for working from home, educating from home, educating yourself research 210 down from 250 40 off how you guys doing i’m doing great all right.

The acer aspire: 10th gen i5 processor power, 12 gigs of ram. I always find 12 gigs of ram with kind of funny to see in a desktop. I think they could just maybe do 8 or 16, but it’s 420 down from 550 and i’m excited to see that 130 price drop the base of the irobot roomba products. I was going to open this up and show it to you but i’m running out of time, so that is a deal that is probably the best selling of the roombas it’s 50 off 20 beautiful, if you guys are unfamiliar with the yuffie brand, which is owned By anchor they have some nice self mapping, robotic vacuums, and this is a 199 down from 320 120 38 off. That is pretty sweet, the irobot roomba i4. This is a self emptying robovac and the least expensive self emptying robovac. You will see other than the ones from shark 3.99 down from 650 250 off beautiful the i robot brava jet m6 mop if you’re looking for a wi fi mop a great way to get your floors. Sparkling clean for 2.99 that’s, 40 off 200 off beautiful it’s. Like black friday, cyber monday and prime day, all wrapped up into one and then the higher end, robot roomba i6. This compared to the i4 has a little bit of a better suction it’s got a smart mapping technology, so it learns where your furniture is rather than drawing those relentless figure eights around your home 4.

99 down from 800 bucks. It has a 60 day dirt dust bin capacity, so it’ll actually accumulate dirt and debris for a period of 60 days, that’s, not bad. The shark iq where’s, my box where’s, my box, uh i’ll, be doing perhaps unboxings. If anyone cares to see that, but i think right now, you just want to see the deals 320 down from 600., this uh distinguishing difference between the shark and the roombas. This has a 30 day dustbin capacity. The roomba has a 60 days so again how many days of liberty do you want from having to empty the robovac the castle, smart outdoor, smart, plug 16.99 don’t forget to check that box to apply that coupon and again, if you guys, are not prime members. Since most of these are prime exclusives, if you expand the video description box, you’re going to find a free 30 day trial, use it enjoy it for prime day, you can always cancel afterwards. The casa smart plug these are great. I use these around my home. I will tell you that none of the products in this video are sponsored, but i am showing you products that i stand by and that i, like 8.99 down from 15 bucks, 40 off beautiful the castle smart led light. This is a great way to pair this. With your amazon, alexa voice, service or google product and change, the colors and the lights, it’s, particularly fun around the holidays, or just for a friday night in with myself, this is a great deal that you can find on this 49.

99 down from 55 bucks awesome, the Samsung 82 inch class crystal hd tv that you see right here: it’s a really nice price drop 300 bucks it’s. Just looking at my tie right now, because i know i got to speak faster, so you guys can move on and buy. These deals quickly. The samsung galaxy watch active 1′ down from 199. I will tell you the only other deals that support the ios. That’Ll have a really nice reduction later in the day, possibly the fossil smart watches, which i’ve been playing around with, but the samsung galaxy watch is a little bit more robust in terms of its battery life and its specs. I do like that at 140, down from 200 bucks moving on the samsung soundbar right now, 199 down from 400 bucks a great way to get that 3d surround sound. This is the 2020 version, but don’t get too caught up on some of the release dates because if you actually look at most of them, this was released march 28, 2020 we’re looking at products that are barely more than a year old and i’m. Definitely a fan of some of the price drops we’re, seeing for all of those fitness products, expand the video description box you’re going to find a link. I know there are a lot of people significantly more fit. You probably have muscles the size of my head and i’m telling you right now. This is a great way to take advantage of those price drops the bissell power fresh steam mop, always a trending product on amazon and 59.

99 you’re, locking in a price of 33 off again. These are significant prime day deals i’m, not putting anything on this list, which would otherwise be a better price drop at any point. Over the course of the year i take black friday cyber monday, all these analytics into mine. When i do show you deals, including on the samsung centric two hard side, expandable luggage sets, this is the spinner 178 down from 5′ that’s 67 off again, at a time where people were not traveling as much as they used to trying to get that travel bug. Taken care of this is a great bargain to accompany that with the august door, lock 179 down from 250, if you’re, looking for a smart, wi, fi door lock, this works with most existing locks and keys built in wi fi access, a beautiful design and a great Price: seventy dollars off, alternatively, the why smart locks wise from that brand that makes the wise pan cam and all those other smart products that are typically rated very well on amazon. This is a great wi fi, lock a slightly different mechanism and a significantly lower price. 8648 down from 107, not even working up a sweat, yet it’s gon na be a long day. The yale touchscreen a sherlock 154 down from 219, and i do love you guys for watching. Thank you. The googleness thermostat 99 bucks down from 130 30 off. If you are looking for other smart thermostats, the wise smart, thermostat it’s, a relatively new product, but it’s done decently in my test, and i like the design and especially the price 30 down from 78.

98. And as we move on the echo auto, which i think is always on sale, is a full 85 off i’ll remind you that this way to pardon me, what am i saying this echo auto was 19.99 over black friday and cyber monday i’ve never seen it at 14.99, nor have i ever seen it packaged – fly, move off with six months of amazon music paired with this in an unlimited, free, uh assortment of music that you can use to bring the amazon alexa voice service into your car 85 off, and, i believe, are we Almost done, oh, the life straw, this is a great way to turn uh mud, any water that would not otherwise necessarily be safe to drink into safe drinking water. Great as an emergency prep great to have in your fix my tie great to have in your emergency kit, great for hiking great for enjoying all of life’s pleasures and not necessarily having to worry about fresh drinking water 1998 down from 40 bucks 50 off. This is a best seller, every holiday season and prime day, specifically where you can nab it for under 20 bucks as the filter and everything built in all right expand that video description box, you’re gon na find a link for every deal that i have showcased right Now the deals are constantly changing. They will be updated, so i’ll be going through that video description box, changing the links out getting new products and leave me a comment.

Let me know what else it is you’re. Looking for i’m doing a lot of really intense hand, motions but that’s, just merely because i’m excited and a reminder head over to that facebook group, if you want to find more deals, updated throughout the day, join my insider deal guy texting club, if you so choose. Also have some text 440. 298. 2181. I will be on call for you for the next 48 hours straight i’m – probably not going to sleep at all, and i will make sure that you get the best of amazon prime day 2021, and this fly, i think, is going to be in this room. For the rest of the broadcast, thank you for watching give this video a thumbs up subscribe turn your notifications on.