In this, video were going to be talking about the five things that make the newest generation ipad pro. The greatest of all time lets get started: Music, the newest generation apple ipad has the m1 chip. Now this is the same chip that you find in the new m1 macbook pro, as well as the m1 mac mini. Now, this chip is no slouch. It beats core i7 and core i9 imax from the previous generation, whether it comes to cpu or gpu performance and its supposedly one of the best chips that you can buy in the price category, giving the kind of performance that it does on the ipad. It makes fantastic sense simply because, if youre a designer or a creator, you will be able to utilize the performance of the m1 chip to use in apps like photoshop or procreate, or if youre, a video editor youll, be able to use things like lumafusion. Although it is still limited to whatever is available on the ipad os and hopefully apple launches, things like final cut on the ipad, so that video editors can take full advantage of this portable beast as far as performance is concerned. Now this performance also translates into things that are more casual, so if youre somebody who likes to game on the ipad, this chip is fantastic for that and you can play extremely demanding games without putting any kind of burden on the ipad pro. The next major reason that makes the ipad pro really desirable is also tied in with the performance capabilities that i mentioned earlier, and that is the display.

So if you get an 11 inch ipad pro, you get a led, backlit ips display, which gives you a two three eight eight by one six, six eight pixel resolution giving you 264 pixels per inch. You also get pro motion going a step further. The 12.9 inch ipad will give you a mini, led backlit display, so you get five hundred and ninety six local dimming zones for a better brightness control or two seven. Thirty, two by two zero four eight pixel resolution: maintaining that 264 pixels per inch. You still get pro motions: 120 hertz, the same white color, gamut, 600, nits of brightness, but 1600 nits of peak brightness on hdr. So if youre consuming hdr content, you will be able to achieve a really high 1600 nits of peak brightness. And if you pump up the display to 100 brightness, you will get 1000 nits at full screen brightness. So if youre, creating content or editing photographs or editing video, this additional brightness can really come in handy for that. Also, if youre planning to game on the ipad pro, it is one of the best devices to do that, because you get 120 hertz of refresh rate and you still get the performance and the power capability of the m1 chip which pairs in well together and gives You really impressive gaming results as well. The next big reason has to be the magic keyboard. Now apple has had a keyboard accessory for the ipad pro since the first generation and last year the magic keyboard was much improved.

However, this time around the magic keyboard is one of the best accessories that you can get for an ipad pro and for most people the ipad pro can replace a full size laptop based on what kind of work you do. Not only can you use it as a laptop and type on it for sending mails etc, but you can also use the performance of the m1 to do any kind of design work or any kind of edit work on the device. If youre somebody who does mostly word processing and does spreadsheets and presentations and things like that, those are also accessible on the ipad. You get a full microsoft office suite or you can use apples own apps and other third party. Apps are also available and the touchscreen experience makes all of that work. Much faster paired in with the display paired in with the m1 chip that we mentioned earlier. The magic keyboard just makes it better. You get a mouse a via a trackpad, and you also get a keyboard which is fantastic to type on for long periods of time, and the angle at which it holds the ipad is extremely ergonomic and lets you type on it very comfortably. The next reason that the ipad pro is seriously coated is the connectivity capabilities, so you get a thunderbolt 3 port and it also has a usb 4 capabilities. So if youre, attaching external devices like external thunderbolt drives, you can get really fast performance from the ipad pro.

So, whether youre using it for things like video, editing and you want a scratch, drive outside your ipad, which can be used on other devices as well, you can connect a thunderbolt, 3 ssd and get that experience on the ipad pro. Another thing that this port allows is for thunderbolt docks to be used, so you can use a thunderbolt dock to connect several other devices and not to forget the apple pencil as an input. The second generation of the apple pencil on these 120 hertz refresh rate displays on the newer ipad pros, has a latency of just 9 milliseconds. This is down from 20 milliseconds. Previously. This makes the experience of using the apple pencil on the ipad almost realistic, almost like using a pen and paper, and that makes just using the apple pencil as an input device, whether using it as a designing accessory or just as in everyday use. Accessory that much greater and the final reason is the sheer versatility of the ipad pro, because its extremely portable has a fantastic battery life up to 10 hours. Depending on what kind of usage you have. You also get features like center stage, which is excellent for video. Calls it automatically centers your face in the front facing camera, while youre on a video call, and you also have really impressive sound from the inbuilt speakers Music. And then it also has those fantastic cameras which offer 4k 60fps recording and also the lidar sensor, which can be used to map out rooms or create 3d captures of objects or even place.

Augmented reality objects in real time. All of that, mixed with some of the previous features that we mentioned, make the ipad pro extremely versatile and a really great device to have granted with a price tag of 71 000 for the 11 inch and 99 000 for the 12.9 inch. The ipad pro is not approachable for everyone, but for those who need a powerhouse of a device, a portable device with a capable processor, a fantastic display and lots of new connectivity and input options of the ipad pro is definitely the greatest of all times. If you enjoyed this video dont forget to smash the like button hit the subscribe button, if youre not already a part of tmi again, this has been bharat.