com this time its my ranking, the top five new single board – computers – 2022., as usual in these videos, Ill only be including boards which have launched and which Ive reviewed on this channel in the past 12 months, which here Means from the 1st of November 2021 to the 31st of October 2022., so lets go and get started right at number five on my list. We have this the vision, five from Star five and Ive included this board, not because I would recommend it for General purchase, but because it was one of the first computers with a risk 5 processor able to successfully run a desktop Linux. Distro with five is a free and open instruction set architecture or Isa that provides an alternative to the closed isas used in xh6 and on processors. So the star 5 j87100 SOC on this board does not have arm or x86 cores, but rather two risk. 5. 1. Gigahertz sci fi u74 cores. We also have eight gigabytes of RAM. We have four USB 3 ports, four size, HDMI gigabit Ethernet and a USBC connector for powering the board and then around. On the other side, we have a familiar looking 40 pin gpio connector. We have a DSi connector for connecting an LCD display and we have a couple of nippy CSI connectors for connecting cameras when the vision 5 was launched, which was back in December 2021. It cost 179, which was expensive for an SBC with two one gigahertz cores.

But this board was also far cheaper than any other risk: 5 computer with this level of processing power and able to run a desktop Linux distro, and when we booted up Fedora back in March 2022. Not only did we successfully run up familiar programs like the photo editor, but we even tried a bit of retro gaming, and this worked fine until I fell into a pool of lava the way you unfortunately can in quake. So there we are the vision, five, a piece of computing history that I imagine in time may become the most valuable SBC in my collection before the end of 2022. Im also expecting to take delivery of an upgraded Vision. 5 2. That cost me 51 pounds 43 or about 60 or Euros, including shipping, and which has got a quad core risk. 5 SOC, roughly as powerful as the one on the Raspberry Pi full. So 2023 may be the year when makers and SBC enthusiasts really start to embrace risk 5. back in the familiar world of arm sbcs. Next, on our list we have the vim4. This is one of several new sbcs launched by cardass in 2022 and beneath this cooler it has an amlogic a311d2 system on a chip with four arm. Cortex a73 cores clocked at 2.2 gigahertz, along with forearm cortex a53 cores clocked at 2, gigahertz and theres. Also, an armale g52 mp8 GPU. In addition, we get eight gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigabytes of on board flash storage along with Taipei, USB 2 and USB 3 ports, gigabit Ethernet, a full size, 4K HDMI socket and a USBC connector for powering the board.

And if this were not enough, we also have an onboard digital microphone down here, a tri axis digital accelerometer and an HDMI input and then, finally, underneath the board, we find an m.2 slot. This is an M keyed slot for taking an nvme SSD, although sadly it points out in this direction, so you can only really use the m.2 slot with a breakout board. A key feature of the VIN 4, and indeed other car, does sbcs launched in 2022. Is some onboard firmware called infinite, wow or oh wow? This allows the vim4 to download and install its own operating system, which is a very neat feature. Performance in an operating system is then excellent, with Ubuntu 22204 running as well on the vim4, as it does On The Low End x86 PC. So you can certainly use the VIN 4 as a small, desktop PC, and indeed it even looks apart when fitted in one of the nice cardass Bim cases, although, admittedly, I had to make a special cutout for the HDMI input. The final thing to mention is, of course, the price which is 220 dollars for the bare board or 240, with an active cooling kit included. So this is an rmsbc with a high price tag to accompany its excellent performance foreign. Next we come to the odroid M1. Although I want to stress that I had great difficulty ranking the top three boards in this list, but at number three. The odroid M1 is an extremely solid piece of hardware and can be purchased from hard kernel, its manufacturer for seventy dollars for a four gigabyte RAM board and ninety dollars for an eight gigabyte model.

As we can see, the PCB is mounted on the top of the very, very large heatsink you couldnt get a much larger passive heatsink on SBC and between the heatsink and the board. We have the soc, which is a rock chip. Rk3568 B2, with four a55 cores clocked at up to two gigahertz in terms of connectivity. We then have gigabit Ethernet weve got a full size: 4K HDMI, connector and weve got two USB 2 ports and two USB 3 ports and then very welcome. Weve got a barrel Jack for power, which takes a 12 volt power input on the top of the board theres another. Quite a few other exciting features, not least weve got a real time clock battery. We have got mipi, CSI and DSi connectors for a camera and an LCD display and weve got a SATA port as well as SATA power and weve also got, as you might have noticed, an m.2 slot. This will take an nvme SSD, which will Mount directly on the top of the board. So in fact, the only thing we dont have here, we really would have liked – is onboard Wi, Fi and Bluetooth. Now, just like the Kardash vim4, the odroid M1 includes firmware called Petit boot that allows the board to download its own operating system, and indeed Petit. Boot can also be used to select an operating system on Startup. So you can easily multi boot with different operating systems. On different drives, talking of which currently available Linux distros include Ubuntu and Debian, although sadly streaming, media playback is poor in a browser.

I therefore strongly recommend the O Droid M1. The drive Centric applications, rather than as a small, desktop PC, and indeed with the bootable nvme SATA micro, SD card and emmc ports. The odroid M1 is pretty much unbeatable right now, if youre looking for an rmsbc with the widest range of storage options right at number. Two on my list: we have this: The Latte pandasui Delta from DF robot, and this is a very nice new single ball computer launched in August 2022 and, unlike the other boards on this list, this has got an x86 processor specifically here beneath the heatsink and the Fan weve got a quad core Intel n5105 Celeron CPU with a base frequency of 2 gigahertz bursting to 2.9 gigahertz. So this is a powerful board and because its got an xxx processor, it can run Windows 10. It can run Windows 11.. It can run any mainstream. Linux distro, so youve got no issues with software. Support with this SBC weve also here got eight gigabytes of low power. Ddr4 ram and weve got 64 gigabytes of on board flash storage and, as we saw when I tested this board out its very fast on board flash storage weve, also underneath, if we flick the ball over like that got two m.2 slots. The one down here is M keyed and supports an nvme SSD, and the one up here is B keyed and supports a SATA SSD or a 4G or a 5G Wireless module, and also under here, weve got connectivity for a LCD screen which can be a touch Panel in terms of other connectivity, we have got as Im sure you would expect.

Gigabit Ethernet weve got full size HDMI, which supports 4K HDR output, and we can also from this USB C connector, which is normally used to power the board. From this. We can also get a 4K signal because it supports DisplayPort 1.4 at the other end of the board. Weve got three USB ports, and these are all USB 3, and one of them is USB 3.2 Gen, 2 times 1., its very fast. Indeed, again, as we saw when I tested out the board its also worth noting that this has got an Arduino co processor, so weve got two gpio connectors here which give us all kinds of connectivity, including to the Arduino. So you can use this to control, robots and all kinds of things like that. Inevitably, all this functionality comes at a price and the price of this board is 279 dollars without the windows license. Although Windows 10 does come, pre installed on the MMC, but not activated so overall, this is the most expensive board on this list. But if you want a small computer with no software support issues, fantastic connectivity as weve seen, then the latte Panda 3 Delta is well worth considering foreign on my list of the top five new single ball computers – 2022.. Well, it is this the rock 5B from radza. This launched to early backers in October 2022 and is based on the new Octa Core rk3588 system on a chip from Rockchip, so hiding under this heatsink and fan.

We have four armed cortex, 2.4 gigahertz, a76 cores and four arm, cortex a55 chord running at 1.8 gigahertz, and we also have an arm Mali, g610, MP4, GPU and a six tops mpu. The Rock 5B is one of several rk3588 sbcs launched in 2022 and its the only one Ive reviewed, and this is because I think that with price tags, often going over 200 many rk3588 boards are pricing themselves out of the consumer Market. I was therefore particularly interested in the Rock 5B, as prices start at 129 for this four gigabyte model, although, as an early backer, I purchased it for 84 dollars. This said you can pay 189 for a rock 5B. If you want 16 gigabytes of RAM, as we can see, the board has all of its major end user connectivity on this one Edge and its got 2.5 gigabit Ethernet its got two USB 3 ports and two USB 2 ports and its got two full size. Hdmi connectors that support up to 8K output. We also have USBC for power. We have a m.2 slot on the top of the board. This one here is e keys for taking a wireless module and underneath we have got another m.2 slot there. It is this one is M keys for taking an nvme SSD and all we also have on this board. I can find it whereas its gone round the back there. We also have a micro HDMI input, as I demonstrated in my recent review.

Whilst a rock 5B is only just becoming available already theres, a good Debian image that is fast and stable. Other operating systems, including ambient Manjaro and Android, are also available in earlier stages of development, and I expect that support for the rock 5B will grow rapidly. In 2023., this really is an excellent USBC. However, as I said earlier, I did agonize a great deal about the top three boards this year, as the odroid M1 is a fantastic SBC at a good price, let down only by the lack of a driver for Hardware. Accelerated video playback on a Linux desktop, whilst The Latte Panda 3 Delta, significantly outperformed all of the other boards on this list and has got the best software support if at a higher price. But in the end the rock 5B just came out on top. As my best USBC of 2022., so there we are my top five new single board: computers, 2022. and its the first time Ive compiled such a list. That includes boards with three processor architectures arm x86 and risk 5., as the list also reflects many of the new sbcs that have launched in the past 12 months have been in the higher price bracket and whilst theyve had the specification and performance to match. I do hope that in 2023 we will see more new maker boards selling for between 50 and 100 dollars, and I also hope that in 2023 supply chain issues will ease and Raspberry Pi sbcs will once again become widely available.

As I mentioned at the start, this list only includes new sbcs that Ive reviewed on this channel in the past 12 months, and in this context I do regret not having looked at the orange Pi 4 LTS, which has a good price and specification for a maker Sbc finally, Id note that this list is for sbcs only so does not include the new Raspberry Pi Pico, W microcontroller, which launched in June 2022 and is not just a great addition to the Raspberry Pi family, but right now is also far more widely available. So its hardly a surprise that the Raspberry Pi, Pico and Pico W have become increasingly popular in maker projects. But what do you think? What have been your favorite new single ball computers of the past 12 months, and what are you hoping for? What are you looking forward to in 2023? Do let us all know down in the comments section but now thats it for another video if youve enjoyed what youve seen here, please press that, like button, if you havent, subscribed, Please Subscribe and I hope to talk to you again.