I believe that the future of cars is electric and if we just say that that might be true, then that means that eventually someday every single type of car will have some electric version. And the thing is people forget this a lot, but not all cars are the same. There’S sports cars, there’s crossovers, there’s, pickup trucks and every single type of car is going to have a different set of challenges on its way to going electric and making the best electric version so tesla’s, all the time. At least the cars get compared to sports cars. A lot because they’re sporty and fast and fun to drive but sports car people also happen to really like the sound and the feeling of shifting gears and an engine and that’ll be different for pickup trucks and that’ll be different for crossovers. I get it but, as i sat in this car for the first time well, it kind of hit me that this is the perfect type of car to go electric right now, big fancy luxury sedans. So this is the mercedes eqs and yes, this is an exclusive first look at it, so you might have seen some teasers and some renders around the internet before, but this is the first time anybody outside of mercedes has actually been allowed to use and drive. This new car and that’s also why you see uh on the outside a little bit of camouflage, because as i’m testing it it actually currently hasn’t been fully revealed yet, but with a side profile shot of the car.

Here i feel, like you know, you can get a pretty good idea of what the car looks like right. It’S, a big maybach shaped sedan, sloping down to maximize efficiency. In fact, this shape will have the lowest drag coefficient of any production car in the world. At 0.2, but this interior, my god, this interior, is something serious, i’ve, never been in a car that checks this many boxes or has this many different features or things going on uh, so i’m gon na give you my top five features in the eqs from the Couple days, i’ve used it, but just know that there’s a lot more to it than just the best five so number, five, the lighting as you’ve, probably seen from the renders there is in fact led lighting all around everywhere in this cabin and honestly of all the Stuff in this car, this was probably actually the cheapest and easiest to add to the mercedes, but the level of customization is just ridiculous: there’s ambient lighting all around the car up at the front along every door in the back on the floors under the seats everywhere. You look there’s something that’s like glowing which can make it even more dramatic at night. All of these lights will have the option to change dynamically based on what’s happening in the car, so i can have it literally set so that if i’m, accelerating hard, the lights, turn red as i accelerate or if i start to turn the climate control up.

It’Ll go orange or down it’ll turn blue or even if somebody asks a question to the built in virtual assistant, which i’ll get to in a second that person’s seat lights will glow it’s pretty cool. I just want you to know in the backseat of this car. You can change the light there to be a reading light, and then you can change the light cone size, the exact position of that cone on your lap, where it shines the brightness and the color temperature. That is ridiculous. I mean i’ve, never i’ve, never driven an s class mercedes before obviously so maybe this is just par for the course, but that is very impressive. So the number four, the tech, every single piece of tech you’d, expect to find in a high end car. You will find it in this car and then some there’s also a bunch of cool stuff. I haven’t ever seen again. Some of this stuff is probably in other s class cars. I don’t care i’m going to show you anyway, because it falls in the tech category for the eqs 2.. So, first of all, it has a quality heads up display which can show you your speed and the speed limit, and navigation and it’s actually really really good. It’S, a high refresh rate, the arrows on the road in front of you get bigger as you get closer to your turn. It’S really good and super convenient it’s got cameras all around the car, including a backup camera that pops out of what i think is going to be a logo on the trunk and naturally that means it’ll stitch them all together for a very useful 360 view, whether You’Re, reversing or parking, but also it makes humans walking around the car.

Look hilarious, that’s, just a fun side effect. Then it’s got eight usbc ports count them two up front under the center console. Then two more inside the center console two more inside this, like center armrest storage bit here so like that’s, six for the front passengers and then two more in the back seat. Under this flap next to two mini hdmi ports, which we’ll get to in a minute, and then there are two wireless chargers, one between the front seats as you’d expect and then one inside the armrest between the back seats. You know in case you have a phone with no ports or something and those eight usb c ports aren’t useful for you there’s, also an nfc pairing spot right here in the armrest, where you just tap it to your phone and it’ll it’ll pair your phone to The entire car and there’s a fingerprint reader which lets you sign in in case it doesn’t, recognize you. When you sit in the car you can sign in with your fingerprint and it’ll log, you into your profile, it’ll log, your passenger into their profile. Okay, i’ve just learned of another feature that’s in some other cars, but it’s still unreal. Most cars have a little bit of an indicator for which mirror you’re going to adjust, but you don’t need to use it in this car. No, no. It knows which way you’re. Looking so all you do is just look at the left mirror and it adjusts the left mirror and if i just look at the right mirror it’s, just the right mirror.

What so? Okay, number: three i’m, just gon na there’s, a lot of overlap for sure here, but i’m, just gon na call interior luxury, because this this this seat just sitting in this seat, is like a it’s like better than a nice airplane seat. Look at this look at this pillow every seat in this cabin i’m, calling it a cabin, is soft, heated, ventilated and fully adjustable and wow the ventilation by the way is really strong. Thanks to the fans in the seat, this is the best i’ve ever tried in any car. The seat. Adjustments by themselves are one of the coolest parts of the car with the metal sensors, where you just push up against them and the seat moves and the two front seats also have built in massagers. So that means the seats will massage you. As you drive, your your car will massage you as you drive that’s, amazing and there’s, also, of course, plenty of other high quality materials and no visible gaps anywhere in this car. Even in this camouflaged pre production version of this car leather metal switches everywhere the wood, the tight tolerances, there is also a lot of glossy like fingerprinty plastic too, even on the steering wheel. I find that odd, but i guess i’ll let that slide. And yes, as you can probably already tell by now, there is a screen for every person that sits in this car. The driver, of course, has multiple screens the passenger has a screen, then the backseat passengers have media screens as well on the backs of the chairs.

In front of them, and if you somehow get somebody in the middle back seat of your car and there’s no seat in front of them to hold a screen. Well, that’s, no problem because the head rest is holding a literal, samsung tablet that can pop out that wirelessly connects to the same functions as all the other screens in the car. Now i’m. Just gon na put my my tech hat on here for a second because i’ve i’ve never sat in any other luxury car quite like this, but i know tech. When i see it – and this is a literal samsung tab – s4 from like 2014 and uh it’s – fine – it works – i mean they didn’t really do all that much. It still has the logo on the cameras and all the ports, and they just put it in a new housing, so it’ll click into the car, but in a car that probably costs well north of 100 grand, i don’t know i feel like you could probably do Like a ipad mini, or maybe something not from seven years ago, i’m, just saying but okay number two is where it starts to get intense and i’m going to call it seat specific commands. This car knows at all times which seats have people in them and which people are sitting in which seats. So, first of all, like i said there are profiles, so everybody can log into their own profile and get their own specific lighting and seat position and heating and cooling whatever they want.

They just log in it recognizes them and their seat adjusts everything for them, but also number two: every seat has its own audio, meaning each screen, including this passenger screen in the front seat, has its own bluetooth connection. So if you have bluetooth headphones or even in the back there’s a headphone jack on the screens, everyone in the car can listen to something and watch something different, so driver can listen to maybe the gps and some music passenger can literally watch a youtube video on The front screen backseat passengers can also each listen to their own thing and then because there’s, sensors and microphones strategically placed throughout the cabin to listen to what each passenger says and to keep an eye on who says what you can do voice commands and that voice Command will specifically respond to that passenger, so since i’m in the front seat. Right now i can say hey mercedes. How can i help i’m cold i’m increasing the temperature to 69 degrees, nice and, as you can see, it has only turned up the temperature on my side. So now my vents are blowing warmer air and theoretically, no one else in the cabin is bothered. This passenger can do the same thing. They can ask for certain things on their screen. Hey mercedes show me the map or something like that. Even the backseat middle passenger with the tablet can talk and it’ll just respond on the tablet. I tried it.

It works it’s. Pretty impressive and then, of course, since it’s software it can get better over time and respond faster to a wider variety of commands, but i already found it pretty functional so far: hey mercedes! How may i help you my back, hurts i’m starting the classic massage for you, hey mercedes. Tell me a joke. Whenever you get the chance to sorry, my engineers were german, oh that’s, the joke so number one. The number one most important feature of the mercedes eqs is this entire infotainment center, the hyper screen as they call it. This car has 55 inches of screen just in front of the driver alone. Now you might have seen some headlines saying it has a 55 inch screen and it’s, not a 55 inch screen, it’s it’s three separate touch screens that add up to 55 inches under one huge pane of glass, but it’s still definitely a lot hey mercedes. How may i help you stop the massage i’m switching off the massage for you. Thank you. This is where i actually have constructive criticism, because you know as much as i’ve had car experience there isn’t a whole lot of uh constructive criticism. I can offer to the level of luxury or the massaging seats or the softness of the pillow, but i know it makes a good infotainment system and this hyper screen is definitely visually impressive. No doubt about that, but it’s, nowhere near as good as it could be hear me out it’s like a bigger version of mercedes mbux, which is run on some of their previous cars, which all have smaller screens.

So this huge screen is cool and futuristic looking, but at the moment the experience doesn’t scale up to be that much better than a smaller screen. Either the ui or the screen itself in the middle is sort of low resolution, because i can actually kind of see some pixels on text. But you know what i’ll give that a pass. It’S, a huge hexagon screen in the middle of a front seat of a car, so you probably won’t, be super up close to it, while you’re driving you’re focusing on the road i get it. But when you do use it, it is a little bit slow. It is a little bit unresponsive and it is a lot ugly. I think i mean this ui looks dated it looks kind of like windows, media player from back in the early 2000s. Some of the touch points are big. Some of them are a little small. I think it could use a fresh coat of paint now don’t get me wrong, it’s very functional. It does everything it does everything you could possibly ask of it and having a huge screen like this in the middle of your car, especially for maps for navigation you plug in a destination it’ll route, you there it’ll stop at charging points where it knows it has To charge up it does the works but i’m just really not a huge fan of the ui itself. Now it is software, and this is the critical hinge point, especially when you start comparing things like eqs to other electric options out there.

This car, this car is the opposite of a tesla right like what is a tesla a tesla. Their cars are super sporty fun to drive. Then they have these very ultra minimal, stark interiors with debatable, but not amazing, build quality and then incredible software. So then, what is this car it’s kind of a boat to drive? It’S got an absolutely maximal interior there’s everything going on here and then it’s uh got incredible, build quality and amazing finishes and materials, and really not that great software. So the question is what’s easier. What is going to happen first? Will it be tesla, making the leap to become really good at making a bunch of cars with great interior quality and great materials, or will it be mercedes that makes the leap to become an elite software company because that’s? What we’re, really asking here is, can mercedes make great software either way. I love that this car is going to exist. You know an electric version of a thing that a lot of people already like these cars were already huge perfect. That means we’ll have more room for a bigger battery. In this electric version, they gave it 107 kilowatt hour battery with some pretty impressive estimated range too there’s more space in this version than the gas powered version, it’s already quieter in this cabin than the gas powered version and it’s faster i’ve only driven this. For two days, so this isn’t, a review of the sport mode or the steering weight or the rear, axle steering or the adjustable regenerative braking on the paddle shifters or the park assist all of which this car has but i’m sure those.

You know full reviews that have all those things will be coming out eventually until then, though, i’m going to end with this question, because i feel like you guys would be good to answer this.