I review type for creative professionals and today, im taking a look at the best windows laptops for artists. Ive had the chance to review a good number of windows, two and one laptop slash tablets over the last few years, and some have been good and some have been terrible and these are the good ones. So, first off i do want to say that everything im going to be looking at today is pen enabled that means that these are devices that have styluses touch screens. So you dont need a drawing tablet to attach to the side of dates. That also means that theres not gon na, be any apple products on this list. Im. Sorry, even though i am a huge fan of the brand new macbook apple, seems content on just keeping that kind of functionality in the ipad, because everything on this list has a touch screen and stylus. These are going to be a little bit more expensive than your average laptops. More features means more cost. You can get a normal laptop and plug a drawing tablet into it, but then youre going to wind up spending another three or four hundred dollars anyway. If you are interested in that sort of thing, i have reviews of huion xp pen wacom all that stuff over on my website and on this channel. So if you do go that route check out those reviews, also as a side note, the links on my website and the links in the description down below for the products im going to be talking about today are affiliate links its how i make money and how I can afford to buy more gear to review so with that out of the way lets get on to this list number five.

We are taking a look at the samsung galaxy book flex. Now this is last years model, but i was still able to find them on amazon and around the web at a pretty good price. This was one of my favorite windows, two and ones of 2020.. You can get this as a 13 inch model or a 15 inch model. Most of them have faster core i7 processors. Instead of the i5 processors, you see in a lot of entry level laptops so even though youre getting an older computer youre getting more power out of the gate with that computer. This is also one of samsungs q led panels and samsung makes really good displays. This is no exception. There is a catch to this, this isnt a 4k display. This is a full hd display thats 1920 by 1080 pixels. So its not a super pixel dense display, like you, might be used to on your phone or your tablet, or some of the other computers im going to talk about later on this list and when youre drawing on something like this, you are really close to the Screen you are hovering over it. You are gon na see those pixels, but its still a really good looking screen now. This display rotates 360 degrees into tablet mode and theres, even an s pen, tucked away in the side. I really like drawing with the s pen. This uses wacoms text, so you get a really clean, smooth line when youre, drawing and also really great pressure sensitivity.

One downside to the pen is that its tiny, its not fun to hold for extended periods of time. This was designed to be originally stuck inside. Some of the phones that samsung makes and they started putting these in their tablets or their laptops as well. The good news here is that any s pen can be used with this laptop, which means you can go out and get something for 20 or 30 bucks. Thats far more comfortable to hold for an extended period of time and its going to work just as well as the stylus thats tucked into the side. Now this is a really light laptop, so holding it while youre sitting on the couch to draw is totally an option. Its not clunky at all and the battery life is pretty solid. Now samsung makes several versions of their flex laptops from a year ago, so make sure you get the blue one, because one, the blue just looks really cool, but also the gray one doesnt have a stylus, its, not pen compatible and the red one is a chromebook And chromebooks, just arent, nearly as much fun to draw on number four were looking at the concept d7 easel. Now this is a really good computer and, if youre going to be doing 3d work video editing along with your art and illustration, this might be one of the better options out there. Now the downside of all that is the price. This machine is a beast and it has a price tag to prove it.

What makes it unique is the way that the screen can be set up at a whole bunch of different angles like an easel, you can even pull it all the way down to cover up the keyboard and use like a tablet, a really heavy bulky, uncomfortable tablet, But a tablet now: buyer: beware: theres: two versions of this laptop one is the acer concept, d3 easel, and this one that im talking about here is the concept d7 easel. You want the seven, not the three. The three is a good computer, but theyre using different styluses. The stylus that comes with the three is just not good. The stylus that comes with the seven is very good its a shame, because the three has the same folding screen its lower specs its far more affordable. I think a lot of people would like it, but that pen kills it. That is the most important thing im. Looking for in these computers and that pen, just doesnt cut it now, the 7 uses a similar wacom tech to samsungs devices, which makes it really fun to draw with youre going to get really clean lines, youre going to get really smooth lines and overall, its a Really responsive pen, so if you need this kind of power and happen to have that kind of money, this is a good one to look at now. Some of the artwork i make for my reviews, ive been putting into frames and posting on social media.

I use an app to mock those up and that app is called canvie and canvie is sponsoring todays video canby has over 500 room mockups, which means youre going to find one or probably more like 50. That helps your art really shine. Candy is also super easy to use. Let me show you how it works step. One youre gon na upload, your artwork to the site, step two. You browse the hundreds of beautiful room, mockups be makes available to you im gon na pick this nice blue one from here i can add my artwork. I can resize my artwork. I can change the style of frame the size of the border. I can even add other pieces. I like this wall, but i want it to be even more blue. I can tap the wall and change the color and everything looks good. I can save it prop it or just download it to post on social media. If you use my link down below in the description, youre gon na get the pro plan for free for the first three months, that is a 45 value check out the link down in the description and try out canby. Today, number three were taking a look at the samsung galaxy book pro 360.. Now this is the 2021 version of that galaxy book flex that i mentioned a little bit earlier at number five. Now personally, i do like last years model a little bit better.

I think the design just looks cooler. This looks like every other laptop in the world, but it is a good value for the price and it also comes with an s pen and this time it is a full sized s, pen that its more comfortable to hold in your hand for long periods of Time the 360 degree hinge is back and there are two sizes, 13 inches or 15 inches. The model i have here is the 13 inch. It is super crazy light. Now this base model starts with a core i7 processor, 8 gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes of storage, which is good enough for any art, app adobe clip studio. You get the idea now, if thats, not enough storage for you, you can spring for more. But if you dont mind, expandable storage, theres, also a micro sd card slot in this laptop as well. Now the drawing experience is what you would expect from any s pen that you find on any samsung device. Now my review earlier this year, i did mess up a little bit. Actually i messed up a lot and i ended up cutting pieces out of that review because initially i had messed up the palm rejection. I guess when theres a windows update sometime it resets the palm rejection toggle on, i dont know why thats just not on by default, so i thought the palm rejection was far worse than it actually is its not as good as some of the other devices that Are later on this list, but its solid, its good enough number two were talking about the surface pro 8.

. Now the surface pro line has a huge spot in my heart. I have loved these laptops for a very long time, but theres been something thats really been. Holding them back for years, and that is just the quality of the pen last year, this device would not have made it onto this list this year it does, and that is because of the surface slim pen, 2.. Now, in the past, the surface products have always had really good. Palm rejection have had pretty good pressure, but the pen itself was kind of mediocre. It was inconsistent. Sometimes it was okay other times it was a mess. There was always a lot of wave to the line. Sometimes there was really bad jitter. This new pen fixes all of that. So, if youre looking for imperfections in this pen, you can find them but thats just it. You have to be looking for them. They dont rear their ugly head when you least expect it to me this is a dramatic improvement. This is far less wave and far more importantly, it is consistent, plus it hasnt lost any of that great palm rejection in the process. One thing to note: do not get a surface pro 7 or older for art and the reason i am recommending the 8 right now is specifically because of how that pen works with the surface pro 8.. You cant just run out and grab the new pen and use it on an old device and still get it to work as well.

In fact, i did some testing and the pen doesnt work as well on older devices. It gets shakier and it actually gets worse. New pen, new laptop great experience, dont mix and match with the old tech, so the surface form factor has always been something ive really liked its super light, its super portable. It is a real tablet, so if you want to ditch the keyboard, you could just take it off some of the other devices out there. It can feel a little weird when you pivot at 360 degrees and the back of your hands are actually holding a keyboard. You get used to it after a while. Well, no ive, never gotten used to it. It feels weird. This is just better for that now. This is a tablet, so its not the most specked out performance machine out there, but its plenty to run adobe photoshop or clip studio or most any other, drawing app out there. Its just fine. The one downside is that it does get really hot. When i was testing it, this was something that happened pretty much every single time i used it. There are some little vents along the side, but it doesnt seem to push out that much heat. I didnt have any problems with this overheating but since your hand is often resting on the device, while youre drawing thats not gon na a lot of you arent gon na, like it, i think thats, just a side effect of intels processors in tablets number one.

We got ta talk about this, the surface laptop studio. I love this laptop, just love it. If you saw my review, you already heard me rave about this thing. Im always looking for excuses to use it in videos its not for everyone, but its definitely. For me, this has a similar hinge and vibe to the acer concept. D7. Easel that i talked about a little bit earlier, thats, the one that lets you go from laptop mode to tablet mode and its kind of a streamlined cover. I find this aesthetic design this computer design just to be more streamlined and up my alley: less gamer, more artist, unlike the acer, this only has three positions for the screen, though its a little bit harder to set at those different positions and theyre held in by Magnets, although someone did comment that you could flip the screen entirely around and then tilt it that way, if you want to draw on those different angles, something i had never considered, thats thats, pretty clever. This also uses the new slim pen 2 that the surface pro uses, which again, is why this is number one on that list, because theyve improved that pen so much if this was just a beautiful laptop thats, not really enough to get it on this list. It needs that functionality as well now it has. There are just so many little details here that i love the haptic feedback on the trackpad, the absolutely silent fans, at least most of the time 99 of the time, the sleek design, the way the pen charges along the bottom, so good.

So much great work done by microsoft that theyve put into this product. I absolutely love it and i have no qualms about putting it number one on my list, even though its one of the pricier devices out there. If you need power and a great pen, this is a phenomenal laptop. So that is my list. What do you think did i miss anything on my list? Is there anything youd like me to check out going forward? Let me know down below in the comments. Thank you all for watching and ill talk to you.