We have another updated video about the best gamepads worth buying my list and watch this video till the end, because i will be showing you separately, some gameplays of each gamepad, just short game gameplays, one minute each or something like this so watch this video till the End how to support my channel simply just buy any of these game pads any of these products. With my links in the description, i will give you my five six seven different suggestions which game pads to buy uh. Obviously most of them will be ipagawa, is a very well uh established company and they offer really good decent game pads for a cheap, cheap price. Theyre not 100, there are most of their game. Pads are under 40 bucks guys. A lot of gamepads are around 25 to 30 dollars. They have a lot of different models with 25 30. These two models are under 30 bucks where very well balanced game pads, which i support easily. Without any problems, youre not going to make mistakes here we have also a p9220. This is a upgraded version of the 1990 99, and here we have a new model. I would call like that, for me, especially, a new model is, from the 4000 series, p a pg, p 4010. It has a mouse trackpad guys it has mouse trackpad with the two functionality, two fingers of functionality, which is scrolling insane. I never saw a gamepad with this function guide and you know how much is it 43 dollars? Bro, 43 bucks? Yes, 3.

5. Maybe a 10 for headphone jack six axes, four extra customizable buttons s1 to s4, which is again very rare, very rare. What im seeing right now here, of course, it does have a led bar here – lets colorful lets, and this is a like p for white, its called p4, because its a playstation layout awesome ipeka pg99. This is my uh, my friend my handy friend for three years. I used it, i bombarded it and its still alive its crazy. I would never say that this is a cheap gamepad, guys, usually its cheap gamepads like they die after six months, or something like this this one with me more than three years 19 1922 upgraded version of this one highly recommended beautiful design, rounded, with the extra buttons Like you see by itself dual shock types, usb cable, you can see its type c usb port, its for ps3 is android and pc and game set x2 for the end. If you dont want to support the games company because of that drama regarding the switch emulator, you dont have to guys its just youre. Obviously, your own way, its just fine, but the gamepad itself is absolutely a rocker one of the best game pads ever produced, especially this new addition, which theyve fixed some issues with the previous models. This one is wired connectivity which has almost zero latency and thats. Why many people will buy it, obviously its always nice to have a bluetooth connectivity, but unfortunately, this one doesnt have this function, its only connected with the type c port and thats it anyway.

The buying links from description thank you and enjoy in the rest of this video lets. Go. You probably can see that guys because uh its good that id use these two different modes, which is very interesting im, not technically uh technical to know exactly what is the difference between these two modes i need to. I should educate myself more about it. If somebody can obviously uh give us a short explanation, a differences between these two different modes by the way. This is not specific just about this emulator uh. With this gamepad, i think most of the epic gamepads have these mods, the bluetooth there. You can see whats up works, just fine perfect, releasing three indeed, and just after so many years, the graphics are really good. Also, remember to you can download yourself a full asset, assist thats, basically, download resources like with the world of wartime world of tanks, yeah yeah, world of tanks, wow beautiful, i mean lets, go next beautiful experience here with this gamepad Music. There you go. We have also dead trigger two nice, so Music stay down beautiful experience. By the way this game we can play it unlimited fps in just up to what 144 fps or 1660 fps depends of red magics, which smartphone has one 1966 uh hard screen. Anyway, a beautiful performance here lets go now quickly, for the end were going to test uh. The emulator lets just test them later. With this gamepad there we go check it out.

Uh this gamester gamepad fully supported here with the daemon ps2 promoter. You can see myself uh guys that it works just follow us here. Beautiful lets try to kick some as actually some certain a little bit lets go come on Music.