This has a surprisingly good quality and for these two 60s bucks range laptops. You cannot go wrong at this price range. This kawai hero book laptop beats competitors with its amazing full hd, 1080p ips display impressive long battery life and good specs, combining the 8 gb of ram instead of 4 and the 256 ssd instead of 64.. This kawhi laptop is so much more than a budget laptop dot. We recommend kiwa hero book pro 14.1 inch windows, 10 laptop pc, 8 gram, 256 gb ssd with 1080p display intel, gemini lake n4000, notebook thin and lightweight. If your criteria are the 8gb ram, ssd and price number, four, another best option is kiwi corebook pro windows, 10 laptop computer 13 inch 2k ips display 8g ram 256 gb nvme ssd with intel core i3 processor notebook support, pd charge the premium appearance of the 13 Inch kawai corebook pro is hiding some dated specs, but at least the price seems fair. Surprisingly enough, this model integrates a quality 3 colon 2 ips screen with 2160 x, 1440 resolution and 100 srgb color gamut. But apart from this, the hardware specs are so 2016 with an intel core i3 6150 cpu 8gb of ddr4 ram and 256 gb ssd dot, graphics, 550i gpu is decent, but overall the system is clearly spec at only for productivity tasks. Kawhi justifies the more dated specs with a fair price number. Three. Another finest option is kawai: ubook x12 touchscreen, two in one windows, 10 tablet pc intel, n4100, quad, core processor, 2k, ultra clear vision.

Two in one tablet: two in one form: 12 inches ips, screen 3 colon 2 ratio for laminated process; 780, 780g lightweight and portable n4100 gemini lake uhd, 600 graphics, 4k, 60 hertz, video output, high pen, h7, 4096 levels of pressure 2k resolution clear the kawai ubook x Is a two in one windows tablet for those who are operating on a budget at ‘9 us dollars, kawhi has included a 12 inch. 1440P ips display an active stylus 8gb of lpddr4 ram and a 256 gb ssd number two. Another leading option is kawai gemi productivity and entertainment, everyday 2k resolution 3, colon 2 full view intel celeron, j41, 15, 600 uhd, graphics, 12, gb ram 256 gb ssd rom, 2.4 g 5g. Dual band usb pool featured 38 wh battery reel video displaying its advantages with its 13 inch liquid crystal 2k screen stunning pictures and video come maximize. Your efficiency with an intel celeron j4115 processor boasting a main frequency of 1.8 gz and turbo frequency of 2.5 ghz using quad, core and quad thread processing power. High speed storage handles everyday tasks, with no performance delays, even with multiple programs opened for working or playing blazing fast. Multitask. Switching speed means no waiting for loading applications and jemmybook supports sata protocol 2280. Ssd expansion leaving storage room to spare number one. Another outstanding option is kawaii: hero book plus 15.6 inch windows, 10 laptop herobook plus bigger screen, better performance, 15.6 inches ips screen 1920 asterisk 1080 resolution 1.

63 kilograms, light 38 wh battery eight hour battery life, intel j4125 processor, 600, uhd graphics, card 12gb, ram 256 gb ssd, 2.4 g 5g wi fi, bluetooth, 5.1, 15.6, comma 1080p screen.kawaii hero book plus, is one of the most interesting laptops. You will find its beautiful design, for which the kiwi models are known.but. Physical features are not all that matter to us in a good laptop. We also care about the performance inside that’s why this model houses an intel, celeron j4125 processor, which gives you all the power you need. Kawaii hero book plus is the pinnacle of the kiwai notebook series, designed specifically for power. Herobook plus comes with windows 10 installed as standard. This model is the most used, easy and versatile operating system. It is compatible with all applications.