Like microsoft office, though microsoft stepped in the tablet sector late, but it actually gained popularity in no time beating, android and ipad os. Today, you will find an equal number of windows tablets as compared to the other two operating systems. Many companies are taking the initiative to utilize windows for their tablet and provide customers, something unique and easy to go in this video im going to show you 5 amazing windows tablets that you can consider to buy so do watch the video till the end and do Let me know in the comment section which tablet did you like the most please hit the like button. Do share this video among your friends and subscribe our channel microsoft surface pro x. The latest venture in the surface series is the microsoft surface pro x. That looks and works like a dream. The mobile device is ideal for users who are consistently on the lookout for optimal performance. Even when they are on the go. It is packed with a functional gigabyte, lte function on the side. The device is powered by the microsoft sq1 and 2 for the unique octa core performance like never before you get access to microsoft, 365 office that delivers the ultimate work, efficiency with access to all the best applications like most of the other surface laptops. Even this one is equipped with a 13.3 inch. Pixel sense flow touch display with h2s design. The three to two aspect ratios support, seamless, weaving and work on the various kinds of word documents.

It is backed with up to 5gb of ssd for storage and up to 16 gb of ram by this amazing tablet for its powerful cpu specification and ram. It has thin bezel screen compared with the other microsoft surface models and the surface pen support microsoft. Surface go three: the best budget tablet microsoft, surface go 3, is a follow up to the surface, go to improving upon the go to and being the smallest entry in the surface lineup the surface go 3 is a great way to take windows on the go without Sacrificing much power, as with most surface tablets, you will have to shell out a bit of extra cash on accessories. If you are ready to dive head on into the surface ecosystem, microsoft will set you up with an intel, pentium gold chip or if you want a powerful processor, you can go up to core i3 and an integrated intel, hd graphics. 615. As far as options go, you can choose from the 4 gb of ram and 64 gb of emmc storage or double them to 8 gb of ram and 5 rgb and 128 gb ssd respectively. It comes with a beautiful 10.5 inch, pixel sense display and 11 hours of battery life should help you stay productive all day, long, asus, rogueflow, z13. The best gaming windows tablet, windows, tablet and gaming in the same sentence sounds out of place, but its getting closer to becoming a thing and the asus rogueflow z13 is a proof of that.

Asus took the wraps off of this one at ces 2022, and while it is pretty much the only contender in this category right now and it is pretty solid, buy you get a 13.4 in 1610 display running at either 1080p 120 hertz or 4k 60hz powering this Gaming tablet is a beefy intel core i9 12 generation cpu running at 45, at paid with an nvidia geforce rtx 3050 ti running at 45. This is an amazingly powerful tablet, while that may not seem all that powerful its an awful lot for this form factor. Asus has also managed to cram an egpu port that support up to rtx 3080 mobile or amd radeon, rx 6850m xt incredibly powerful. With this other connectivity includes thunderbolt 4, usb 3.2 type c, usb 2.0 type, a input hdmi 2.0 and an headphone jack lenovo thinkpad x1. Carbon lenovo thinkpad x1 is probably the most powerful intel powered options on this list, its a true two in one with a fully detachable keyboard. Yet it packs a punch to keep up with the intels 11th generation hardware on board the device even brings in a sharp full hd plus touchscreen, to keep you locked into your work. Those who need a windows tablet on the go can also set up a 4g data plan through your favorite carrier adjust 2.4 pounds with the keyboard. The lenovo thinkpad x1 is extremely light and portable. The pressing pen makes it feel like youre, simply carrying around the notebook.

Lenovo took a page out of the microsoft surface, playbook with a detachable keyboard design as well. Its battery life is also amazing. It can give you up to 10.5 hours of battery life Music. Microsoft: surface pro 8. Overall, the best windows tablet, while the surface go series might be your best bet for peak portability. The microsoft surface, pro 8 might be the best windows tablet around its larger pack, a more powerful processor and can make many heavy duty tasks. Look easy its an upgrade over the already great surface pro 7.. Unfortunately, like most surface devices, the surface pro 8 doesnt include a keyboard or stylus, as they are sold separately as one of the flagship surface models. The surface pro 8 offers plenty of room for customization. You can choose from an intel core i3 processor all go out for the core i7 version. To back that up, you can select anywhere from 128 gb to one terabyte of storage, which should be more than enough for work or play the surface pro 8 rounds out. The already impressive specification sheet with a 12.3 inch display usb a usb c port and it weighs less than two pounds. Overall, it is the best windows tablet that you can buy. So these are the five amazing windows tablets that you can consider to buy. If you like, the video please hit the like button, do share this. Video among your friends, dont forget to hit that like button and subscribe.