Technological updates is something that every individual requires. During the current situation, though, one can get a large screen tablet with android os or even get an ipad. The number of the functionality on these devices is somewhat limited compared to tablets featuring windows os. Moreover, they work as professional devices with support for software like microsoft office and some of the contemporary software are only available on windows operating systems. A windows tablet is not only a portable computer, but it can also act as a full fledged laptop, if required, and its also easy to find apps and softwares for the same when compared to non windows, os powered tablets, a tablet is easy to use, while traveling And it is pretty light in weight, making it easy to carry around after hours of research, and after taking experts advice, we have listed the 5 best windows tablet to help you choose the one that suits you perfectly. The links for the products mentioned in the video are in the description below you can also find a more detailed analysis and a comparison to our website. Bigadvisor.Com Applause lets get right into our top picks number 5 fusion. 5. Fwin 232. Pro. If you despise entry level tablets, the fusion 5 fw in232 pro is expected to change your perception rather significantly, despite featuring a normal price tag, this tablet is still capable of catering to the laptop discards who are interested in purchasing something smaller yet usable for managing microsoft.

Os and other relevant processes with ease also when pitted against the standard fwin 232 plus tablet. The fusion 5 comes on top courtesy of the bigger chunk of ram and the better multitasking performance at the core. Fusion 5 houses a standard cherry trail processor with 4 cores and integrated intel, hd co processor to rely on. While you cant expect the swiftest possible performances. The setup still allows the tablet to manage basic, single and multi threaded tasks. With these assisting the processor is 4 gigabyte ram, which allows you to handle multi tab browsing without experiencing system slowdowns. The 128 gigabyte storage module is also a reliable inclusion as being a windows powered tablet. It is better off with some additional storage firepower. As mentioned, this windows, power tablet works with the windows. 10 s version stacked right out of the box. The featured os variant is powered efficient and allows you to get a considerable lead when battery backup is concerned. Plus the operating platform is extremely interactive and makes surfing fun and productive. The 10.1 inch display exhibits an overall resolution of 800 by 1280 pixels with decent color, reproduction and legible viewing angles connecting a standard keyboard to the fwin 232. Pro is easier than ever with bluetooth and usb sport at your disposal, and if you want to make the best use of the touch screen, pairing an active stylus pen is also recommended. There is a 5 megapixel rear camera for using the device in tablet mode.

However, if you are heavily invested in video conferences and google meetups, the 2 megapixel webcam can still offer decent performances. Finally, the fwin 232 pro comes available for purchase in silver shade and makes room for several nifty structural enhancements, including the micro hdmi port and the micro sd slot. Overall, the fusion 5 fwin 232 pro offers the best value for any given windows power tablet. Also when compared with other products on the list, it is the affordability and the price to productivity ratio that make it a good enough option. Number four lenovo thinkpad x1 fold, tired of sitting in one place and working needs something more portable, go over the lenovo foldable thinkpad x1, which is completely portable and has some incredible features that will boost the working process. When it comes to the display screen. The lenovo folder will thinkpad x1 is one of the most efficient products you will ever see as it comes with a 13.3 inch wide and bigger screen that supports the 2k hd quality and has a 4×3 ratio for a better view. Besides, the system supports the maximum resolution of 2048 by 1536 to make the display look more bright and high definition. It is equipped with an intel hybrid technology processor to make the tablet work more efficiently. In all aspects. Moreover, stay worry free about the battery timings, as it has a backup of 8.5 hours. It also comes with a rapid charge technology which helps increase the charging speeds by 2x, equivalent 4 mics and hd5 megapixel camera makes it most convenient for video and voice calls flexibly compatible with wireless connectivity as the product is equipped with a built in wi, fi and Bluetooth feature number three microsoft surface go to the microsoft surface.

Go to is the best small 10 inch tablet out there at the moment to be exact. It has a 10.5 inch screen, which is a great one, with full hd resolution. You can use it with the same microsoft, surface pen, that also works with the pro 7.. In fact, the two work fantastic together, especially with one note. This can be a fantastic one. Note tablet, if you like, to write down handwritten notes here, we get a similar premium feeling design with an integrated kickstand, a usbc port and facial recognition works great too. The type cover that microsoft sells for the surface go 2 is a bit smaller, of course, but its of high quality too and works great. Once you get used to a smaller design, it has an integrated, touchpad and a magnetic strip. So you can use it at an angle. As you might expect, the internal hardware is quite a bit slower. You can get it with an intel, pentium gold. 4425. Why processor? Four gigabyte of ram and 64 gigabyte emmc storage, which is fine for basic office use, but youll get a much better experience if you get one with an intel core m3 chipset, a gigabyte of ram and a proper 128 gigabytes, ssd thats, not fast enough for demanding Photoshop work, but it does run okay if you need it to. Unlike the first couple of devices on this list, i would not recommend replacing a full desktop machine with a surface go 2, but it can be a great second device if you want something small running windows for when youre traveling.

By the way, the tablet is running windows 10. In s mode out of the box. That means first, you wont be able to install apps that are not inside the microsoft store, but dont worry. You can switch to the normal windows 10 in just a couple of clicks. Once you do that you can install whatever you want. Number 2 microsoft surface pro 7., the microsoft surface. Pro 7 is the best windows style that you can buy right now, its faster than its competition, because you can get it with an intel core, i3 i5 and i7 10 generation processor that has access up to 16 gigabyte of ram and up to one terabyte ssd. The hardware is powerful enough for demanding work in adobe photoshop cc and for light video editing in adobe premium. Pro one downside is the big screen bezels, but the 12.3 inch pixel sensor display is a fantastic one, which is great for photo editing. It supports the microsoft surface pen, which is a fantastic pressure, sensitive active stylus that you can buy separately together with onenote. You can use it for handwritten notes. Handwriting recognition is built into windows 10 too, and the pen works great in apps like photoshop, while the design is a couple of generations old already, it remains. One of the highlights of the pro 7. were getting a super premium, feeling magnesium body with an integrated kickstand that works fantastic. I like that we can finally get a usbc port, which has been missing from microsofts tablet for a long time.

Another accessory that works, fantastic is the microsoft type cover thats. One of the best keyboard covers. You can get in general, its comfortable to type on fold it up, it protects the screen and the integrated touchpad works. Fine too. You connect it magnetically to the tablet and it has a magnetic strip, so you can use the keyboard at an angle. The tablet has distant speakers, a micro sd card slot and a good webcam. You can unlock it using facial recognition and windows. Hello thanks to the infrared camera that sticks next to the webcam, a couple of words about gaming, demanding titles like epic games. Fortnite do run on surface pro 7, but since it doesnt have a dedicated graphics card, it performs much worse than a similarly priced gaming laptop. So, yes, you can do some gaming, but i would not recommend any windows tablet. As a dedicated gaming device number one microsoft surface book 3., one of the most intriguing devices on the market is truly the microsoft surface book 3.. No matter! If youre going for the 13.5 inch or the 15 inch model, the ability to pop the display and do some quick work on the go is outstanding. Furthermore, it is groundbreaking that the cpu is located in the tablet, while the gpu resides inside the base. With that said, the surface book 3 is a small powerhouse that holds a core i7 1065 d7 and a gtx 1660 ti max q.

The keyboard dock portion of the device actually has its own battery that significantly improves the battery life of the tablet. More on that later, the build materials are nothing short of premium, with the entire casing being made out of magnesium, and this results in incredibly solid product, both looking at the base and the display. Speaking of the display, you will be able to open up the lid with a single hand. This is pretty much where the hinge mechanism comes into place. A serpentine shape provides good balance and smooth operation. The screen is protected by a glass sheet and inside the top bezel youll find the windows. Hello certified camera that has 5 megapixel sensor with a 1080p video recording capability, also theres a camera on the back, which has an 8 megapixel sensor and can also shoot in 1080p. So, at the end of the day, this is the ultimate conference called beast. In addition to that, speakers hide in the grilles around the display. The interesting thing here is the dedicated attachment button. Once you press it, you need to wait a couple of seconds before the entire sequence of disconnection is executed. After that, you will hear a popping sound and you can safely remove the display out of its resting place, pull bravely as the magnets are still holding it in place with the help of gravity pretty much. All of the i o here is found on the keyboard dock. You have the privilege of two usb type: a ports, a usb type c port and full size sd card reader.

The laptop also provides support for wi fi six connectivity, the surface pen, the surface dial 1080p conference calls and windows hello, login, microsoft, surface book 3 display has a touchscreen ips panel with a very high resolution, comfortable viewing angles and very good contrast, ratio and 92 srgb Coverage its factory calibration is pretty decent, but when our gaming and web design profile is applied, the color accuracy improves even further to a standard matching level. This makes it usable for web design, creative work and e commerce. Its grand quad core powered 10th gen intel core processors deliver it with abilities to perform 50 faster than surface book 2., its built to accomplish every task and to deliver the most immersive and engaging gaming experience. Users can enjoy the extravaganza of choices, graphics card, including the nvidia g4 gtx 1660 ti. It supports 32 gigabytes ram with 2 terabytes of lightning fast storage. It is spliced with the most powerful battery life that can last for an incredible 17.5 hours at a stretch and also features improved standby. If you have to be honest, if you have the budget and you need something truly unique – that will guide your professional needs, the surface book 3 is a very good choice, despite its little quirks. In fact, it can both be a laptop and a tablet, and it works great in both ways. Also buying a microsoft product means that you get the most optimized windows experience that you can get with ipads and chrome based models dominating the tablet market.

It can be easy to overlook the tablet options that run on windows operating system windows. Tablet neatly filled the gap between smartphones and laptops, offering excellent portability and ability to run powerful, desktop applications. However, getting the best windows tablet is quite challenging when you have plenty of models available on the market, with a decent design and innovative features. All the products mentioned above are a perfect window, versatility and innovation, providing the users the best in class experience choose wisely, which products you see the best and will fulfill all your requirements. Let us know in the comments which model works for you the best and why thank you for watching the video, and that is all for this one.