They may not be as popular as their apple counterparts, but they offer more performance and versatility than youd expect. No matter, if youre looking for a more portable solution or are working with a smaller budget, a windows tablet might be the right device for all your computing needs. So today were gon na find out the top 5 best windows tablets. You could get on the market on tech insight, we offer the perfect buyers guide for all kinds of tech products, including pcs, laptops accessories and any other tech gadgets. You can think of our specialized team of tech experts, research and analyze the market and create a list based on pricing, quality features and user feedback, ensuring you get the absolute best in each category to find the best suited products. According to your specific needs and preferences, watch the full video and look for the purchase links in the description Music, the surface go 3 from microsoft is the most affordable device in the surface laptop lineup. It is a detachable two in one laptop, which can be used as a regular tablet for all kinds of tasks you throw at it. Whether you want to make your business trip schedule or sketch incredible portraits the surface go 3 will always deliver the best that you would expect. Despite its ipad like size, it is a full fledged windows powered device under the hood. Youll get intel 10th generation, core i3 processor, uhd, 615 graphics card 8, gigabyte of lp dda3 ram and inbuilt 128 gigabyte fast ssd storage, which can be expanded up to one terabyte through microsd card.

The display is a 10.5 inches. Ips lcd touch screen its a full hd screen and the display looks quite accurate in terms of producing natural color. It is also sharp enough for most users and gets reasonably bright. The display supports surface slim pen too, to enhance a tablet experience from the device you can do multitasking and drawing in adobe apps easily using the pen. The tablet has a 5 megapixel, 1080 pixel front camera, which ensures better quality video conferencing, and it also supports windows. Hello feature: the 8 megapixel rear camera, snaps, incredible quality, steel pictures and videos which can be shared on social media immediately theyre, also well detailed and sharp enough. The battery life is also very good. Having almost 11 hours of endurance making sure you are covered the whole day overall, the surface go. 3 is a beast performer in terms of entry level windows tablets, as it contains every feature that a premium tablet has. So if your budget is moderate, then the surface go 3 is highly recommended. Music. Music. Next up is a very unique product. Thats never been seen previously on a windows power device. It is the worlds first foldable windows tablet device. This device changes the way people use tablets and their perception of what a tablet might look like in the near future. The thinkpad is not only innovative in its look but also comes with uncompromised performance. It has a 13.3 inch display that folds in half this means you can use the entire display as a single screen, but you can fold it for a split screen experience.

You can use a touch keyboard on the bottom, half, basically using the tablet as a nine inch laptop or you can hold it like a book with two apps side by side with the brilliant and seamless folding oled screen. The thinkpad x1 folds display has 2k resolution to ensure better sharpness, whether you want to browse online stream a video or watch a presentation. You can use it like a tablet, relying on the built in kickstand or the optional easel to hold it up. It is equipped with intels, 11th generation, core a5 laptop processor and usd graphics. Moreover, it has 8 gigabyte lpddr4 ram and up to 1 terabyte pcie nvme md2 ssd for faster storage. The front camera is 5 megapixel with hybrid infrared technology, which also supports windows. Hello feature to unlock the tablet pc. The battery life is pretty commendable, as it held up to 10 and a half hours, which is great considering the high resolution screen. Overall, this is a compact device that has all the latest technology with a foldable screen. So if you dont want to carry those heavy laptops for your day to day use the thinkpad x1 fold is definitely worth the shot Music Music. Our next pickup is the yoga 7i 2 in 1, which is another windows powered laptop com tablet. It is a 360 degree foldable device that can be widely used as a regular windows tablet for productive work, so lets get into the details and see what yoga 7i offers design wise.

This is a well built laptop. It has all metal aluminum, build quality along with grey brushed finish, which gives a premium and professional look. The 360 degree hinge is pretty solid and lets you seamlessly convert it to a tablet, depending on which mode you need. The display is a 14 inch full hd, ips lcd, which is a touch screen, enabled display the display support stylus pen, although it doesnt come with a package, you have to buy it separately. The touch response is fantastic and there is nothing to complain about the display. The yoga 7i comes in powerful intels, 11th generation, core i5 laptop processor, integrated intel, iris xe, graphics, card 8, gigabyte, lp, ddr4 ram and 256 gigabyte of fast m.2 nvme ssd. So you can expect decent performance from this machine. The webcam is 720 pixel, but doesnt support windows, hello, the dolby atmos certified speaker – gets pretty loud and crispy in terms of battery backup. The 71 watt per hour battery will get you 9 to 9 and a half hours of battery life, which is very good. If you consider the screen size to summarize, the yoga 7i is an incredible device having a fairly decent design, aesthetic great display, solid battery life and a terrific speaker, so you wont be missing anything out of it Music. Moving on to the next one is a surface pro 8 from microsoft. Microsoft has been making their surface pro models with basically the same design since 2015.

. If you put the last four generations of surface pro devices side by side, you wont notice any visual difference, but this time with surface pro 8, they came up with a new and modern design. Aesthetic that blew everyones mind the new surface. Pro 8 has a qhd plus 13 inch edge to edge pixel sense flow touch, display, which is almost an inch bigger than its predecessor pro 7.. Now the display is 120hz instead of regular 60hz, which ensures a smoother experience. The side bezels are much thinner, so it looks more premium now you can use the pro 8 as a laptop with a detachable keyboard or a full size tablet. With a slim pen made by microsoft. It is a great device. In both ways. There is a 5 megapixel front facing camera for zoom calls which supports windows. Hello, feature the 10 megapixel rear camera can shoot videos up to 4k resolution. The slim pen gives a pretty solid performance it vibrates and gives a haptic feedback in every touch on the screen inside. It has intel 11 gen core i7 processor, which is one of the most powerful chips. Moreover, it has 16 gigabyte of fast lpddr5 ram, enabling faster app loading time. The battery life is pretty decent. It has 7 hours of screen on time, while 120hz mode turned on and 8.5 hours in 60hz mode. Overall, a good, solid battery life. We should say all in all the surface: pro 8 is a premium laptop that has all the tablet functionality a consumer could ask, for it is thin and lightweight as a tablet, but has the power of a full size computer.

So if you are a consumer who needs that much power in a small device, you should go for the surface pro 8. Music Music. Our final and number one pick for best windows tablets is the surface pro x, yet another top of the line product from microsoft. This is the thinnest surface device, yet having only 7.3 millimeter thickness and also lightweight at only 1.7 pounds. A slim and sleek design, aesthetic, along with the matte black finish, ensures the pro x doesnt, look anything less than a premium device. In one word, it is a beautiful device from the outside inside it has rather unconventional specs, as it comes with a qualcomm arm chip rather than an intel chip. It is a customized shape, designed by microsoft, for their pro x, lineup kind of an experiment. You can use this device in three modes, first laptop mode with a built in kickstand and a surface pro keyboard. Secondly, the studio mode, which stands for 15 degrees of the table, to give you a perfect height for using the slim pen for writing and drawing anything and the last one is tablet mode. Closing the kickstand on the back of the device. The rechargeable surface slim pen has a thin profile and delivers a natural on screen, writing and drawing experience. The 13 inch display has quad hd plus resolution and it is virtually edge to edge pixels and touchscreen display powered by qualcomm. The new custom, microsoft, sq1 processor, delivers multitasking laptop performance, long term battery life and fast lte and wi fi connectivity.

Moreover, it has qualcomm adreno, 685 gpu and up to 16 gigabyte of lpddr4 ram, which ensures faster app loading and graphic intensive works. Talking about the battery life, a single charge in the surface pro x gives you 13 hours of battery life, which is great. To sum up, the surface pro x is a versatile device that can be used as a regular, laptop studio mode for productive works, especially drawings and in tablet mode. So literally youll get a three in one device if you consider buying the surface pro x Music. Thank you for watching the video.