Music, pick up your phone Music is Music, um, Music, youre, changing your clothes Music, say: Music, Music, oh Music! Why are you keeping me Music? Why are you keeping me Music Applause? Music? Music? Oh Music? Why are you keeping me Music Applause, Music, so Music Applause, um Applause, Music? Thank you for joining us. We are really excited to share our newest addition to the vivobook family with you today. Let me introduce you to our groundbreaking new device. Viewable13 slate ola is the worlds first 13 inch orlais windows, detachable laptop. It is a perfect device for users to freely take on the go and enjoy entertainment anytime anywhere. Our vivobook series has always been driven by our users, needs a new asus pan 2.0 to boost productivity, further its our honor to work with two incredible artists, steven harrington and philip corporate.