It packs a crisp 14 inch display in a trim, aluminum chassis with ultra thin screen bezels and a hinge that provides a subtle but appreciated, lift to the keyboard inside. It supplies a 10th generation intel core i7 ice lake processor, 8, gb of ram integrated intel, iris plus graphics and a 512 gb solid state drive. Getting this component mix in on all metal ultra portable for less than one thousand dollars is a steal, and i haven’t even mentioned this in books all day battery life asus assures us that this and book 14 model will be on the market for a while. Yet, however, asis has already announced the new cpu successor to this model is in book 14 and is expected to release it later this month. The company is mum on pricing, but tiger lake laptops are expected to cost little more than their ice lake predecessors available in 13, 14 dash and 15 inch screen sizes. The swift 3 is one of acer’s, affordable rather than flagship offerings, but the latest swift, 3 ultra portable is a surprisingly premium piece priced 350 below a comparable dell xps 13.. It joins that editor’s choice in shining the standard, 16. Nine screen aspect ratio in the 13.5 inch acers case for a scorer 3 2 ratio that the company says gives you 18 more vertical height for web and text, scrolling it’s well equipped with 16 gb of ram a 512 gb nvme solid state drive the hp spectre X, 360.

14. We tested at the very start of 2021 impressed us so much. We began our review by saying. Hp still sells the spectre x 360 13, but you can forget about it at the risk of eating our words. The latest spectre x, 360 13, starts at 962.49, 1 262.49 as tested isn’t, totally forgettable. If you’re looking for a small and light convertible laptop sure, it lacks the taller three two screen aspect ratio that helped its sibling snag and editor’s choice award among premium 2 inches dash one second, but it offers a nice choice of touch displays with a 16. the Asus rog zephyrus, g14 anime matrix is a blinky wild spin on the zephyrus g14 we reviewed earlier this year. The original is one of the best gaming laptops of 2020, but this version adds a customizable anime matrix, led grid to the lid using pinpoint lights and some included software. You can apply images playback, guys and display the current time or battery life on the laptop lid itself, it’s a very fun and funky feature and we’ve never seen anything else like it. One thing to note about that, though: the screen’s refresh rate drops to 60 hertz from the originals 120 hertz, which may not be an attractive trade off to some gamers. This version of the laptop uses the same core components as the original 1.449 g14 that came through pc labs, but the higher price comes from the lens and an increased resolution 1440p screen rounding out.

The build is a full complement of ports, despite this laptop’s small size. On the left, flank you’ll see a usb type c port with display port out and me, video output, a headphone jack, the newest dell. Xps 13 is one of the first ultra portable laptops to come with intel’s latest 11th generation tiger lake cpus, offering speedy, efficient computing performance and long battery life. This 2.8 pound laptop also has an exceptional 13.4 inch display and a gorgeous chassis, all of which combine to make it our editor’s choice pick among premium windows, ultra portables, the xps 13 is admirably thin and feels satisfyingly solid. If not particularly lightweight it. Measures 0.58 by 11.6 by 7., 8 inches and weighs 2 pounds and 80 pence in the touchscreen configuration reviewed here versions without a touch screen weigh slightly less at two pounds and 64 pence, since they lack the touch versions. Gorilla glass, 6 coating over the display, the new xps 13 ditches, intel’s 10th generation ice lake processors in favor of the latest tiger lake cpus there’s, not a huge difference between the two, but we did see some modest performance improvements on a few of our benchmark tests.