2022. So let us get started in the review based on our studies and small research. If you have any personal suggestion, do let us know in the comment section if you are for the first time, dont forget to subscribe and click on the bell icon for more videos. We will be also providing affiliates link to purchase from amazon kindly used to for best offers and purchase from anywhere in the world, so lets get started. The hp spectre, x360 14 arrives with a brushed metal design thats available in several color combinations. The 360 degree hinge which allows the screen to flip back completely. Turning the hp spectre x360 into a tablet like device feels solid and reliable. The right hand side is engraved with the word spectre dash a nice touch that further cements. The hp spectre, x360s overall premium feel in terms of connections. You get an audio and jack and full size usb port on the right. The inclusion of a full size, usb port is a nice touch for such a thin and light laptop plus two usb c ports. A micro, sd port and a physical webcam kill switch on the left. The latter allows you to turn off the webcam when it isnt in use its a great feature for people concerned about their privacy, its definitely a big selling point and that, along with a full size, usb port and microsd slot show that it is possible for a Thin and light laptop to incorporate multiple connections without compromising design.

It certainly puts the two usbc ports of the macbook air, m1, 2020 and macbook pro 13 inch to shame open up the hp spectre, x360 and youre presented with a bright and vibrant screen, surrounded by extremely thin bezels. This gives the device a modern look, while keeping the overall size of the laptop down its another case of a windows, 10 laptop, looking more stylish than an apple macbook. Something both hp and intel will be pleased to learn and is yet another reason for apple. To consider updating its macbook designs, the keyboard is large and enjoyable to use with the keys offering decent travel theyre also backlit, so you can comfortably use them in the dark. The touchpad is nice and responsive its wider than youd expect on a 13 inch laptop, providing a bit more room to move your fingers theres. Also a fingerprint scanner to the right of the touchpad for logging into windows 10., similar to hps provision of ports. The company has found a way of cramming a large keyboard and trackpad into a small body. The surface pro 8 luckily brings some much needed design improvements to the table. The easiest one to notice is the new graphite color, which simply looks incredible. While it seems like microsoft has been focusing on lighter shades for its devices in recent years, the darker colors, with this years, lineup look incredible. The chassis is also refined, with more rounded edges that seem much more comfortable to hold for long periods of time, rather than the flat sides with sharper corners.

Bezels are also smaller than ever, and this is that final thing that makes the surface pro 8. Look like an all new device, rather than a relic from the early 2010s. It makes the screen look so much bigger and makes the device look more premium than ever, which is good because its also more expensive than ever. The smaller bezels do more than just look good, though they allow for an 11 larger display. The surface pro 8 now has a 13 inch pixel sense display with a resolution of 2880×1920 thats right in the middle of 1440p and 4k, but for a 13 inch display its absolutely gorgeous. What makes this display even better is that, along with the bigger size, it also has a 120 hertz refresh rate. This is definitely not a gaming device, but take it from us once you use a high refresh display even for everyday computing youre not going to want to go back. The display is configured to 60 hertz out of the box, mainly in the interest of boosting battery life, but you can enable it at any time by going into your display settings with a device, thats meant to be as portable as the surface pro 8 performance is Always a difficult balance to strike. You want it to be fast, but you dont want to push it so hard that battery life goes down the toilet and it becomes too hot to handle. Microsoft has apparently put a lot of effort into re engineering.

The internals of the surface pro 8 and it allowed the company to configure the processor with a higher tdp than past versions of the tablet, boosting it to 23 watts. Instead of the 15 watts of the surface, pro 7s processor thats not going to be a night and day difference, but combine that with just how much faster tiger lake compared to the low power ice lake chips in the last laptop and microsoft is claiming up to A 2x performance increase thats, a pretty bold assumption and unfortunately, the surface pro 8 falls short of that mark. That doesnt mean that its not faster, in fact, in cinebench r15, a test, weve retired and replaced with cinebench are 23.. The surface pro 8 is nearly 50 faster than the surface pro 7, which is a pretty incredibly generational, increase. The biggest shortcomings of the lenovo ideapad duet chromebook come in its design. The magnetized kickstand cover and keyboard felt firmly secured to the tablet as we tested it, but we still found ourselves pulling the keyboard free without meaning to or pushing the entire back cover off, while trying to extend the kickstand. These arent earth shattering failures and fixing. It is as simple as slapping the cover or keyboard back on, but it happened often enough that we can see some people getting frustrated with it. Unfortunately, the biggest problem with a lenovo ideapad duet chromebook will be a deal breaker for some people. The restrictive size of its keyboard and, to a lesser extent, the responsiveness of the trackpad by laptop trackpads, already low standards, the lenovo ideapad duet chromebooks – can be sluggish and even lifeless at times.

As for the keyboard, the keys are packed in very tight, given the limited real estate, it is working with dot. The keyboard and trackpad also dont have the same degree of tactile feedback that a lot of other laptops have. That means that touch sensing. Your way as you type can leave you all over the place for a while, as you acclimate yourself to the key, spacing meanwhile tapping an unresponsive. Trackpad will quickly become frustrating for some people, since theres no feedback to tell if a click is even physically registering the vast majority of the time the trackpad responds just fine, but when it doesnt, we have no real sense as to why a much bigger issue is Accessibility for those with lower manual dexterity, such as those with a physical disability or even just older folks, who are not as nimble as they used to be these problems, arent just amplified in some instances it would be all but impossible to ever overcome them its the Kind of design flaw that just cant be overlooked. Anymore. Accessibility has been a major blind spot in tech for a while now, but its something that we know how to fix. The industry is even making significant strides to address this long standing problem, just not with the lenovo ideapad duet chromebook, which is a real shame. The laptop studios, top half is only a little bit thicker than a normal laptop lid, but otherwise is completely normal when using it as a typical laptop.

The main hinge is stiff and doesnt wobble, a common problem with microsofts older surface book design, but you can still open it with one finger easily. The magnesium and aluminum chassis is sturdy and well made with nary a flex to be found. The laptop studios design is also sturdier feeling and more stable than the typical convertible laptop with a 360 degree hinge. It has options for more powerful components than you typically find in a convertible laptop or microsofts own thin and light surface pro 8 as well. The screen is a 14.4 inch touch display with 600 2400×1600 and a 120 hertz refresh rate its bright and color accurate, just like other surface displays and its large enough to comfortably split the screen between multiple windows using windows: 11s new snap layouts, the 120 hertz refresh Rate provides much smoother scrolling with the cursor better touch interactions and reduce latency with pen input. The surface signature 3 to 2 aspect ratio makes working with documents and browsing websites more comfortable, but it also gives the laptop studio a footprint thats, almost as big as a 15 inch laptop at over 4 pounds and 0.7 inches thick. This isnt exactly an ultra portable laptop, but its not a huge chore to lug around either pulling the screen forward is a bit awkward. You have to reach up and bend the top half backward until the magnets holding the bottom half in place release, and then you can bring it closer to you.

You can then park it halfway across the deck tenting it above the keyboard, but still providing access to the trackpad magnets in the deck grab, the edge of the screen to lock it in place. I struggle to find a good use case for this mode other than watching movies on an airplane tray table or poking around on the touchscreen. As the angle of the display is still too vertical to comfortably write on it with a pen from the tent position, you can then lift the screen up and flatten it down entirely turning the computer into an awkward and heavy tablet. The dell xps 13 looks sleek and modern, but there are some polarizing aspects to the design. On the plus side. The xps 13 is quite attractive with its cnc machined aluminum and glass body, and it weighs only 2.7 pounds with a svelte footprint of 11.6 by 7.8. By 0.6 inches, you can take your pick from two finishes kind of like two flavors of the star wars, force, theres, light platinum and dark graphite, and both versions use a clean tone on tone design to minimize distractions. The touch pad is so seamless, though, that you cant see where it starts and ends its integrated into the palm rest and provides haptic responses to touch. This setup worked well during our brief hands on time, but it may take some getting used to the bigger adjustment for most will likely be. The new capacitive touch function, row which lets you toggle between function and media keys.

Given that apple ditched, the touch bar for its macbook pro its a bit of a surprise to see another laptop maker embrace something similar. But the good news is that the keys never change their position based on what youre doing theyre always the same touch typists should enjoy using the dell xps 13 plus it features a zero lattice keyboard with larger keycaps and dell says theres a deeper dish: 0.3 millimeters Supporting the layout during my hands on time i didnt mind, the lack of space between the keys and typing was fairly comfortable overall, with a good amount of travel. I wish the down and up arrows were larger, but, generally speaking, the xps 13 plus typing experience is satisfying. The dell xps 13 plus continues to feature a four sided infinity edge 13.