. Oh my god. Guys. Does this ever happen to you Always carrying this many cables? I carry so many devices.. Some have USB type, A some have USB type C. Some have lightning port like Apple., And then you have to carry all this, But there is one product which will eliminated the need for all this. And that is.. very, very small., Its a data, cable set.. Oh my god, just look at this. Look here.. What is this Wan na see? Youll be surprised.. Yes, this video is the Best Tech under 1000. And it is right up there.. Yes, the problem of your cables will be solved by this small thing. And Im going to tell one bonus thing.. But if I show you, then there is one USB type C to type C: cable. Theres, one lightning port, which is a little difficult to remove.. Alright, look its type C to lightning port., USB type C to MicroUSB.. Then you also have normal USB. USB type C to normal USB.. Then they have also added a SIM card tool for when you need it. Now you know what I can do. I want to charge my mouse.. You just have to do that. Thats about it. And put the USB type C. And it will start charging, yes, it does., And then it starts working obviously.. Apples design is like that we cant use the mouse while charging., But yes, this is charging.. Should I tell one more thing: This also has a handy feature.

. There is a phone stand in this.. Yes, you can actually use that. And all this under 1000., Its for 999.. If you travel a lot and have a multiple devices, and if those multiple ports are there on those multiple devices, so then take this Data Cable Set for sure. All the products links will be given in the description below.. There are 4 more products which are very interesting, even more useful.. If Im talking about multiple devices, then let me tell you about something else: lets go. Guys: weve upgraded our Wi Fi network. From 2.4GHz to 5GHz. Since our team has grown., The computers have increased too. And we dont use laptops.. We use PCs.. This is used for that.. This is 5GHz adapter, which gives you amazing, speed.. The 2.4GHz adapters dont give you that much speed.. This thing guys, for example, Ill put it in and show you the speed. Haha look at that. 120MBps. Normally, when I put the 2.4GHz adapter it wouldve, given you the speed of 20 30MBps.. With this we get 120MBps speed. And our overall team of 50 people. We split the main internet connection of 350MBps., So this is really really good. And its for under 1000. So its a no brainer. Other three products are more use. Ful. And the next product is super duper useful., Amazon, basics, wireless keyboard.. It gets connected to Android iOS, very easily., Weve used it too guys., But Ill. Tell you what If youve bought a new tablet or you have a laptop and if you dont, want to use the laptops keyboard then use this wireless keyboard, which is multi purpose.

. You can connect with an iPhone. Theres a stand for that too.. You can keep it horizontally or vertically.. You can type with no problems. If theres an Android tablet., For example, this.. If you have then no problems. And for a 1000 guys it is a very, very, very good. And like this is useful. Our next product is going to be super useful., Its a lights out., Oh my god, Its absolutely on time., And when the lights go out, we have a product for that., For example this.. This is a powerful 6 LED li. Oh Light is back already, But anyways. You got to know about this portable lamp, which has 6 LEDs.. It is bright. And you can charge it with USB.. If you want the light inside your cupboard, you can use this when you touch it itll light up your cupboard or any place where you need it, you just have to start the bulb.. You can do that because it is touch sensitive., Theres, not a button. Its touch sensitive., It is bright, it is rechargeable. By the way its price is only 500 its under 1000., And it lasts up to 1.5 hours.. If you use it for 2 3 minutes, it can last up to 15 20 days very easily in a single recharge.. This one is very useful, but the next one is useful, but a little odd too., Yes, wait for that. Guys. This is a normal DSLR camera worth 1 Lakh.

. This one is a kiddie, odd, camera., Its an odd camera under 1000. 1 Lakh vs. 1000.. It clicks pictures, videos and captures audio too.. It does everything guys., But obviously whatll be the difference in the 1000 and 1 Lakh Should we test it out, But let me tell you that we tried to take photos with this.. There is a Micro SD card slot in this. We tried to use the 128GB SD card in this, but it got corrupt.. I think that it requires those low resolution old, cards.. Well, try that too. Well show the difference between those two., But this is really nice.. I didnt think that there would be a camera under 1000, which would have a screen buttons, some 30 odd filters.. You can do many things with this.. The most surprising thing was that it records audio too. Audio with the video. Now that was very surprising. By the way we brought this product for our Odd Tech channel, where we do shorts of all the odd products like this one. So go and make sure to subscribe. Im, giving the link to the Odd Tech channel. So guys. The products today were so that 4 of the were useful and 1 was useful, but a bit odd too.. How was the video, If you enjoyed it, then dont forget to like it. Guys very soon, the Under 500 Under 2000, Under 5000 videos are coming.. The Best Tech Under videos. Dont forget to subscribe press the bell icon.

. All the products links are given in the description box make sure to check them. Out., Okay, guys thats it for this. Video.