I will give you more information about the top 5 best tablets under 100 that are available on the market. Actually, i try to make popularity quality prize durability, user opinion and more if you need more information about this products, please check the link in the description section below don’t forget subscribe this channel for view future videos. Let’S start this video Music starting at number. Five. We have fire 7 tablet. This list starts with this ultimate beauty, having a 1.3 gigahertz quad core processor that gives you the fastest functionality known for its portability and affordability. This tablet makes its place among the best tablets under 100. The device has an ample internal storage space of 16 or 32 gigabytes that can be increased to 512 gigabytes with the microsd. Moreover, this tablet allows you to see clearer graphics on its 7 inches ips display screen. You can have unlimited amounts of fun with this small portable tablet by browsing on the internet, watching movies playing games on the go, the hands free, alexa compatibility offers convenience by letting you know about the weather, setting, alarms, etc for your daily routine. This little bundle of entertainment has a durable body and a beautiful design. Also, you can take sharper and precise pictures and record hd videos with this tablet that offers a front and rear facing camera up to 2mp. Not only that, but this tablet is also compatible with dual band wi fi. That gives better internet performance.

In addition to that, the smaller size of this device gives better battery backup. You can have non stop entertainment with this ultimate device up to seven hours without interruption. Moreover, this device comes with a one gigabyte ram that allows for faster and better performance, so this tablet has to be the best and cheapest purchase. Moving on at number four, we have foreign tech, 10 inch android tablet. The foreign tech 10 inches tablet will startle you with its performance and display compatible with google android 6.0 marshmallow operating system and 2.5 gigahertz mtk6592 octa core processor that leads to fast and smooth performance. The feature that makes it one of the best tablets under 100 is that it features a graphic co processor that allows you to see the excellent visuals quality on the screen. In addition to that, the large internal storage that is 4 gigabytes ram and 64 gigabytes rom offers fast app, launching and smooth running of the tablet. You can make phone calls along with entertainment owing to its dual sim card compatibility. You need not be worried about where to store all your photos, media and other files, because this tablet allows expandable storage of up to 64 gigabytes to store all files in it. Moreover, this device allows connectivity with other devices, such as a keyboard and speakers through an otg cable to offer more convenience, have a non stop supply of entertainment by watching movies playing games and what not, with its 5000 milliamp hours lithium ion battery.

This battery provides three to four hours of backup, which is excellent, take thousands of pictures with superb quality, with its front or rear camera with two and five mp respectively, coming to the built in design, the device is made with elegance and toughness in mind. You get a sturdy and beautiful looking tablet with a good warranty to make it a worry free purchase for you at number 3. We have android tablet 10 inch. The display quality. This tablet offers is unbelievable. You get an anti glare screen with wide viewing angles and a resolution of 1280x80p. These display features allow excellent visuals with ultimate clarity and color accuracy. In addition to that, you can have the phone call and text message facility with this tablet, as it has dual sim card slots. The micro sd card slot offers an expandable storage facility to store a bulk of files, in that this phablet allows a great deal of entertainment together with phone calls. Moreover, the dual camera feature allows for capturing precious moments in the form of photos and videos. This tablet comes with a rear and 5 mp front facing cameras and 2mp respectively. These cameras result in an outstanding picture and video quality and give you real life like images. Furthermore, the tablet comes with a rechargeable six thousand milliamp hours battery that provides five hours of unbelievable battery backup. Also, this device gives you spectacular connectivity with wi fi, not only that, but you can connect with wi fi via bluetooth and sim card as well.

At number. Two: we have tablet pc presenting this great tablet by vidu, that is equipped with quad core 1.30 gigahertz processor, with 16 gigabytes of hard drive capacity and one gigabyte of ram compatible with the android operating system. This tablet provides fast speed, processing and high performance power. The device offers good value for money for having a wide variety of features. In addition to that, this product has 10 inches of screen. That is supported by the ips panel to deliver excellent display and good viewing angles. The dual camera facility allows you to take the best selfies and photos or record the videos of your precious moments, with ultimate clarity and sharpness. This product also features a sound wi, fi connectivity system, bluetooth and gps to serve you in your day to day life routine. Moreover, the dual sim card compatibility makes your life easier by allowing you to make phone calls and send text messages. You can also browse the internet if you are away from the wi fi by using the internet through a sim card. Moreover, you can have a large storage space by expanding it up to 128 gigabytes, with the help of an sd or tf card have a great time entertaining yourself with movies games dramas or anything with the vividly sharp visuals on the hd screen. Moreover, the battery life of this tablet is excellent, offering you three to four hours of battery backup for watching videos, movies, etc. You also get thousands of applications through a pre installed, app called the download market and, finally, at number one sylvania slt dvd 1023 10.

1 inch. Finally, the final product best tablets under 100 as the sylvania slt dvd 1023 10.1 inch tablet that boasts a built in dvd player and a 1.3 ghz quad core processor. The device offers 16 gigabytes on board memory and one gigabyte ram that allows fast, processing and smooth running. The tablet comes with a built in google play app that allows access to millions of apps. To make your day better, you can have an incredible display of visuals. With the 10 point, multi touch ips screen that has a resolution of 1024x60p. Moreover, the device allows you to capture clear photos with its camera. In addition to that, this device comes with built in dual speakers that deliver tremendous audio output to take your movies or videos to the next level. Also, you get excellent battery backup with its rechargeable lithium ion battery. This battery gives you up to six hours of backup for the constant functioning of your tablet. Thank you for watching guys. I hope, like you, this videos, if this video helpful to you, please make comments and subscribe. If you have any question related this product, you can leave a comment down below.