Why i researched for you to save your money and time as well: i’ve selected the tabs according to budget popularity, quality and durability, to see the latest price and more information check the description box down below and don’t forget to subscribe, my channel and hit the bell To get latest videos let’s get started at number: five amazon, fire hd10 amazon’s fire hd 8 2020. A refresh of the 2018’s hd8 doesn’t, bring much new to the table. There are a usbc port and a faster processor but it’s the low low price that earns this cheap tablet, a wholehearted recommendation. The lcd screen with its 1280x 800 pixel resolution is far from the sharpest and the viewing angles: aren’t great but it’s good enough to watch movies and red on the fire. Hd’S all plastic body is colorful and durable. You’Ll also find stereo speakers optimized with dolby atmos. That deliver reasonably loud crisp, sound on movies, tv shows and amazon’s prime music streaming service battery life is impressive, too. It lasts for up to 12 hours of mixed use, including reading gaming and streaming. You won’t find a perfect tablet at this price point, but the fire hd 8 is an impressive package. Number 4 samsung galaxy tab. A7 android fans finally have a true ipad competitor at a much more affordable price retailing for 229 and on sale, often for much less. The galaxy tab a7 is a great 10.4 inch tablet for consuming content, whether you’re browsing the web or streaming movies.

You get to focus on your content more thanks to its super thin bezels that are thinner than what you get with apple’s 329 ipad. Oh and it’s got endurance to spare lasting 13 hours and 13 minutes on that battery test. Oh and it’s also got an ipad pro feature. That apple makes. You pay a lot for facial recognition to unlock the device and just like apple’s pricier tablets, the galaxy tab. A7 charges over usbc, so you can continue to cut non reversible micro, usb cables out of your life and while it’s not as fast as the ipad and its screen isn’t as bright. Neither is a serious problem at this price, especially when samsung gives you true. Android with the google play app store and not the watered down amazon fire tablet. Experience number three apple: ipad: 2020. The new 8th, gen ipad may be a minor update but it’s enough to keep the king on its throne that’s, because the a12 bionic chip provides a welcome speed boost that was once kept to more expensive ipads, which moved up to the a14 chip. The ipad still boasts a fantastic screen for its price and apple’s own pencil and smart keyboard. Folio are just easier to use than any bluetooth accessory on the market. That a12 ship comes in handy now, more than ever, as apple’s advances in ipod have made for more multitasking, also ipod, os 14, which ships on the ipad 8 gives you scribble handwriting to text translation, which makes the apple pencil a better buy than before.

We just wish apple would update the ipad’s design. The big bezels are aging to allow for an easier way to store the apple pencil, especially if the ipad won’t work with the excellent, 2nd gen apple pencil, which is limited to the ipad air and ipad. Pro number. Two apple ipad, air it’s, one of the most popular ipad on the market apple pencil 2 support is here, though, and there’s a smart connector for a keyboard too. So this is a slightly better proposition than the entry level ipad for serious typists and those who will need to use their tablet for working. That extra power goes a long way to generate a more laptop style experience, price, wise and specs wise. This sits firmly in the mid range of the apple ipad tablet range at the moment, and that should tell you all. You need to know about whether it’s the best tablet for you it’s, a really good balance of price performance and portability made even better by ipodos. You get much stronger, specs and hardware than the standard ipad, but not quite the full works that you get on the ipad pro. If you are looking for a fantastic all round, tablet experience the latest apple ipad air delivers and is so at a firmly mid tier price point at number: one samsung galaxy tab: s7 plus, if you want the best android tablet in the world today than the samsung Galaxy tab s7 plus, is the slate that stands out it’s a powerhouse that not only goes toe to toe with the ipad pros in terms of performance, but does so in terms of style and build quality.

Two, this thing is only 5.7 millimeters thick. The star of the show is the tab. Seven plus 12.4 inch mold screen, which has a super crisp resolution of 1752 x 2800 m in what will be music to android tablet lovers: ears, a refresh rate of 120 hertz. Yes, that’s right using this slate screen is buttery smooth and makes navigating its android 10 os a dream elsewhere. The tablet is powered by the flagship, snapdragon 865 plus processor, and comes loaded with up to gigabytes of internal storage. Space being honest, though, even if you plump for the 128 gigabytes model, which is cheaper, then you can easily upgrade its storage, as this tablet comes with a micro sd card slot, throw in samsung’s excellent s, pen, digital stylus, as well as a keyboard cover sold separately. Unfortunately, and you’ve got yourself not just a slate but a hyper, powerful, creative tool and laptop replacement, which makes that high price, far more understandable, there’s so much more on offer too, such as 5g model a triple camera system and excellent samsung applications.