This is haley from top5choices and i hope you all are doing good in todays. Video im gon na do a detailed review and pick the top five best tablet. 2022.. After doing proper researches, we came to the conclusion that meets the best in terms of overall kindly leave a like. If you find this helpful and id appreciate, if you subscribe to my channel and turn on post notifications, if you havent, we will be also providing affiliates link to purchase from amazon, kindly use it for best offers and purchase from anywhere in the world. Well be back with more videos. The matepad pro shares a likeness with other made devices, making use of metal and glass to give the device a premium look and feel it has a modern slim design made up of a sturdy, yet lightweight magnesium alloy frame with an integrated antenna that removes visible antenna Lines for a cleaner look, the screen on the mate pad pro is crisp gorgeous and just large enough for work and play its an lcd panel with a 2560 by 1600 resolution and a wide 1610 aspect ratio. The panel is also dci, p3 color graded for higher color accuracy when editing photos on an advanced photo editor like lightroom or editing, videos with brightness shooting up to 540 nits youll be able to use the tablet under bright lights and while theres no hdr certification at 1: 500 to 1 contrast ratio. The screen looks sharp and vibrant.

As a result, content looks great across videos, articles and digital comics narrow bezels around the screen. Dont get in the way of how you grip the tablet and rarely cause accidental input thanks to excellent palm rejection. The screen is also satisfyingly responsive. If you want to doodle with your fingers for more accuracy, youll want to use the optional huawei and pencil, which is not the best stylus weve ever used, but does well enough to take quick notes and annotations. Another accessory. You can get to round out the matepad pro is the smart magnetic keyboard that doubles as a folio case. You simply plop the mate pad pro on top of the cover and it snaps in place without effort. It has a decent typing experience, though the key travel can get a bit awkward and it also doesnt have a track pad, which makes it feel a tad dated. Another gripe we had with the keyboard case is the matepad pro cant be tilted too far back making it sit too straight and awkward to use. If you place it on your lap, for instance, huawei is packed in a quad speaker, setup tuned by harman kardon, with two speaker grilles on the top and bottom theres, a long usbc port at the bottom and no headphone jack, which is unfortunate for a pro tablet. Music, the 12.3 inch display uses the three to two aspect: ratio thats come to dominate the detachable space, its nice to have a bit of extra vertical room for documents and web pages.

The x12 display is nice, with rich colors and deep blacks in movies. The color gamut covers 100 of the srgb space, and the screen is very bright up to 400 nits, which helps cut through the glare in brightly lit rooms. Dot whats missing in the thinkpad x12 is whats missing in every detachable, namely ports. There are two usbc thunderbolt 4 ports on the left side of the x12 and thankfully a headphone jack thats, a little limiting, but its not worse than what youll find on just about any small high end laptop detachable or otherwise. The difference is that here, any dongle. You attach is going to hang off the side of the screen, which is awkward. The x12 does have a pen loop on the right side of the keyboard, its not as nice as the tucked away pen storage dell offers, but lenovo does include the pen, the stylus isnt, all that responsive either. The apple pencil is tough to beat in that regard. But it works fine for jotting down, notes, 0.1, pleasant, surprise of the thinkpad x12 battery life, given how small and thin it is. I wasnt expecting much, but i found that i never needed to charge it in the course of a days work. It managed 9 hours. 18 minutes in our video playback drain test, but it performed even better than that in real world use. It will depend on what youre doing, but with my workload of chatting with co workers on slack browsing the web and writing in a text editor, i was often able to get very close to the 10 hour mark.

The base model thinkpad x12, starts at 1 100, which gets you an 11th generation intel core i3 processor, 8 gigabytes of ram and a 128 gigabyte ssd its pricey, but thankfully the keyboard is included. The model lenovo sent me as a step up with an 11th generation core i5 processor, 16 gigabytes of ram and a 512 gigabyte ssd. This configuration will set you back 1279, its the one id suggest for most people. You can save a little money by going back to eight gigabytes of ram, which is enough for light duty. Computing samsung launched the galaxy tab s7 and the galaxy tab s7 plus at the same time, while the galaxy tab s7 is the successor to the galaxy tab. S6, which i reviewed late last year, the galaxy tab s7 plus pretty much reflects the best that samsung has to offer. At the moment, it has a big 12.4 inch, supermoly display with a resolution of 1752 by 2800 pixels and support for hdr 10 plus the bezels on the display. Are the perfect size slim enough to look modern yet thick enough to let you hold the galaxy tab? S7 plus comfortably without causing accidental touches samsung, expects you to use this tablet primarily in the landscape orientation and has placed a selfie camera to the right of the panel. There are four akg tune. Speakers on the tabas 7 plus two positioned at the top and the other two at the bottom, on either side of the usb type c port.

The frame of the tablet is made out of metal and has a premium feel to it. On the right side, you have the power and volume buttons along with a tray for a nano sim. You will see a three pin connector sitting flush on the left of the device with two notches for compatible accessories. Samsung did send me a book cover keyboard case which fit this tablet perfectly more on the keyboard case in a bit, youll find antenna lines running across the top and bottom of the frame which help the galaxy tab, s7 plus latch onto lte. The back of the tablet is flat with only a dual camera module in the top left corner. A glossy patch extending below the cameras tells you where you can stow the s pen. It stays in place using magnets and is automatically charged while it is attached. The galaxy tab, s7 plus weighs 575 g and single handed usage would be challenging. Samsung has packed in a 10 090 milliamp hours battery and supplies a 15 w charger in the box. Samsung has pretty much cherry picked the best hardware for the galaxy tab, s7 plus Music. Microsoft may have finally included a usbc port, but absolutely nothing else has changed about the surface pro 7 design from last years model the device still measures 11.5 by 7.9 by 0.33, inches 292 by 201 by 8.5 millimeters and weighs 1.7 pounds 770 g. The tablet also still comes in the same matte black and silver aluminum finishes.

The tablets touchscreen still comes in at 12.3, inches on the diagonal, with a 2736 by 1824 resolution, 267 pixels per inch and three to two aspect: ratio, its just as sharp, vibrant and responsive to touch as the previous generation, which was already quite impressive. But again this specification hasnt changed in years and could use an update, at least in features such as hdr and enhanced color gamut coverage. Also, the bezels are awfully thick for a tablet of this price in 2019, not now having issued practically the same tablet for two years, its becoming clear that either microsoft has reached its limits on the original surface, pro design, which is unlikely or the company, is simply No longer interested in tweaking the surface pro anymore, except for tinkering with the pro x dot. Instead, it feels like microsoft is far more inspired by its upcoming dual screen devices, which will likely herald the future of the companys hardware design, depending on how successful they ar e.s for the most major surface, pro 7 design change. We get usbc at long last, but its on the usb 3.1 standard and not thunderbolt 3.. There are four speakers in total, a thunderbolt port type c at the bottom and a sim tray on the right. The indian cellular models a 2459 support, one e sim and a physical sim, so it should be possible to switch between networks when you travel, but you cant use both networks actively dual sim mode, like on an iphone sub.

Six g hertz 5g is supported by the units sold in india, but mmwave 5g is only available on units sold in the us. The back of the ipad pro has a dual camera bump in the top right corner: a large apple logo in the middle and three contact pins at the bottom for connecting to accessories. The display is identical to that of last years, ipad pro, which is still one of the best youll, find on a tablet. Second, only to apples new 12.9 inch ipad pro the 11 inch liquid retina display uses an ips lcd panel with a 2388 by 1668 pixel resolution. It supports features that weve seen on previous pro models, such as a 120 hertz refresh rate 600 nits of brightness. True tone, color temperature adjustment and full coverage of the p3 white color gamut. The display has rounded corners just like the frame. There are thick black bezels, which makes good ergonomic sense on a tablet. The biggest upgrade with this generation is, of course, apples, new m1 soc, which is said to deliver up to 50 percent faster cpu and up to 40 percent faster gpu performance compared to the a12z bionic soc in the 2020 ipad pros note that anyone is really complaining About last years, models being sluggish, but more performance is never a bad thing. Unlike some of apples base model mac, computers, for which apple has used m1 chips with a 7 core integrated gpu instead of 8 cores, all variants of the 11 inch ipad pro get the full 8 core gpu.

The amount of ram does vary, though, as we mentioned earlier. The ipad pro 2021 also supports wi fi 6 and bluetooth 5. theres a lidar scanner in the rear camera cluster. There are 5 microphones which promise studio, quality, sound, recording and far field siri activation. The usb type c connector now supports thunderbolt, 3 and usb for protocols just like apples, mac computers.