Today we will be reviewing the top 5 best Samsung tablets. The market has to offer these tablets are our top recommendations for anyone who is in need of guidance when looking for a new smart device, the reviews will be based on what factors matter most to us: design features, performance, affordability and finally, offers. If you have any questions throughout this video, let us know by typing into the comments section below or contacting Angel and Kim on social media. So lets get started. Number five Samsung Galaxy. Tab A8 were going to start with the least number, which is Samsung Galaxy. Tab. A8 10.5 inch, 32 gigabyte, Android tablet with LCD screen long lasting battery kids content, Smart Switch, expandable memory, us version, silver, Amazon, exclusive, a screen: everyone will love whether your family is streaming or video chatting with friends. The Galaxy Tab. A8 tablet brings out the best in every moment on a 10.5 inch LCD screen, power and storage for all, get the power, storage and speed. Your family needs with an upgraded chipset and plenty of room to keep files up to 128 gigabytes of storage. A long lasting battery lets you go unplugged for hours to keep the family fun going charge fast. Power for hours go for hours, on a single charge and back to 100, with the fast charging USBC Port battery life may vary depending on network environment usage patterns or other factors. Galaxy ecosystem Experience, open up a new world of convenient possibilities with the Galaxy ecosystem experience.

Your devices will automatically talk to one another seamlessly number four up. Next is Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. Our next pick is the Samsung Galaxy Tab. S6 Lite 10.4 inch, 64 gigabyte, Wi Fi Android tablet with S Pen included slim metal, design Crystal Clear, display dual speakers. Long lasting battery sm p610 n z b a i x, a r Angora blue. This tablet comes with an included S Pen that makes it easier than ever to write, notes and personalize photos and videos all without needing to charge. The S Pen attaches magnetically right to your tablet and is always ready to go. You can take this sleek and lightweight tablet anywhere, thanks to its slim design that slips right into your bag in a choice of stylish colors. The Vivid Crystal Clear display draws you into content, while dual speakers with sound bite by AKG supplies, spacious, Dolby, Atmos, surround sound with Discovery powered by Spotify. Setting a personal soundtrack to your waking moments has never been easier. A long lasting battery lets you stream for up to 12 hours on a single charge. The fast charging USBC Port allows you to quickly get back to where you left off. When you need to recharge the device also offers a UI connectivity. So you can sync up to multiple devices and double down on your to dos at once. All on one device number three up: next is Samsung Galaxy Tab s7fe this one is the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

S7Fe 12.4 inch, 64 gigabyte, Wi Fi Android tablet with S Pen included large screen, Multi Device connectivity, long lasting battery 2021; sm t733nz s a x, a r. You can also get more done on an expanded workstation that lets you hand off content between your devices or enjoy a PC like experience with multiple windows, open on your tablet. Its got a large 2.4 inch display that makes it perfect for study time or entertainment breaks. It comes in four bold colors, mystic, black Mystic, green Mystic, silver and Mystic pink. So you can pick one that matches your style and if you want to take notes in class or sketch out an idea with the included S Pen, no problem, this tablet has you covered there too number two up next is Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 up next? Is the list number which is Samsung Galaxy, Tab S8, Android tablet? This tablet comes with an 11 inch LCD screen: 128 gig storage, Qualcomm, Snapdragon, processor S, Pen included and all day battery it has an ultra wide camera and DX productivity with decks with Dex multitasking. You can do more on the go with enhanced productivity capabilities like Samsung Dex and Microsoft, 365, integration that give you a PC experience wherever you happen to be packed with power. This tablet provides powerful performance with an updated Qualcomm, Snapdragon chipset super fast Wi, Fi, 6E and all day battery. To get you through your day, whether youre, working or streaming or gaming, Inspire your imagination with our fastest S Pen, yet its included with tablet purchase.

The tablet comes with a great processor and RAM that will help you get through all your work and play. It also has a great camera and battery life, so you can take pictures or play games for hours without worrying, about running out of power, and if you want to do some multitasking while youre on the go. This tablet comes with enhanced productivity capabilities like Samsung Dex and Microsoft, 365, integration that give you a PC experience wherever you happen to be number one. Finally, I present the first on the list, which is Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, Plus Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 plus, is the perfect tablet for you. If youre looking for a way to stay, connected, entertained and productive on the go with its large 12.4 inch s, ammo LED screen with high resolution. Visuals are crisp and clear, so you can enjoy your favorite shows or movies in their full Glory. Youll never be bored with this tablets. Long lasting battery that lasts all day long, even when youre streaming or gaming, the Galaxy Tab S8 plus, has an ultra wide front camera that takes great photos with auto framing, so your photography skills will shine regardless of your experience level behind the lens. It also comes with our fastest S, Pen ever now, more responsive than ever, and feels more like a real pen. This tablet comes with an upgraded Qualcomm, Snapdragon chipset for powerful performance, as well as all day battery life that lets you get through your day without worrying, about running out of juice.

In the description below are the links for the product which will redirect you to Amazon for you to purchase an item of your choice, you can choose your choice among the top 5 best Samsung tablets so stay positive. I hope you enjoy it and also dont forget to check out our next video also be sure to subscribe like and share. Thank you again for helping us grow.