Through extensive research and testing, i have put together a list of options that will meet the needs of different types of buyers, so, whether it’s price performance or its particular use. We got you covered for more information of the product. I have included links in the description box down below which are updated for the best prices. Like the video comment and don’t forget to subscribe at number 5, we have samsung galaxy tab: s6, lite 26.31 centimeters 10.4 inch tft with 2000 x, 1200 pixels resolution 16m. Color support ergonomic s, pen included in box 8 8mp primary camera 5mp front facing camera dual speaker with dolby atmos android 10 operating system with 2.3 g hertz exe nose, 9611 octa core processor, 4gb, ram 64gb internal memory, expandable up to 1 tb, 7, comma 040. My lithium ion battery the galaxy tab s6 light is the ultimate notepad for students looking for a tablet with a stylish design and compact body. The tab, s6 light features a variety of editing tools, as well as the s pen, which looks and feels like a real pen. So you can reach your potential productivity, packed with solutions ranging from mde partnerships and kids content. You won’t miss out on our signature. Galaxy experience and with the lte model you can stay connected wherever you are from learning to entertainment change. The way you have me time with the galaxy tab: s6 lite at number. Four. We have samsung galaxy tab.

A7. This tablet has a 10.4 inch, 26.31 cms immersive display 2000 x 1200 pixels resolution with same trick, bezel for uninterrupted visual experience for gaming, watching videos, multitasking and more quad stereo sound, more lively movies and music long lasting 7040 mah battery with fast adaptive charging 3gb ram 32Gb internal memory expandable to 1tb. This tablet supports seamless, apps and gaming experience with qualcomm snapdragon 662 processor, 4x, 2.0 g hertz plus 4 x, 1.8 g hertz 8 mp primary camera 5 mp front facing camera slim stylish, sophisticated galaxy tab a7 is built to impress a true head turner that offers great Immersive experiences with beautiful symmetry and a thickness of just seven millimeters. It features a sophisticated metal design in three colors, dark gray, silver and gold and a symmetric bezel all the way around. At number. Three, we have samsung galaxy tab s6, create work anywhere, bring your creativity to new heights with galaxy tab; s6. A do it all tablet that goes beyond boundaries with whole new levels of s, pen, integration for both work and play maximize your potential and turn challenge into opportunity with a tablet that prepares you, for whatever life throws, your way stays attached. So you don’t forget: now s pen always stays with you. A subtle indent, on the back. Magnetically attaches it to the rear side, so you’re always ready to write down and keep your ideas. S pen automatically starts charging the moment you attach. It write it with s.

Pen, in your hand, it’s time to let your ideas take flight, pull up, samsung notes while running a separate video to write down your thoughts in the moment, adjust the window transparency to take notes without stopping playback keeping your creativity going along with it experience the pc, Like experience of samsung decks in a slim tablet, galaxy tab, s6 portable book cover keyboard asterisk uses a dedicated key for quick decks access, plus a touchpad to complete your workspace connect to another display with just an hdmi cable for even more space to get things done At number two, we have samsung galaxy tab: s5, e13 mp, primary camera and 8mp front facing camera 26.67 centimeters 10.5 inch with 2560 x 1600 pixels resolution, android v 9.0 pi operating system with 2g hertz plus 1.7 g hertz qualcomm, sdm 670 octa core processor, 4gb ram; 64Gb internal memory, expandable up to 512gb 7040 lithium ion battery one year, manufacturer warranty for device and six months manufacturer warranty for inbox accessories, including batteries from the date of purchase country of origin. Vietnam. To many, a tablet is an entertainment device and to many it is a workstation. The samsung galaxy tab. S5E tablet features a 10.5 inches 26.67 centimeters touchscreen for your daily needs and runs android v 8.0 aria operating system to quickly open, apps and games. The device is powered by octa core 2g hertz, dual core cryo 360 plus 1.7 ghz hexacore cryo 360 processor paired with 4gb gb of ram to further enhance the user’s experience.

It also has a 7040 mah battery super light at 5.5, millimeters thin and weighing around 400 g galaxy tab. S5E is built for ultimate comfort and portability feel free as you take it along wherever you go at number one. We have samsung galaxy tab: s7, the most advanced galaxy tab changes how you work and play meet galaxy, tab s7 and s7 plus work and play on the ultra smooth hertz display powered by our most powerful chipset, get a pc like experience with the snap of a Keyboard or use the ultra low latency s pen to ride like never before an immersive tablet, experience changing the way you work and play the qualcomm snapdragon 865 plus mobile platform is a breakthrough in processing power.