In terms of keeping your files safe and secure. Buying an external, hard drive or SSD is an extremely reliable way to go for an extra layer of protection. Many hard drives and ssds come with a rugged design to help Shield your drive from any accidental bumps or bruises, but with plenty of different rugged options out there, which one should you choose well to help. You decide weve shifted through numerous websites and consumer reviews to present our five recommended products before we begin be sure to subscribe, to get mojo and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos: Music, okay, first up the front runner, SanDisk, Extreme, portable SSD, fast And highly rated rugged SSD, this is available with 500 gigabytes or one two or four terabytes. The SanDisk has dropped protection from up to six feet, plus its ip55 water and dust resistant. We love the super cool Carabiner function that allows you to secure your SSD to your belt loop or bag, making for easy portability, featuring high capacity read and write speeds and Universal compatibility. The SanDisk also comes with password protected Hardware encryption, so you can rest easy. Knowing your content is safe, the comparable Samsung t7 Shield portable SSD this model from Samsung is another solid, rugged. Ssd pick with several similarities to the SanDisk. Thanks to its high tech, protective exterior, the Samsung has drop protection from up to 9.8 feet, its ip65 water and dust resistant, and it has a dynamic thermal guard that controls heat for consistent performance.

You can purchase this SSD with one terabyte or two and its compatible with Mac Windows, Android tablets and gaming consoles its compact size and fast read and write speeds make it ideal for working in the field. The creative pick lasai rugged mini external hard drive. This external hard drive is an excellent pick for all you creatives out there. Storing large photos, videos and project files with up to five terabytes of space lasai rugged mini, has plenty of room for your massive files. The lasai also comes with password protection, customizable, backup features and three years of rescue data recovery services in case youre. Ever in a pinch conveniently small and portable, the lasai is Crush, drop, shock dust and water resistant. The hard drive is so tough, in fact that supposedly you can drive over it with a one ton car now thats rugged the outdoor Pig adata HD 710, Pro external hard drive, submit durability, a one or two terabyte. A data would be useful for anyone needing to bring their drive on rough Outdoor Adventures shock proof from any angle. This drive is triple layered protective construction and a roughly four foot drop survivability. The a data protects your files from the elements with the highest grade of ip6x dust proofing and ipx8 waterproofing, its even tested to last for 60 minutes and over five feet of water. You can get the adata affordably in black red, yellow and blue. The Raid pick oen digital mini pro Dura raid portable rugged hard drive with a significantly higher price point than the others.

The Oyen digital is a high capacity drive that offers 8 to 10 terabytes of space whats cool about the Oyen is that its a dual drive system that can operate as two independent drives or it can be configured as a raid system. Its shockproof design consists of an aluminum body encased in a rubber silicone sleeve to fend against impacts, its universally compatible with all USB and Thunderbolt connections, and it works with a bus, powered or external power adapter so which rugged hard drive or SSD. Should you choose? Well? First, its important to know what type of work youre using it for and how much space youre going to need. If you want a compact and dependable Rugged, Drive that you can take Anywhere With You, the SanDisk is Rock Solid.