We have included links in the description, so make sure you check those out to see which one is in your budget range starting at number. One evga 400 watts power supply. This is the cheapest branded power supply. You can get for your budget gaming, pc or an hd pc. Evga is a reputed company that is very popular for its top quality nvidia graphics cards. It makes other high quality computer products also that include power supplies. Here we have a basic 400 watt power supply from evga. That is quite good and is one of the best budget power supplies around this psu from evga has got 30 a current on 12 volts rail which decent and it can power a pc with a budget or low power. Mid range graphics cards such as force, gtx 750t or gtx 1050t. It comes with all the required power connectors, including one six pin and eight pinky power connectors for graphics cards. The 120 millimeters fan does a nice job in keeping the smps components cool and is very quiet in operation. The connector wires or cables are not in sleeves, except the 24 pin motherboard or atx connector. This is understandable because it is a cheap and basic power supply that can be bought at around 30 at number 2 ant, kirth watts, 380 watts power supply and is one of the top names in the computer power supply department. Here we have ant kirth, watts, 380 watts power supply that has got 80, plus bronze certification.

This 380 watt power supply comes with dual 12 volts rails, having a total of 32 ampere 15, a plus 17 a current on it. Only the 24 pin power cable comes with a sleeve, while others are left behind. This is because it is a budget psu and some cost cutting has been done by ant. It only comes with 6 pin pcie power connectors for older graphics cards and users with modern graphics cards may be at a disadvantage because of the absence of an 8 pin pcie power connector, you can use the 8 pin pcie converter cable. If your graphics card has got eight pin, pcie power, connector, the power supply comes with advanced features such as active pfc, active power factor, correction and all protection features. The psu comes with a silent, 80 millimeters fan and there is an on off a power switch present on the back side of the smps. This power supply is a bit expensive than the avga 400 watts and 430 watts psus, and you can get it at a tad under 50 at number three course or cx 430 power supply corsor is a highly reputed computer hardware company that is mainly popular for its Computer cases, memory ram and power supplies corsor has good range of power supplies starting to budget to high end. Here we have core saw cx 430, which is an 80 plus bronze power supply rated at 430, watts course or cx 430 course or cx.

430 is really not an entry level, but a budget mid range power supply that can support up to mid range graphics cards. Such as gtx 750t, gtx, 1050 t radeon, rx, 460, rx, 470, etc. The construction quality of this bsu is very good and it comes with fully sleeved cables. Corsor cx 430 comes with a single 12 volts rail and has got 32 a current on it. It has one eight pin six plus two pcie gpu power connector that can be used with graphics cards, having either 6 pin or 8 pin pci express power connector, it comes with 0.99, a pfc and all the protection features that include opp uvp, scp, otp ovp. There is a large 120 millimeters which stays very quiet and is almost unhearable at idle. This power supply does cost a bit more and you can get it at around 60 or so at number. Four evga 500 watts power supply. Evga 500 watts is the best cheapest. 500 watt power supply that you can get for your budget gaming, pc or mid range graphics card. Evga 500 watts is 80 plus white certification power supply and has a got a single 12 volts rail having 40 amp air current on it. It is a high quality power supply that comes with fully sleeved cables and a 120 millimeters silent operating fan. It can handle mid range graphics cards such as gtx, 1050t, gtx, 1060, radeon, rx, 470, etc. When it comes to the safety department, it comes with all heavy duty protections features, including ovp over voltage protection uvp under voltage protection ocp over current protection, opp overpower protection, scp short circuit protection and otp over temperature protection.

You can get this power supply under 50 dollars at number. Five thermaltake, smart, 500, watts power supply. Thermaltake is a reputed company that is known for its high quality power supplies, computer cases and cooling devices. It is an 80 plus white power supply that comes with a single 12 volts rail and has 35 a current on it. Thermaltake smart 500 watts power supply. It is a top quality psu that has got all sleeved cables and high quality components and capacitors. That can stand day and night non stop working. This psu has got 86 efficiency and it really stays cool. With its 120 millimeters silent fan for graphics cards, it has got two 8 pin six plus two pci express connectors. This power supply is good for mid range. Graphics cards from nvidia and amd it comes with active pfc and all the safety protection features. This high quality psu is amazingly priced and you can get it well under 50.