Weve got a solution for every situation, so lets dive into the video number one most popular samsung t7 portable ssd, 2 terabyte. If money is no object and all you care about is speed, these portable drives from samsung crowds. Everything else i tested theyre lightweight yet have metal enclosures that make them reasonably indestructible. The catch is the price. The per gigabyte cost is the highest in this guide. If you want portable and fast youre gon na have to pay samsung recommends the usage of the included usb type c to c and usb type c to a cables. Non original cables may cause performance degradation due to the varying internal resistance and maximum reliable currency number. Two wd four terabyte elements desktop hard drive hdd. I know this guide is for portable hard drives and this is decidedly not portable but bear with me for incremental backups, which we recommend portability isnt your top priority, and typically your backup software will run overnight so speed. Isnt a huge factor either thats. Why the first drive i recommend is this western digital elements ive been using some variations of the wd elements, desktop drive to make incremental backups of my data for more than a decade now number three crucial: x6 2 terabyte portable ssd. These crucial drives are my favorite portable drives theyre, reasonably priced for a portable ssd and very speedy. The only drive i tested with faster read speeds was the samsung t7c below and it costs 90 dollars more.

These are also lightweight, which means theyre ideal. For when youre working away from home, i use one to store video clips. That is plenty fast enough to edit them right off the disk. The only downside is the plastic construction. Dont expect it to survive. Many drops number four lacy rugged ssd one terabyte solid state drive the go anywhere drives above are a solid solution for people who need to make backups in the field like photographers and videographers. But if you want an extra level of comfort, this padded drive from lacey has been a long favorite of travelers. Laci makes both an ssd version and a traditional spinning drive version. If speed isnt an issue as with making knightly backups, then the cheaper spinning drive makes more sense. Number five owc one terabyte envoy pro electron, usb c: portable f nvme ssd. If you need a drive that can stand up to life in a backpack or camera bag, get wet or handle a drop onto hard surfaces. The owc drives are your best choice, its tough to pick a winner here, because theres so many solid options, but owcs electron drive narrowly beat others in benchmark tests. I also like that you can swap out the drive inside the aluminum casing its easy to unscrew, which means two years from now. You can pick up a fast or bare ssd and drop it in the electron for more details.