2021. We review 5 best desktop computers in this video number, 1 hp envy desktop computer render edit game and stream better than ever before. 10Th generation intel core i710700 processor 8. Core 2.90 gigahertz base frequency up to 4.8 gigahertz with intel turbo boost technology, 16 gigabytes, ddr4, minus 2933, sdram memory, 2 by 8 gigabytes, upgradable to 32 gigabytes, one terabyte 7200 rpm sata hard drive and 512 gigabytes pcie nv me: m .2. Solid state drive hdd 3.5 expansion bay available realtek wi fi five one by one and bluetooth 4.2 combo new memo supported zero. One hundredths 1000 base t network 3.5, millimeters headphone microphone, combo four super speed, usb typo front one super speed, usb type c r front. Four. Usb 2.0 typo rear, hdmi out rear, vga rear, usb black wired keyboard and mouse combo windows 10. Pro 64 bit and one year limited warranty with 24 hour seven days a week web support when shipped from and sold by amazon.com number two. I buy power gaming, pc computer desktop amd ryzen, 3, 3, 103.6 gigahertz 3.9 gigahertz max turbo 8 gigabytes, ddr4, ram 240 gigabytes, ssd, genuine windows, 10 home 64 bit amd radeon, rx, 552 gigabytes, dedicated graphics card display, connectors, dual link, dvid hdmi 4x, usb 3.0, 2x. Usb 2.0 one xrj45 network, ethernet, 10, 100, 1000 audio 7.1 channel tempered glass, rgb gaming case 802.11, ac wi, fi, included 16 color rgb lighting case free. I buy power, gaming keyboard and rgb gaming, mouse, no bloatware one year; parts and labor plus free lifetime.

Us tech support assembled in the usa number three acer aspire: c24963u desktop 10th generation intel core i3105g1 processor up to three four gigahertz 23.8 full hd, 1920×1080 widescreen edge to edge led back, lit, display 8 gigabytes, ddr4 memory and 512 gigabytes, nvme m2 ssd, 802, 11, ac Wi fi 5 gigabit ethernet lan, bluetooth, 4, 2 2 built in stereo speaker built in 1 0mphd webcam wireless keyboard and mouse windows, 10 home number. Four lenovo idea: center aio3 accelerate everything you do with the ideacenter aio3 powered by amd ryzen 3430u mobile processors with radeon graphics. This all in one computer makes multitasking a breeze. The fhd display gives you an outstanding viewing experience from wide angles too. The narrow bezels are just 9.5 millimeters at their thinnest for a huge 90 percent screen to body ratio for more screen and fewer distractions, work, entertainment or video calls the eye catching idea. Center aio3 will look and perform great anywhere with its stylish stand and base. This all in one desktop computer will save much needed desk space made to meet your needs. The ideacenter aio3 stand can be tilted to the right angle for your tasks, plus you can easily adjust the display to avoid light reflections for pc peripherals, such as a mouse keyboard and backup drive. The ideacenter aio3 has plenty of ports, in addition to usb 3.1 and 2.0. This all in one pc has a three in one card reader and hdmi out.

Should you need a second screen number five acer, chromebox cxi3ua91 mini pc, intel, celeron, dual core processor 3867u with intel, hd, graphics, 610, four gigabytes, ddr4 2133 megahertz memory and 128 gigabytes, m.2, ssd, 802, 802.11 ac, wi, fi, five gigabit ethernet lan and bluetooth 4.2 log, one Usb 3.1 type c gen1 port up to five gigabits per second displayport over usbc usb charging, three usb 3.1 gen1 ports, two front and one rear: two usb 2.0 ports and one hdmi port, chrome, os keyboard, mouse and visa mounting kit included acer. Chromebox lets you view content on two displays through hdmi and type c ports without additional effort. This makes multitasking a whole lot easier. You can spread out your work, browsers, mirror content or extend a single browser across multiple displays. Links are in description.