Those are the key elements that keep our customers satisfied and happy throughout the life cycle of their product. Dell, power manager allows us to adjust the power to the customer’s desire. You can adjust dell power manager to run the system slightly slower and quieter, or you can go to the other extreme and run max performance and basically that allows the customer to dynamically adjust their performance on the fly. One of the biggest challenges we have is managing the heat inside of a laptop computer. Managing that heat through a thermal solution is one of the most important things we do. We literally have some space age materials we use in the product. Aerogel is a material that’s used on the mars rover. We have gore thermal insulation materials that are extremely premium and they help us shield heat from the customer. So airflow, along with the thermal management system, is critical, you’re, basically managing hot air out of the system. You displace that hot air with cool air from the outside of the system and then all those other materials, the heat pipes, the thermal insulators, the gore. Those help keep the heat away from customers, but airflow is really what ties everything together. So we employ two fans. We have dual heat pipes to help steer the heat away from the hot components. The xps 13 is really unrivaled. We try to do something, that’s very balanced and basically gives customers the best of all the features that they desire.

Music for the next generation spectre. X360. It was really about taking what was already great and making it even more powerful. With a smaller footprint. The inspiration behind spectre can be summarized in a single word: craftsmanship. We wanted to increase performance while reducing any aspect of redundancy and waste, and what we ended up with is a virtually orderless micro edge display. The spectre x360 is a sophisticated pc that delivers four different modes in one impressively thin design. It is as versatile as it is beautiful. The slim carved, aluminum chassis, was sculpted from a solid block of metal for a more refined aesthetic and the 360 geared hinge is encased in stainless steel to provide long, lasting stability in all four modes, allowing effortless transitions between high performance laptops, sophisticated presentation, tool, awe inspiring Multimedia display and a windows ink certified tablet with quality. You can feel we’ve upgraded to a powerful seventh generation, intel core i7 processor and added hyperbaric cooling to optimize thermals and deliver even better performance than before and with pcie solid state drive options up to one terabyte. The spectre x360 starts up in seconds to access files faster than ever. It was critical that this level of performance was balanced with equally powerful reliability to keep up with you throughout the day, with up to 12.4 hours of battery life, an hp fast charge that gives you up to 50 percent charge in just 30 minutes. You can spend more time doing what you love and less time searching for an outlet.

We wanted to make sure the experience was as captivating as the device itself. The nearly borderless micro edge display is now powered by discrete graphics and audio by bang and olsen. The new spectre – x360 doesn’t just grab your attention. It holds it for what is truly a remarkable cinematic experience. We’Ve taken every opportunity to enhance the user experience. Windows makes sketching and taking notes as quick and natural as using a sheet of paper office. Apps compatibility simplifies, editing and collaborating down to a single tap. The brilliantly crafted and outstandingly advanced spectre x360 raises the bar for design and innovation in personal devices. Music acer’s, swift, 5 is ideal for an on the go lifestyle it’s so light you forget you’re carrying it. This 15.6 inch laptop is packed with great features and weighs under one kilogram. The swift 5 is made with lighter, yet stronger materials, magnesium, aluminum and magnesium lithium alloys, microarc oxidation, creates a durable finish. There’S no need to worry that this lightweight device can’t handle the challenges of daily life, just slide it into your bag and go about your day Music. With the 15.6 inch full hd ips display in a 5.87 millimeter bezel, you get more screen space in a smaller chassis. Its screen to body ratio is 87.6 percent, that’s right 87.6, so it’s great for watching movies and enjoying other content. Guess what it also has a touchscreen allowing you to multitask without missing a beat. You can easily interact with a whole range of apps.

The swift 5’s 8th, gen intel core i7 processor helps apps load faster and allows multiple tasks to run simultaneously without lag next generation. Wireless technology is up to five times faster, so you won’t be kept waiting and waiting and waiting when you move or upload files leave your battery charger at home, because this laptop will work up to 10 hours straight forget about the extra weight and wires in your Bag maximize your capabilities and minimize your burden with this ultra portable laptop travel lightly, but fully equipped less weight on your body and less weight. In your mind, acer, swift, 5 Music hi, guys tom here with another asus, feature video this time, we’re looking at the all powerful zenbook pro 14, also known as the ux 480., as the 14 inch sister to the zenbook pro 15. It shares many of its features, including the jaw dropping new screen pad state of the art components and the prestigious deep dive blue and rose gold colour scheme, but let’s not delay any further and take a closer look at zenbook pro 14’s revolutionary screen pad. So the screen pad is an interactive display where the touchpad usually sits. It has inbuilt functions that can adapt to match whatever task you’re doing, making it easier and quicker to multitask and get things done. It will change these functions automatically when you switch apps and you can create your own shortcuts for them too. But, most importantly, you can even extend your windows desktop onto the screen pad by extending your laptop screen onto the screen pad.

You essentially have a dual display on one device. You could use it to keep an eye on your social media control, videos or music or display a reference image for a creative project. The possibilities are endless, but the innovation doesn’t stop there. The zenbook pro 14 has a nano edge, full hd, ultra slim bezel display with a 5.2 millimeter bezel and an 86 screen to body ratio. Its gorgeous, pin, sharp detail and bright vivid colors are a dream for graphics professionals. In fact, the built in asus calibration technology on the zenbook pro 14 provides color, accurate tuning and uniformity compensation to make things easy when it’s time to recalibrate the display’s, brightness and color consistency. The pantone validator display also has a wide color gamut, with a 100 srgb and 72 percent ntsc color coverage for simply stunning colors. So let’s take a look at the ports on the zenbook pro 14.. On one side, we have our dc input, a usb type c port, a usb 3.1 port and hdmi port, and on the other side, we have an audio jack, a micro sd card slot and a usb 2.0 port. The zenbook pro 14 is all about productivity, but searching for a power outlet isn’t a good use of your time, so the zenbook pro 14 uses a high capacity battery and clever asus thermal engineering to give you 12.5 hours of battery life for all day on the Go autonomy and the zenbook pro 14 has the same focus on efficiency when you need to recharge and that’s.

Why the fast charge technology in the zenbook pro 14 lets you recharge to 60 capacity in just 49 minutes and that’s it for this video. So if you want to find out more about the zenbook pro 14 be sure to click the link in the description and subscribe for more feature, videos and asus announcements. Music is Music. Now the stars out tonight, i don’t know if it’s cloudy or uh Music.