I made this list based in my personal opinion and hours of research and have listed them based on popularity, quality, price, durability, user opinions and more. If you want to see more information in the updated price, you can check out the description below and also make sure subscribe for more reviews. Okay, so let’s get started with the video Music Applause, starting at number five. We have the alienware new m15 gaming laptop. The 15.6 fhd display of this laptop has a resolution of 1920×1080 and includes a contrast ratio of one hundred thousand to one nine milliseconds response time: 144 hertz refresh rate users appreciate the 16 gigabytes ram of this product. For memory for the storage of files, it is equipped with a hard drive of 512 gigabytes ssd. The six gigabytes nvidia rtx 2060 graphics also provides the best in class graphics abilities. The intel core i79750h processor is becoming more prominent in offering unprecedented performance. The hyper efficient voltage regulation of this model offers amazing performance and allows a longer stretch of cpu and gpu performance. The intel 8265 wi fi and killer networking e3 2.5 gigabits per second ethernet nic. Connectivity of this unit provide faster speed, the light and thin chassis model houses, the dual fan design, which plays an integral role in pulling the cool air in from the bottom and top vents. It also aids in exhaling the exhaust out for seeking the optimal cooling of different core components. The three phase fan control, sleeve bearings of the fan, blades help in the efficient circulation of air and lesser friction.

The next gen tobii eye tracking confer a new immersion form to the game. Also, the presence of smaller sensors, along with weight capabilities, allows the sensitivity and features for tracking presence head, pose eye position and fine gaze position. The display of this model confers a brightness of 300 nits, and thus the avid gamers can experience lifelike visuals along with pulse racing gameplay. The newly architected keyboard of this model boasts of amazing travel features Music. Moving on at number four, we have the asus zenbook 13. Slim durable laptop: it is another well renowned model of laptop for graphic design, which comes with 13.3 inches full hd wide view nano edge, bezel display, along with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 and 95 screen to body ratio. It possesses 16 gigabytes ram for memory. Also, the hard drive of 512 gigabytes, pcie and vime ssd provides more room for the storage of the files. Apart from this, the intel, hd graphics, 620, offers great graphics abilities. The intel core i78565u quad core processor is yet another remarkable aspect of this model, which confers faster performance with a weight of 2.6 pounds in sleek design. It ensures high portability. Users are also fond of this unit due to the windows 10 professional operating system. Another key point of this product is the exclusive dual function: touchpad, which comes with the switchable numeric keypad, which offers the prerequisite choice for the entry of data for increasing the productivity of the business.

The ergo lift hinge of this unit imparts an improved typing position. It also stands in limelight owing to the optimized cooling system. Backlit keyboard increased audio performance. Furthermore, it contains the built in ir camera, which confers the facial recognition feature. At the same time, it constitutes tpm security chip, which is ideal in encrypting data. Other optimum features of this model are usb type c: ports, hdmi ports, micro, sd card reader, bluetooth, 5.0 connectivity, 802.11, ac connectivity, rj45, cable carry sleeve at number three. We have the hp spectre x, 362 in one laptop. It is another popular name in the list of laptops for graphic design, which incorporates 15.6 ultra hd 4k micro edge ips display along with 3840 by 2160 resolution. You are sure to love the 16 gigabytes ddr4 ram for the memory of this model. It offers the prerequisite chance to you for running several browser tabs and applications at once. Additionally, you will come across a 256 gigabytes, pcie nvme, m.2 ssd hard drive to store your favorite files and which assures hassle free transfer of data along with faster boot up. In addition to this nvidia geforce, mx, 152 gigabytes, graphics of this model offers great graphics capabilities. Besides this, it has 8th gen intel core i78565u 1.80 gigahertz quad core processor, which enhances the performance of this laptop. Other exclusive features of this product are inclusive of backlit keyboard. Audio boost 2.0 technology, bang and olufsen audio windows, 10 home operating system, bluetooth, connectivity, hp, audio boost 2.

0, along with four speakers: integrated digital microphone, micro sd card reader combination, audio jack type, c, port, usb 3.1 port. At number. Two, we have the microsoft surface book 2.. This laptop for graphic design encompasses vibrant pixel sense, 15 inches touch display along with a resolution of 3260 times 2160.. The 16 gigabytes lpddr3 ram is ideal for memory. Equally important is the hard drive of 512 gigabytes flash memory, solid state which aids in the storage of the files. It is also gaining high popularity due to the presence of nvidia geforce gtx 1060 graphics. The 8th generation intel quad core i7 processor of this unit offers unparalleled performance. It is a powerful, versatile and portable laptop that beats the competitive edge with unprecedented performance. You will be capable of getting the ideas faster down with the eight of the backlit keyboard, along with the display, which is designed for suras pen and touch users can experience the best of the innovation, which is inclusive of 3d experience, as it has a battery life Of 17 hours, you do not need to carry the hassle of looking for the charger every hour. The presence of user, interactive, touchscreen, larger trackpad and full keyboard boosts your productivity. The pixelsense display of this model can be detached for transforming the product into a powerful and thin laptop users. Also love this model, as it can be folded for sketching and drawing comfortably. You require adding the pen surface dial and touch to procure a creative immersive experience.

It is possible to interact with the cortana with the aid of the voice commands the surface. Precision mouse is another exclusive feature of this model, which offers the ultimate choice for comfort, control and accuracy. It also confers the capabilities for using up to three computers at once. Along with customized thumb buttons, moreover, it includes the surface pen, which stands second to none in conferring the most natural drawing as well as writing experience and, finally, at number one. We have the acer swift, 5 ultra thin and lightweight laptop. This laptop for graphic design has 15.6 inches led backlit multi touch ips display, which features a resolution of 1920×1080. It possesses 16 gigabytes onboard ddr4, dual channel memory for memory for the storage of files. It has a hard drive of 512 gigabytes pi nvme ssd. It is equipped with the 8th, gen intel core i7 processor, which reflects its splendid performance. It also has intel uhd, graphics, 620 graphics. This modern machine has captured the attention of the end users with its faster connection, speed and outstanding portability, with a weight of 2.2 pounds and 0.63 inches thinness, you can carry it anywhere. In addition to this, it has gigabit wi fi connectivity for maintaining a constant and strong wireless signal and which imparts about five times faster performance in comparison to the previous 802.11n. The presence of amazing speaker, design of true harmony is useful in conferring more volume and deeper bass on other hand. The dolby audio premium lends a helping hand in the adjustment of the audio dynamically.

Apart from this, it comprises of embedded finger reader, which is believed to be a safe option for verifying the identity of the end user. Without the use of the password due to the battery life of 10 hours, you can work continuously without any interruption. Other features that need to be mentioned include: windows, 10, home operating system, hdmi, ports, type c ports, backlit keyboard, 3 cell li ion battery dual built in stereo speakers, hd webcam, thanks you for watching guys. I hope you liked this video. If this video is helpful to you, please make sure like comment and subscribe. If you have any question related to this product, you can leave a comment down below.