We are all about the laptops from the hp family. As we all know, hp has made some of the best business laptops and laptops for students. They surely are our favorite, all of their laptops are premium and they make the consumer gasp with that being said, we have narrowed down some of the top five choices for you guys. All of these laptops are the perfect combination between productivity and creativity. Some are two in one and some are premium designs, considering the latest tech it’s expected that these laptops are a little pricey, but trust me, they all will be worth it before we get into the video make sure to subscribe to our channel for more videos. Also don’t forget to hit the bell icon and get notified every time we post a new video, so let’s begin hp, envy x360. This this right here is the best hp laptop so far the price it’s outstanding for such a powerful laptop. You can find this laptop in under a thousand dollars in the market, which is a pretty good price to pay for an hp, laptop hp. Laptops are always a game ahead with their sleek design and modern. Looks if you talk about the processor, it is amazing. You can compute all of your data, manage your storage and install all of your apps and software at a wicked, fast pace. The fan of this laptop allows it to stay cool when the load is pretty high.

The 1080p vivid display will help you, edit. All of your hd 4k videos with a lag free experience so now no need to buy a second laptop for video editing. Video editing does tend to put a lot of burden on the laptop, but now with the hp envy you can handle all of that very gracefully hp. Envy 13. we’ve got another laptop from the envy series, the 8b v13. Yet again, the laptop hasn’t disappointed us hp has done a pretty great job. The model is what it should be. The battery timings are spectacular, they’re going to last more than 10 hours, which is pretty enough to complete your day’s work. You will also get plenty of ports with it, so if you want to attach an extra monitor or two with it, you definitely can hp spectre. X360. Hp spectre will have you gasping. The beautiful silver chassis is something unique and bold. You can easily make a statement for this beautiful laptop. The complete 360 degree flip allows you to convert your portable office into a complete entertainment section. So now carry your creativity and productivity all together with just a flip watch. All the movies on netflix hp spectre is also one of the best laptops for watching hd movies and shows so enjoy your movie nights with all your friends and family. On top of that, the keyboard is phenomenal, and how can we forget about that? Generous touchpad? The large touchpad makes it easier to work.

Undoubtedly, hp spectre is definitely what you need. In 2021, you can’t pinpoint a single flaw in this laptop hp elite dragonfly hp elite dragonfly is considered as one of the best business laptops, it’s a complete and wholesome workstation, because it’s got everything. A workstation should have a decent keyboard. Nice touchpad robust performance and premium quality. What else could you ask for the battery timings? Are amazing they’re, going to last you around 11 hours with such battery timings. You don’t really need to worry about recharging, the laptop you can carry this thin model in your satchel everywhere, so have your office with you all day. The windows allow a free access to their office so now, making presentations and saving files is even easier than before. Also, the storage is enough to support all of your files and documents. Hp, chromebook chromebooks have always been a good choice for writers and students because of the ease of the chrome os. Of course, you will have access to all of the apps that are available on the google play store. So now you can download all the apps and software from the play store without getting lagged. The 12 inch touch display is indeed very smooth and vivid, enjoy your favorite shows and movies, and edit all of your hd videos and so much more that’s it for today’s video hope you guys enjoyed it. Don’T forget to like and share.