Well, kick things off with the HP Specter X360. The best two in one laptop for programming on the market in 2022. This is a 13.3 inch convertible model that stands out for its features, but above all, for its design, which is one of the best, with a laptop like this, despite the 13 inch screen size, the issue of ports is usually somewhat complex, but we have to say That the company deliver. Third, on the right side, we have a USBC Thunderbolt 4, along with a Micro SD card reader on the back right corner. We have another USBC, Thunderbolt 4 and both ports can be used to charge a laptop. We also have a physical button to cover the webcam, a security option that never hurts on the left side, theres a USB a with a cover due to the reduced available space. That has the 3.0 standard. The strong point is the hinges, obviously, as they allow us to rotate the screen to have two experiences in one portable, tent or exhibition mode in tablet mode saving distance. This is a versatile screen with good colors, but also a lot of Reflections thanks to a very high level of contrast, the leaves Vivid, colors and deep blacks for photo editing and content. Viewing screen calibration seemed optimal with the supported P3 range. The panel is touch sensitive, and this makes things much easier in some processes, such as scrolling through apps or selecting an area in a photo.

For example, inside we find an Intel processor with the Intel EV view architecture its an Intel Core, i7 1165 G7. That has four cores and eight threads at 2.8 gigahertz and a turbo at 4.7 gigahertz its accompanied by 16 gigabytes of RAM and the GPU is Intel Iris XC, its a very good configuration because, above all, its solvent for daily work and programming. Well, even be able to play some games on Lower or older titles, also theres, a one terabyte SSD more than enough for developers, and finally, the battery will get you through the day at work or college without too much trouble thumbs up thats for sure up. Next is the LG gram 17, the best large screen laptop for programming in 2022, with its beautiful 17 inch QHD screen. This model delivers the goods. It comes with an 11th generation Intel Core i7 processor, a redesigned keyboard and touchpad, and a sleek black Livery, the lightweight chassis and beryllium khd display remain, but LG has taken the rest of the user experience seriously. This this means not only a better keyboard and trackpad, but a better looking laptop that has all the latest Intel silicon and incredible battery life. Also, no competitors, large laptop at any price can match the astonishingly lightweight of the grain. 17 youll find plenty of input and output options line. The gram 17s sharp edges. These include two USB 3.2 type: A ports, a headphone jack and two USBC ports that also support.

Thunderbolt 4 speeds, the external charger plugs into one of the two USBC ports. The screen delivers the same brilliant QHD panel. It had before the resolution of 2560 by 1600 pixels corresponds to full HD and 4K resolution. The gram 17 screen has a glossy finish, which helps colors pop even more LG rates. It is displaying at least 95 of the DCI, P3 color gamut. Also, the setup is quite powerful inside where Intels quad core i7 1165 G7 meets the processing demands. It combines a base clock speed of 2.8 gigahertz with integrated Iris, XE, Graphics, meaning that multitasking and even light gaming are within the realm of possibility. There is also a generous 16 gigabytes of memory and a spacious, nvme SSD devices. One terabyte programmers will enjoy the experience, its no wonder, as the machines have enough space to provide cooling for much more capable, CPUs and handbrake adjusts nicely to processing cores and additional threads good stuff. A thumbs up from here. Up next check out the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 aka, the best powerful laptop for programming in 2022. This model has a slim and really light design. It can be easily transported in a backpack, but just dont forget the protective lining. The case differs from other Ultrabook models, because it doesnt have too many metallic and shiny parts or edges. The equipment is made of carbon fiber and magnesium. Alloy and Lenovo also mentions several tests that have been carried out to guarantee its resistance, such as military tests and quality tests.

The screen also contains fiberglass reinforced plastic, its sensitive, easy opening. You can do it with one hand, and the device has two metal hinges that allow proper, 180 degree placement. The laptop case has a thickness of only 10 millimeters, which allows us to have two USB type c inputs. Thatll come in handy for our computers or SD adapters, because this type of input increases the speed of exporting and importing files. Just like the power supply. The battery is larger, so it takes up much more space than other components, but it fits perfectly into the equipment. At the maximum level. The battery delivers up to three hours of operation and in basic tasks it can last approximately 8 to 12 hours. The processor is suitable, both for professional users and developers, as well as for students and a few Gamers. When you open, the laptop youll see the red button, a staple Mark of the ThinkPad family. The buttons are integrated into the base unit, which means better stability and much faster responses. The keys are large enough to be digitized quickly and the noise emission, when typing, is really low. Lenovo sells this computer with four different screens, although, though theyre all 14 inches. If you can afford this Beast, we say: go for it if youre looking for the best Windows laptop for programming in 2022. The answer is the Microsoft Surface laptop 4.. This model is a new update of the signature Windows series.

It comes with new equipment under the hood, with a ryzen processor, specifically tuned, for this laptop were looking at a 15 inch surface laptop 4 and matte black in the new version. Well, only find a USB type c connector without Thunderbolt 4 support due to the ryzen 7 processor, that this unit mounts its accompanied by a USB 3.1 connector and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. On the opposite side, we have Microsofts proprietary surface connect Port which allows you to plug in the included magnetic charger and accessories that are very Microsoft, specific this model Sports one of the best IPS screens and leaves no room for doubt for sharpness, brightness and tough Precision. Microsoft screens remain some of the best in the industry were looking at a 15 inch touchscreen with a resolution of 2496 by 16, 164 pixels and a density of 201 DPI. As is tradition with surface laptops, the screen has a three to two aspect: ratio that leaves more room vertically and is more suitable for document editing and browsing. The screen has a sensor that adjusts the brightness based on the ambient light. Also, the surface laptop 4 is improved in other multimedia aspects, such as the audio department, where it integrates a series of microphones surrounding the webcam which are responsible for collecting the sound of the voice and transmitting it to the other side of the connection. Windows 10 found its last shoe with ryzen. Microsoft has taken an important step by switching part of its laptop to amds ryzen processors, with a special edition set for this model.

Furthermore, we can safely say that the surface laptop 4 has one of the best keyboards on the market due to the size of the keys and the pressure required to activate them. As for the battery, you will have complete autonomy of about nine and a half hours of use, and, finally, you left 16 gigabyte, 512 gigabyte with Windows 11 at your disposal, which is quite enough for most of developers. This is a quality product and all we can do is recommend it. Finally, we present to you the long awaited gold medal and the title of the best overall laptop for programming in 2022 and the winner is the Apple MacBook Pro 16. With this new model, the change was Radical, even Apple itself, Brands these machines as the first of their kind and the official website, which speaks volumes about the brains, intentions to the touch, the continuity of the aluminum from the silver part to the black area. We dont notice any jumper cut so its comfortable on the fingers. The keys use this same mechanism as the last gen magic keyboard, with good travel for a low profile keyboard and, as is common with the companys laptops, a bit more cushioning in the key areas. In terms of Dimensions, separation and comfort of use, it is still a top notch keyboard comfortable to work with when needed and very functional. One of the most Visible Changes in terms of design is a slight increase in thickness from 1.

62 centimeters in height in the MacBook Pro 16 inch in 2019 to 1.6, 6 8 centimeters. With this new model, the SD card slot supports the SD 4.0 standard and the latest uh S1 and uh S2 cards. The former have read and write speeds between 50 and 104 megabytes per second, while the ladder range from 156 to 312 megabytes per second perfect. For uploading photos from the camera directly or as an extra hard drive to keep files close at hand. Furthermore, this Max new sound system is the best audio system Apple has ever designed for computer iPhone or iPad. The microphones have also been improved in this generation. Improving signal noise reduction is an improvement to this generation. We also have Pro motion on the screen using an Adaptive refresh rate that goes from 10 Hertz to 120 hertz. We must not forget the Apple M1, Pro or M1 Max chip, which will give you a really huge jump in machine learning, as well as GPU and CPU performance. Youll get up to four times faster performance for graphic applications and games, as well as five times faster performance when it comes to machine learning. Overall, this product delivers premium perform at a fair price quality ratio. You wanted the best you got it so thats it for the best laptops for programming in 2022.