. Through extensive research and testing, i have put together a list of options that will meet the needs of different types of buyers, so, whether it’s price performance or its particular use. We got you covered for more information of the product. I have included links in the description box down below which are updated for the best prices. Like the video comment and don’t forget to subscribe at number 5, we have amazon fire 7 fast and responsive the fast quad core processor consists of four high performance: 1.3 g hertz scores for quick, app launches, smooth games and videos and great overall performance plus fire 7. Now offers dual band wi fi, with support for more wi fi networks and better network performance, crisp and vivid 7 ips display fire 7 features. A 1024 x 600 ips display with 171 ppi for a bright display, with vivid colors and whiter whites, for a great viewing experience from all angles compared to the previous generation. Fire 7 features an improved display that provides higher contrast and sharper text. No more worrying about storage space expand your tablet: storage by up to 256 gb, using a microsd card to keep your photos movies and compatible apps and games with you plus enjoy free, unlimited cloud storage for all your amazon content and photos taken with your fire tablet. Power when you need it with up to eight hours of mixed use battery life fire tablet gives you the flexibility to go wherever the day takes you capture, life’s moments, fire 7 features a 2mp rear facing camera for taking photos or recording 720p hd video.

The front facing vga camera is perfect for skype. Calls with friends and family stands up to everyday life. Amazon engineers, fire tablets to hold up against everyday life as measured in tumble tests. Fire 7 is 2x more durable than ipad mini 4 and costs a lot less too. At number 4, we have samsung galaxy tab. A7. This tablet has a 10.4 inch, 26.31 cms immersive display 2000 x 1200 pixels resolution with same trick, bezel for uninterrupted visual experience for gaming, watching videos, multitasking and more quad stereo sound, more lively movies and music long lasting 7040 mah battery with fast adaptive charging 3gb ram 32Gb internal memory expandable to 1tb. This tablet supports seamless, apps and gaming experience with qualcomm snapdragon 662 processor for x, 2.0 g hertz plus 4 x, 1.8 g hertz 8 mp, primary camera 5 mp front facing camera wi fi 802.11, a slash b, g n, ac, 2.4 g plus 5 g hertz. This tablet has a 10.4 immersive display. 16.6. Colon 10 ratio gives you a vivid and dynamic viewing experience, symmetric bezel on four sides: more lively, music and videos with rich quad, stereo and dolby atmos surround sound experience, 8mp primary camera and 5mp front camera. Enhanced performance, seamless, apps and gaming experience with qualcomm snapdragon 662 and 3gb ram, plus 32gb internal memory, expandable upto 1tb long lasting battery 7040 mah brand new samsung kids learn and play content at number 3. We have microsoft surface pro 7, ultralight and versatile at your desk.

On the couch or in the yard, get more done your way with surface pro 7 featuring a laptop class intel registered core trademark processor all day battery superscript, 1 and hd cameras are promised to surface customers. Microsoft store offers 60 day returns on surface products, plus free expert help, digital workshops and remote learning opportunities. Our online associates will provide free, personal assistance to help you get the right surface for your needs. The surface pro 7 tablet has all the features students need to learn remotely, along with everything, educators require to create an effective remote classroom, a full laptop experience anywhere personalize surface pro 7, with our signature type cover surface pen and surface arc mouse all in rich colors. You can mix or match connect, create and get comfortable. Whatever your office looks like be at a desk, couch or dining table surface pro 7 is your endlessly adaptable partner. So kick back open the kickstand and get creative on screen with surface pen asterisk world class, entertainment, wi, fi and battery life powered by a 10th gen intel registered core trademark processor surface. Pro 7 keeps up with you with more multitasking speed, stunning entertainment, incredible wi, fi performance and all day battery life do more with the windows. You know, with windows, 10 home 4 enjoy familiar features like password. Free windows, hello, sign in create your best work with microsoft, 365, asterisk on windows and keep photos and files safe in the cloud with integrated onedrive at number two, we have apple ipad pro the ultimate ipad experience with next level: m1 performance, a breathtaking xdr display and Fast wireless buckle up m1 chip with m1 ipad.

Pro is the fastest device of its kind it’s, designed to take full advantage of next level performance and custom technologies, like the advanced image signal, processor and unified memory architecture of m1 and with the incredible power efficiency of m1 ipad pro is still thin and light with All day battery life, making it as portable as it is powerful, faster performance and graphics. The 8 core cpu of m1 delivers up to 50 faster performance and m1 has an eight core gpu in a class of its own, delivering up to 40 faster graphics performance to ipad pro. So you can build intricate ar models play games with console quality, graphics at high frame rates and more extreme dynamic range comes to the 12.9 inch ipad. Pro 0.2, the liquid retina xdr display, delivers true to life detail with a 10 comma, zero, zero, comma, zero, zero, zero colon one contrast ratio great for viewing and editing hdr photos and videos or enjoying your favorite movies and tv shows. It also features a breathtaking 1000 nits of full screen brightness and 1 600 nits of peak brightness and advanced display technologies like p3 white color, true tone and promotion. Local dimming zones over 10 000 mini leds, are grouped into more than 2 500 local dimming zones. Depending on the content, the brightness in each zone can be precisely adjusted to achieve an astonishing 10 comma, zero, zero, zero, comma, zero, zero colon one contrast ratio easy on the eyes, easy to carry the liquid retina display on the one one inch ipad pro is not Only gorgeous and portable, it also features incredibly advanced technologies.

0.2, like promotion, true tone, p3 white, color and ultra low reflectivity, which make everything feel responsive and look stunning at number one. We have samsung galaxy tab: s7, the most advanced galaxy tab changes how you work and play meet galaxy, tab s7 and s7 plus work and play on the ultra smooth 120 hertz display powered by our most powerful chipset. Get a pc like experience with the snap of a keyboard or use the ultra low latency s pen to write like never before an immersive tablet. Experience changing the way you work and play get the very best of youtube as a bonus, youtube premium and galaxy tab game together to make sure you can watch your favorite content on youtube, uninterrupted, enjoy ad free offline and background play on youtube and youtube music. Your first four months are on us with purchase of galaxy tab, s7 and s7 plus the qualcomm snapdragon 865 plus mobile platform is a breakthrough in processing power.