So if youre interested in finding out which gaming tablet will be best for you, stay tuned, all the links to find the best prices on all the products mentioned in this video will be in the description below the products mentioned in this. Video are in no exact order, so be sure to stay tuned till the end, so you dont miss anything. First up the samsung galaxy tab s7, plus our pick for best android gaming tablet. The samsung galaxy tab s7 plus, is the best android tablet for mobile gaming. You can get right now and its impressive, with strong performance, a beautiful 12.4 inch display and is capable of high refresh rates. The samsung galaxy tab s7 plus, has some of the best specs youll find in a tablet and in addition to its excellent visual quality, the wqxga display can offer up to a 120 hertz refresh rate, which means gameplay will not only look great. The action will be fast and very smooth, but if youre, a gamer that has more of an allegiance with ios, stick around for the powerful apple ipad pro coming up later in the video, the s7 plus features a qualcomm snapdragon 865 octa core chipset 8 gigabytes of Ram and 128 gigabytes of internal storage, so it has plenty of power to run almost anything you can throw at it best of all it isnt too hefty coming in at just over a pound. The s7 plus also has a much narrower design than most other modern tablets, so it will be more comfortable to use over long periods of time and is light and portable.

So you could take it with you and thats the real point of mobile gaming to play anywhere and thats a real plus if youre into the cloud gaming scene, the tab s7 plus is ideal and you can comfortably run games from cloud gaming platforms like geforce. Now xbox game pass stadia and ps. Now the s7 plus gives you a great visual gaming experience, delivering the power of a pc and the mobility of a tablet and comes with a functional s. Pen with nine milliseconds of latency and the battery will keep you going for about seven hours, add the optional keyboard and the s7 plus becomes a great two in one device too. If youre looking for the best android gaming tablet, the samsung galaxy tab s7 plus, is a very good choice. It has plenty of power to run your favorite games and its portable design will let you play anywhere next up the amazon fire tablet: 10.. The amazon fire hd10 has a new cpu that makes it faster and opens it up to casual gaming and the long lasting battery will. Let you keep playing for hours. This 10.1 inch tablet has a full hd touch display. Its build is mostly made of plastic, and while it may not feel as premium as the samsung galaxy tab, s7 plus, it feels quite solid overall, while remaining lightweight enough to give it excellent portability. The mediatek octa core processor is backed by three gigabytes of ram and 32 gigabytes of internal storage and, while it doesnt have a gaming gpu, if you stick to older, casual or lower res games, youll be just fine.

The older action game, riptide gp2 stuttered on the older fire hd8, but play smoothly on the hd10 and mmos like roblox, are also playable for a few bucks, more theres, a 64 gigabyte model, but the sd card slot will let you bump the internal memory up to One terabyte all the controls in the usb c port are located at the top of this tablet, and two speaker: grilles are on the left side when youre holding it in portrait mode. Theyre not high performance, but are fine for general purpose and they do have plenty of volume. But you can get around this by pairing up a set of wireless headphones and youll, create a nice, relatively immersive gaming experience with improved overall sound quality and whatever activity youre engaged in with the fire hd 10. The long life battery will give you up to 12 hours of use on a full charge. If you want to pick up a versatile budget price tablet for gaming and other entertainment based activities, the amazon fire hd10 is a good choice for the price. It does have. Some limitations, but for the money it delivers decent overall performance. Next up the microsoft surface, pro 8, our pick for best windows, gaming tablet, the microsoft surface. Pro 8 is a good windows tablet that can handle some casual gaming and deliver solid performance and good value for the money. The design of the surface pro 8 features a sleek chassis and thinner bezels that offer more screen area of the 13 inch 2880 by 1920.

Touchscreen and offers good brightness and color accuracy for computing power. The surface pro 8 can be configured with either an intel i5 or i7 evo processor, with intel iris, xe, integrated graphics, your choice of 8, 16 or 32 gigabytes of ram and an ssd with capacities that range from 128 gigabytes to one terabyte. Microsoft has revised the connectivity options to include two thunderbolt 4 ports. That will, let you add, more varied devices for private listening theres, a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and youll get up to 16 hours of battery life depending on your usage. But these specs dont exactly mean the surface. Pro 8 is suddenly a monster pc that can handle anything like previous generations. The pro lineup is focused more on professionals, who want a slim two in one design that can keep up with other modern ultrabooks and is not necessarily great for gaming, while the integrated iris, xe, graphics, paired up with the i5 and i7 cpus are a solid step Up from the intel, uhd and iris, plus graphics, available in the surface, pro 7 youre still not going to get the gaming performance of the chipset and high refresh display of something like the samsung galaxy tab, s7 plus so youre limited to light indie games, many of Which can be found through xbox game pass for pc? It will also handle older titles with lower system requirements. If youre looking for the best windows based gaming tablets on the market right now, the microsoft surface, pro 8 is a good choice.

Just dont expect to play aaa titles with it if youre interested in updated pricing on any of the items mentioned in this video be sure to check out the links below prices update on these products almost daily with sales and general price drops. So if you want to find the most updated information check the description, if you find this video helpful, please help out the channel by giving this video a like and tell us which product caught your eye in the comments below next up, the samsung galaxy tab. A7. Our pick for great gaming tablet from the money, the samsung galaxy tab a7 is an affordable tablet, with good design and performance that delivers great value for the money and is ready to take on casual gaming like a champ. The galaxy tab a7 is one of the best tablets for budget conscious, gamers, looking for a device for light gaming and general media consumption, while its not as snazzy or powerful as the galaxy tab, s7 plus the galaxy tab a7 is an excellent option for those who Need a decent tablet without all the bells and whistles the 10.4 inch tft display has wx ga plus resolution and is framed by thick bezels when holding the tablet in portrait mode. The controls and speakers can be found on the top and bottom edges of the tablet. On the bottom edge, youll find a usb type c port and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, while the display quality may not be exceptional, its still sufficiently sharp and the color definition and brightness are decent enough, making it more than suitable for everyday use.

The quad speaker setup delivers some punchy sound and is further enhanced by dolby atmos for high quality, stereo output and for a better gaming experience. The exynos 9611 processor is backed with a qualcomm sdm, 865 plus graphics, co, processor and three gigabytes of ram and for internal storage. You could get 32 gigabytes to start off with, but you can also expand the storage to one terabyte using a microsd card. So youll have plenty of space for everything thats important to you. Battery life is above average, with over 10 hours of uptime on a full charge and when you need to top it up, the fast charging usb c port quickly gets you back to a 100 charge. If youre looking for a gaming tablet, that will give you good value for the money. The samsung galaxy. Tab a7 is a good choice. It doesnt have the more powerful specs of its cousin, the galaxy tab s7 plus, but is a good choice for casual gaming and media consumption. Last but not least, the apple ipad pro our pick for best overall gaming tablet, the 12.9 inch ipad pro is likely the fastest tablet. You can get right now and is armed with the super fast m1 processor, making it ready to take on all types of gaming. Even more demanding titles that competing tablets might struggle with, but it comes at a premium price. The 2021 generation of the ipad pro has gone through major developments in terms of both features and purpose.

This tablet has the power to handle everything from casual gaming to more resource heavy titles like league of legends, wild rift, call of duty, mobile civilization, vi, pubg mobile asphalt, 9 legends and a lot more. It also has a lidar scanner that will let you get into augmented reality games and, like the ipad air. The ipad pro supports the smart keyboard folio or the magic keyboard with a track pad and apple pencil that are all available separately. The screen is a stunning 12.9 inch, liquid retina display with pro motion technology that delivers refresh rates of up to 120 hertz for fluid scrolling, greater responsiveness and smoother motion content computing power for the ipad pro includes an apple m1 chip and neural engine for next level. Performance and 256 gigabytes of internal storage for all your apps and files audio, is accurately captured and reproduced through the ipad pros four speaker, audio system and five studio quality microphones. While connectivity is kept simple with a single usb c port for charging and accessories. If youre a gamer who prefers ios over android for gaming, the ipad pro is an excellent choice. In fact, this tablet is built to be a laptop alternative that delivers a solid tablet, experience with power that can rival the best macs. If you want the best of the best this, is it alright guys thats all for now? If you enjoyed this video, please go ahead and leave a like if youre new to the channel and you like the video, consider subscribing, we do our best to keep you up to date with the best products on the market right now.

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