Let’S get started Music Music number one most popular kindle oasis, amazon’s top of the line. E ink e reader was slightly updated in 2019, but this kindle e reader device is basically identical to the previous kindle oasis, except for one key difference. It has a new color, adjustable integrated light that allows you to customize the color tone from cool to warm, depending on whether you’re reading during the day or at night. You can also schedule the screen warmth to update automatically with sunrise and sunset, not unlike night shift mode on apple devices. At 250, the oasis is expensive for an Music e reader number two amazon, kindle the latest iteration of amazon’s entry level, ebook reader, which amazon simply calls the kindle now has a self illuminated screen and an upgraded design at 90. This ebook reader does cost 10 dollars more than the previous model, the kindle 2016, but this kindle device regularly goes on sale for as little as 60.. We prefer the amazon kindle paperwhite, which has the high resolution, display text and images appear. A bit sharper is waterproof and has a slightly better lighting scheme, but if you don’t want to spend much for an e reader, the standard kindle is a good option. Number three kobo libra h20 rakitan makes a line of kobo e readers that are not only powered by the kobo store, but also support 14 file and ebook formats, natively epub, epub3, pdf, mobi, jpeg, gif, png, bmp, tiff, txt, html, rtf, cbz and cbr.

In other words, if you get your ebooks or any other digital documents from any place, besides amazon, this device will probably read them. The kobo has its own ebook store with thousands of books, and it has built in support for checking out ebooks from local libraries via the overdrive Music service number. Four, kindle paper white. There was a time when amazon had a kindle called voyage, but that has been discontinued. Instead, some of the features from the voyage have been added to the kindle paperwhite, making it one of the best, affordable kindles till date. The latest edition of the paper white is thinner and lighter than the previous generation and offers eight gigabytes of storage on its base model twice that on the predecessor like the oasis, though you can opt for a 32 gigabytes flavor as well in case you’d like to Store a staggering number of ebooks on the device Music number five kobo, clara hd kobo’s, clara hde reader, is more than capable of giving its direct competition amazon’s kindle paper. Why? To run for its money priced cheaper than its kindle counterpart, the clara hd manages to outperform amazon’s most popular e reader in almost every area that matters key among those is the screen. The clara hd 6 inch front lit display matches the kindle for sharpness.