We have canvas to make your creation special, amazingly 11.8 millimeter only in thickness and the lighter than a book easy to carry yeah absolutely whats more for stylish teens like you, color options should be the last thing to forget. Only one color no way besides size options, there is always a right size of pen display to fit into the position you draw on your desk. Your lap annoying glare will also be out of sight, as we have a full laminated ips screen, where you can find an anti glare film attached on the surface, viewing angle, 178 degrees and color gamut, 120. Srgb cable connection gets easier with choices of ports. Now your pc mobile phone and even your switch, can all be easily connected and used as you wish, and eight programmable press keys would maximize your productivity. Just like this bingo, you will have a battery free pen to come with the canvas pen display higher accuracy, smoother lines and more lifelike. Drawing experience now all come true with huion pentek 3.0 battery free pen lines created under 8192 pen pressure levels and 5080 lpi pen resolution are organic in shape and constant as the pen moves need. Some shading no problem because brush tilts with angles, ranging from 60 to 60 degrees, are all recognizable on our canvas pen display.