The best drawing tablets allows you to create everything from quick sketches to polish masterpieces, with much more flexibility and speed compared to traditional pens, pencils and brushes. However, with the overwhelming number of options available today, choosing the right one can be very difficult for you, so in today’s video we present you the top 5 best drawing tablets that you can buy right now, on tech insight, we offer the perfect buyers guide for all Kinds of tech products, including pcs, laptops accessories and any other tech gadgets. You can think of our specialized team of tech experts, research and analyze the market and create a list based on pricing, quality features and user feedback. Ensuring you get the absolute best in each category to find the best suited products according to your specific needs and preferences watch the full video and look for the purchase links in the description. The gaomon pd 1560 is an excellent drawing tablet for serious artists, which offers one of the most realistic digital drawing experience possible for the creative process. To begin with, the large 13.5 by 7.6 inches active area features a full hd ips screen with a crisp resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels, which enables you to see every line and stroke you draw in real time the 178 degree. Viewing angle ensures that you will see no weird color shifting when you look at the screen at an off angle, plus an adjustable stand, allows you to choose comfortable position for drawing without compromising.

On your view, the included art paint ap40 rechargeable stylus pen offers a decent 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity which allows for more precise and accurate movements with smoother natural lines. At the side of the tablet, you’ll find 10 express keys that can be customized. According to your personal creative habits, to make the operation more efficient for connectivity, it comes with three in one cable management to reduce the number of ports. Instead of having separate ports for data and power, it boasts a single usbc port and a mini hdmi port, along with one or more ports for video output. Moreover, it works with both windows and mac os flawlessly. Overall, if you’re looking for a good drawing tablet with a whole set of cutting edge features, then the gammon pd 1560 is worth Music Music. Considering the huion h610 pro v2 is a fantastic drawing tablet with great speed and accuracy, which makes it an ideal tool for improving the efficiency of your designing workflow under the hood. It has an active area of 10 by 6.25 inches and a multi touch surface that’s, responsive to finger movements, meaning that you can adjust and zoom your drawings. Like your smartphone’s touchscreen, the pw100 digital pen is developed with battery free technology for a long time of use and is made of durable materials to provide users. A substantial grip with up to 60 degree tilt support. It ensures more accurate line, widths and shading, plus the pen offers up to 8 192 pressure sensitivity levels to recognize when you want to draw thick and thin lines or add shading to build an exclusive studio.

It features 8 programmable hard, pressed keys and 16 soft ones, which are more than enough to cover the most used, shortcuts or workflows for beginners for connectivity. You can hook it up to various devices via a micro, usb port. Apart from running on windows and mac, os android devices, including phones and tablets, now are also supported to be used with this tablet, which will further facilitate your works and mainstream, drawing and designing software of various kinds. To sum up, if you expect a professional drawing tablet to quench your creative thirst fully, then the huion 8610 pro v2 can be a great choice. The wacom cintiq 16 drawing tablet is a perfect middle ground for anyone from beginner to professional, with stunning design. Music. Incredibly, precise stylus span and greater platform compatibility in terms of specifications. It comes with a full hd 15.6 inches display that has a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. So you can now see every detail of your creations on screen. Plus there is an anti clear coating with reduced parallax over the screen to help minimize distractions and replicate a pen to paper like feel for your convenience. It also has foldable built in legs, so you can find your optimal working angle. Speaking of accuracy, the screen can portray up to 16.7 million distinct colors, giving it a 72 percent of srgb color coverage, which is pretty standard for design needs and will work well for most art projects. The wacom pro pin 2 is designed for graphical tablets and provides you with smooth and responsive riding a drawing experience.

It features 8 192 levels of pressure, sensitivity, 60 degree, tail recognition, two side buttons and virtually lag free tracking for additional features and functionality. You can pick up an optional express key remote to help boost your productivity for connectivity. A custom designed three in one cable is included to connect the tablet with your computer’s hdmi and usb type, a ports for operation overall, if you’re, looking for a graphics tablet with a large area to sketch, illustrate and design your work freely, the wacom cintiq 16 should Be your pick Music if you are just getting started with digital painting and looking for a drawing tablet to improve your drawing skills, then the xp pen, deco 01, is one of the best in this segment in terms of features and performance. Specs wise. It has an active drawing area of 10 by 6.25 inches, which is pretty large and giving you enough room to freely move your hands around the surface without feeling cramped with a hooping any 192 levels of pressure sensitivity. The p05v passive stylus works just like a real pan, providing you with groundbreaking control and fluidity. It also supports a tilt brush effect of up to 60 degrees, which results in smoother and more natural lines and strokes for more immersive riding and drawing experience. The round 8 express keys will fit easily to your fingertips and they can be customized to many different software programs, plus with its blind spot reduction design. You can find the position of the keys efficiently.

As for connectivity, it connects via usb port and works right out of the box, with windows and max operating systems. Alongside all your favorite design, apps overall, with a large surface area to sketch excellent precision and sensitivity, the xp pen, deco 0, 1 v2. Drawing tablet can be an excellent device for digital Music artists, Music. The wacom intuos pro is a great drawing tablet for creative users to better illustrate edit and design with more control featuring an 8.7 by 5.8 inch active surface area. This tablet is ideal for space, limited desktops and is compatible with both left and right handed users with 8192 levels of pressure, sensitivity, outstanding tails, recognition and virtually lag free tracking. The pro pen, 2 delivers ultimate precision and creative control and because it’s battery free you won’t, need to worry about charging. As for controls, it has application specific, a customizable express keys that you can program for your favorite keyboard shortcuts, plus the touch ring, provides intuitive control of canvas rotation, brush size, scrolling and other functions in terms of connectivity. It has built in bluetooth, so you can connect this tablet with your pc or mac wirelessly, to share your sketches right away or you can utilize included usb cable overall, if you’re, a professional artist, a graphic designer looking to upgrade from your first drawing tablet. The wacom intuos pro can be an excellent choice. Music. Thank you for watching the video.