This model is completely designed to optimize size and performance youll be able to connect all your peripherals with a total of eight USB ports. This device is equipped with Bluetooth and Wi Fi ax wireless connection. The icing on the cake is that this PC will be be easily upgradable. It also allows playing a large number of games in full HD by pressing the settings with the Intel Core. I5 12400 processor. Intel strengthens its 12th generation processor. Its performance makes it an ideal choice to accompany you in Daily Office tasks, as well as for certain games where it shows strong performance. It also keeps your configuration ready for future upgrades positioned in the mid range Alder Lake architecture on socket 1700. The Intel Core i5 12400 processor proved to be particularly effective for gaming at 1080p, with an excellent performance price Energy Efficiency ratio. The processor is connected to 8 gigabytes of ddr4 memory 3200 megahertz. This configuration allows you to have a smooth daily use, whether its browsing, the internet playing games or for your professional use. The Dell Inspiron ’10 is equipped with two 56 gigabyte SSD and one terabyte HDD, where the SSD allows you to quickly run your free cone applications and tasks, whether its work, software or video games, the Nvidia, GeForce GTX 1650 super graphics card, with its four gigabyte gddr6 Memory enables great versatility on a daily basis, whether in the field of video games or Graphics, its based on the Nvidia touring architecture to make the most of the latest games.

Also, the product comes with Windows, 11 home pre installed. This version is intended for individuals and includes Cortana functionality, tablet mode for touch screens, as well as traditional applications for the listed price. We are thoroughly impressed. The next product on our review list is specially dedicated to Gamers its called the Alienware Aurora r13 and grabs the title of the best gaming desktop computer on the market in 2022, with a refreshed physical design in the new 12th generation Intel Alder Lake processors, the Aurora R13 is an improvement in every way. The most obvious addition to the layout is the window on the left panel, which lets you see the components inside the previous Aurora desktops. Even top of the line configurations were entirely covered in plastic. Finishing off the physical section is a good selection of ports between the front and back panels on the front vertically aligned youll find three USB 3.1 ports, a USBC port and a headphone jack. Most of the connections are on the back, including four USB 2.0 ports. Two USBC ports, two USB 3.1 ports, an ethernet port and audio lines. You have to remove the magnetically curved back panel to access the ports. The device is equipped with core I9 12900k 64 gigabytes of memory, Nvidia GeForce, RTX, 3090 GPU, one terabyte SSD and 2 terabyte HDD youll also find a 750 watt power supply and an Alienware liquid CPU Cooler simply put the 12th generation desktop chips known as Alder Lake.

Deliver improvements in performance and efficiency, amds, modern ryzen chips have dominated the creative space and caught up with gaming. As for the Aurora r13, this is a 16 core 24 thread processor that should be ready for gaming and professional workloads. It runs warm enough to handle most tasks asks, but the fan noise is pretty low, while this platform will certainly ensure that youre future proof for a while. Its performance comes at a heavy price. If you have the money and dont want to build your own computer, the Alienware Aurora r13 is a good buy for those who just want to play. Games or edit videos looks great and works well thumbs up, thats for sure, and now we present to you the Apple iMac with M1, which in our opinion, is the companys best desktop computer available on the market in 2022. We are looking at an iconic Apple line that, apart from changes in internal components, has not been updated at the design level for years, but that has changed. They removed the Apple from the front. We still have a very distinctive design, white bezels instead of black and the new M1 that gives life to the team, its so thin that the headphone jack has to go on the side on the left. Since the 3.5, Jack itself is thicker than the iMac and cant be on the back. What we do have on the back are four USBC ports, as well as a power button and a proprietary power connector.

The design attracts attention for sure this is one of the best screens we can find right now, not only because of its brightness uniformity or resolution, but also because of its color profile, true tone, technology and automatic brightness. The good thing is that the brightness is quite high at 500 nits, which can be easily adjusted thanks to the keyboard control. In addition, this model also has true tone technology, one of Apples, best Innovations, because it changes the tone of the screen to match the ambient light, and the resolution is a claimed 4.5 K, which means 4480 by 2520 pixels, with a total of two 18 pixels per Inch, it is a delight and will allow us to see all the contents a few centimeters away without distinguishing the pixels. The simplest tasks, such as browsing text, editing, communication classes, University work and even video games will run smoothly and one more thing to keep in mind. The memory of the base model is 8 gigabytes and is Unified with 16 gigabyte. The system will be more relaxed and will use less virtual memory, and this will contribute to a longer useful life of the SSD. Also with the new iMac comes a new 1080p camera and a new grave 3 microphones in terms of sound, it has six speakers that performs really well. The sound is very warm and with strong bass as well as defined, mid and high tones. That will allow us to enjoy multimedia without any problems, good stuff, a thumbs up from here.

If you arent hesitant to spend a few dollars more, we especially single out the HP Envy 34, all in one for you also known as the best high end desktop computer on the market in 2022. This model is perfect for those who want a powerful all in one computer that they can quickly set up and start using. The ultra wide 2K screen powerful core. I 6′ processor and nvidias RTX 5 GPU make it ideal for work play in creative activities. Although the device lacks a bit of style, this, all in one option has all the features you could want. All configurations have a 2160 inch 34k display and have expandable RAM and storage. A mouse and keyboard are also included, as well as an excellent detachable. 16 megapixel webcam the unit comes with an Intel Core i7 11700 process, accessor 32 gigabytes of RAM one terabyte of storage and windows 11 home the HP env34 has a fairly simple design, although the ultra wide screen is large. The AIO doesnt draw too much attention to itself and easily fits into your work environment. The large Ultra wide screen is perfect for movies and video games extremely bright and Lively. The large 34 inch Ultra wide screen gives you plenty of room to work and play its one of the biggest screens weve ever seen. Users are also very satisfied with the sound quality of the bang Olufsen dual speakers. High, mid and low tones are perfectly balanced.

The bass is also quite Punchy whether youre watching Hollywood Hits YouTube videos or playing your favorite games. Your ears will be delighted. The HP Envy AIO has no shortage of ports. The back of the machine has a headphone microphone, Jack, two USBC ports, four USB; a ports, an HDMI port and an ethernet port; the right side of the tree houses, two USB; a ports, a USBC port and an SD card reader, All of which are fairly easy To access the is powerful enough for video and photo editing, and thanks to the core, i711 700 processor and 32 gigabytes of RAM and one terabyte SSD, the HP Envy performs exceptionally well. If you can afford this Beast, say: go for it and now we say check out the Dell XPS 8950, the best overall desktop computer available in 2022, the gold medalist for today, the XPS 8950s Dells Flagship, desktop with a sleeker upgradable, chassis and Intels 80. Second generation, Auto, like Silicon for improved performance, does many configuration options. Let you customize your XPS desktop for productivity, gaming and creative workflows. More all three, the computer even lets you order a higher powered option at 750 watts with integrated Graphics. So you can install your own graphics card, you get a 512 gigabyte SSD and a one terabyte HDD, which are excellent numbers thatll meet all your expectations. Dell is retained, an excellent selection of front ports on the XPS desktop, including a full size, SD card reader, a headphone jack three USB 2.

1, genuine type, A ports and USB 3.2 Gen, 2 type c Port. Meanwhile, on the back, youll find four more USB type: A ports, gigabit Ethernet DisplayPort video output and six audio jacks. It also uses the latest ddr5 4800 memory standard, which offers significantly higher bandwidth. This unit is equipped with an Intel Core i5 12600k processor with optional liquid CPU cooling. Dell is a winner with the xbest desktop for sure. This Sleek Tower is so extensively, configurable that it Rivals most mainstream desktops. Also Dells redesigned XPS desktop, has a Sleek new look and plenty of configuration options to fit almost any performance task. The XPS desktop fared well in the main test scoring nearly twice what we consider a good indicator of a high performance computer equipped with the GeForce RTX 3060 tie. The xbest desktop is a great option for 1440p resolution and can even play 4K at nearly 60 FPS. If the details are taken care of overall, this product delivers premium performance at the best price quality ratio. You want it the best you got it so thats it for the best desktop computers of 2022.