Through extensive research and testing. I have put together a list of options that will meet the needs of different types of buyers, so, whether it’s price performance or its particular use. We got you covered for more information of the product. I have included links in the description box down below which are updated for the best prices. Like the video comment and don’t forget to subscribe at number 5, we have samsung chrome, ebook 4., designed with a minimized bezel. The samsung chromey book 4 plus gives you more room to view content on a brilliant 15.6 full hd screen access. The world of google use. Google docs google drive the google play store and more with a lightning fast gigabit, wi, fi connection stream or download massive files rapidly. Multiple layers of built in virus protection guard against malicious malware automatic updates, ensure you always have. The latest in security protection, delivers up to 10 hours, superscript 1 of battery on a full charge that quickly recharges on a usbc charger. Use your voice to make a request and google assistant will get it done. Whether you want to update your calendar or replay to a message, make a note or check the news. Two usbc ports allow you to multitask, so you can charge and transfer large files without slowing things down. It includes large and immersive 15.6 display in a compact frame grade durability. Ultra fast connectivity with gigabit wi fi, advanced security, with multiple layers of built in virus protection.

10.5 hours of battery life, google assistant, enabled at number 4. We have acer chromie book 715 with an 8th, gen intel registered trademark core trademark, i processor, apps, load, faster, graphics, run faster and many tasks can be run simultaneously without lag. This makes it ideal for heavy processing tasks like big spreadsheets and video transcoding, designed with numerists in mind. This is the first chromie book to include a dedicated numerical keypad ideal for quickly inputting numbers. This acer, chrome, ebook’s number pad reduces the need to hunt and peck for numbers along the top row and speeds up. Data input, strength, durability and stylish good looks are provided through the 100 aluminum chassis and optional backlit keyboard. The lightweight material means that it is less likely to be bent warped or dented than other materials. Colored aluminum is anodized, so there’s no paint to chip and heat dissipation and corrosion resistance is improved. Tapping swiping, scrolling and zooming are smoother than ever. The corning gorilla glass touch pad, provides a slicker feel than a regular plastic touch pad and gives users the confidence that they are purchasing durable, quality chromey book with the ability to withstand scratches and pits. It will continue to look as slick as the day you bought it. A first for any chrome ebook. An optional, embedded fingerprint reader located next to the keyboard is a quick and secure way for users to unlock and verify their identity without a password. Since the fingerprints details are stored on the chrome ebook itself and not on the cloud, a user’s fingerprints are kept safe at number three.

We have lenovo chrome ebook. Do it the idea pad do at chrome, ebook boots in as fast as eight seconds asterisk. So you’re always moments away from being ready to work or play its verified. Boot helps keep your files virus free, while automatic updates run seamlessly. In the background, log, in with your google account to experience the streamlined, chrome os, be productive with microsoft, word excel and powerpoint access, the google play store for the best of tablet. Optimized gaming and entertainment apps plus your chrome ebook purchase, includes a 12 month 100 gb membership of google one star. Your membership includes 100 gb of storage, access to experts and other benefits. All in a plan you can share with your family use the ideapad duet, chrome ebook, as a laptop with a full sized comfortable and responsive keyboard or detach it for use as a 25.65 cms tablet. The five point pogo pin and magnet design makes it easy to connect and detach and it’s thin and light in either mode from 7.35 millimeters and 450 grams as a tablet to 18.2 millimeters and 920 grams, with great battery life. It’S easy to take just about anywhere. The tablet features a unique dual tone: ice blue and iron gray, design with a sophisticated fabric. Texture on the stand cover its 25.65 centimeters display features thin 9.13 millimeters, bezels and fhd resolution in 400, nit brightness for sharp details and color Music at number two. We have asus chromey bookflip c436, have a closer look at the new asus chromey bookflip c436 it’s.

The ultralight ultra compact and ultra powerful chromey book take in the details of its precision, crafted magnesium alloy chassis and be awed by the might of its powerful intel registered trademark processor. Its versatility is unparalleled, allowing you to use it in laptop, tent, stand or tablet mode for work and play as well as sleek looks. Comfort and ergonomics are a priority with asus chrome, ebook, flip c436. The precision crafted chassis has a dual tapered design with a body and lid meeting to form a v shaped edge. That makes it easier to open the laptop. The four sided nano edge display design gives asus chrome, ebook flip c436, an even smaller footprint than you’d expect. Bringing you all the benefits of a 14 inch fhd display in a 13 inch chassis, transparent silver gives asus chrome, ebook, flip c436, a futuristic, looking neutral finish, that’s, both understated and refreshing. The iridescent aero gel white is a fresh new take on the standard white hue. The color changes subtly, as your viewpoint, changes ranging from traditional white to varying shades of blue purple, red and pink designed to give you the most screen area in the least physical space. The new four sided nano edge display is simply breathtaking. It makes any visuals more immersive with less distraction for your eyes. The ultra slim bezels are just 4.9 millimeters thin one at the size for a near borderless experience and the crisp clear high resolution screen gives you a beautiful creative workplace at number one.

We have google pixel book, go pixel book, go is the chrome ebook that goes anywhere, then keeps going it’s barely one kilogram and is just 13 millimeters thin, so it’s easy to bring along and with up to 12 hours of battery life you can go unplugged. Virtually all day, an 8th, gen, intel core processor and chrome os keep you moving fast. The titan c security chip and built in antivirus software help protect your data, so you can go without worry whether you’re collaborating on a google doc in a cafe catching up on emails during a flight or watching movies. While on vacation, you can do more on the go, weight may vary by configuration and manufacturing process up to 12 hours of use, battery performance is based on a mix of standby web browsing and other use. Actual results may vary requires the battery to be at least five percent charged the device to be inactive and use of the included charger. Actual results may vary approximate battery life based on a mix of talk, data standing mobile hotspot and use of other features with always on display off an active display or data usage will decrease battery life. Actual results may vary. Auto updates require an internet connection, intel and intel core are trademarks of intel corporation in the us and slash or other countries. Storage specifications before formatting actual formatted capacity will be less thanks for watching. I hope you liked the video, if you found it helpful.

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