Let’S get started Music number one most popular asus, chromebook c5001, the largest chromebook that asus sells, serves up a big screen for little money. Many chromebooks suffer from cramped panels and thick bezels, but the chromebook c523 flips the script and delivers a roomy 15.6 inch touch display inside a sleek chassis with pleasingly thin bezels, and it does so for well south of 400, add in its aluminum lid and it looks And feels like it should cost a bunch. More asus sells two chromebook c523 models. The 269.99 lower end model features a celeron cpu, 32 gigabytes of flash storage and a 1366 by 768 pixel non touch display number 2. samsung chromebook 3 easily. The best chrome book value, samsung’s 11.6 inch, 2.5 pound laptop, is light enough to carry anywhere and with four gigabytes of ram. The celeron n306o powered chromebook 3 can handle multitasking with aplomb and for a cheap device. It looks really classy sure it’s plastic, but the metallic black covering is classy enough for any setting on the laptop mag battery test. The chromebook 3 ran for 9 hours and 44 minutes, which is more than enough for work and play all day it’s easily. One of the cheapest and best chrome books – you can buy number three lenovo chrome book. Duet progress is wonderful. In september 2018, the hp chromebook x2, an unusual detachable two in one chromebook, was an editor’s choice at 599.99. Today, the lenovo chrome book duet is an editor’s choice at half that price 299.

99, with a surprising 128 gigabytes of emmc flash storage aboard or 20 less. If you settle for 64 gigabytes, you can technically call it a 10.1 inch tablet with a standard keyboard and kickstand, and you can grumble about its having only one port. A usb 2.0 type c lenovo throws, in a 3.5 millimeters audio adapter for your Music headphones number. 4 lenovo chromebook, 3 11 inch. The 11 inch class lenovo chromebook, 3 169.99 – is proof that you can buy a well built laptop with a long lasting battery for less than 200. But should you if you really are stuck with that spending ceiling for a laptop, you could do worse than this chrome book? On the other hand, the cramped 11.6 inch display, with a less than full hd resolution, should prompt you to take stock of your priorities. Cash cramped students who can get by with chrome, os and shoppers seeking a secondary nightstand side laptop, might put it on the shortlist Music number five acer, chromebook 315 hp did it with the chromebook 14. We reviewed in may 2019 and now acer’s done it with its chromebook. 315. 299.99 is tested, snub intel silicon for the amda 49120c, a dual core 1.6 gigahertz processor, with radeon r4 integrated graphics. The amd chip’s performance is unexciting, but it helps bring the 15.6 inch system to retail for 200 less than our editor’s choice: consumer chromebook, the 14 inch acer chromebook 514. If you’re dreaming of a big screen touch screen laptop on the tightest of budgets, the new acer is worth a look for more details.