Occupying their own niche, separate to windows and mac machines. Chromebooks running google’s, chrome os have become popular amongst those who don’t necessarily need that much computing power and those who want to keep the cost down, but with tons of them on sale, which chromebook should you buy well to help? You decide we’ve sifted through numerous websites and consumer reviews to present our five recommended products. Okay, first up the best 14 inch pick asus chromebook flip c434. A lot of chromebooks tend to have smaller screens at around 11 or 12 inches. So if you’re after a machine with a more conventional laptop size screen, this 14 inch asus model is one of the best the chromebook world has to offer. This 14 inch display offers touch, screen functionality and 1080p resolution, which was called plenty bright and sharp by wired. This asus machine also has two in one functionality with the screen capable of folding over, so it can be used like a tablet device. The budget pick lenovo chromebook duet. If you’re looking for one of the cheapest ways to get in the chromebook universe, then the duet will happily oblige sure its performance won’t blow you away, but it still boasts four gigabytes of ram and up to 128 gigabytes of storage. We also like the fact that its 10.1 inch display and keyboard can detach from one another for easy portability and on the fly tablet like use it’s a great companion for those who only need to perform light, browsing tasks or those who need a secondary travel friendly Machine the battery life champ acer, chromebook, spin 713 battery life can be the bane of many chromebooks, but this acer model has a tried and tested 11 hour battery life with laptopmag.

com calling its battery life amazing. We love the fact that this machine offers some of the best performance in the chromebook sector 2, with a particularly impressive display, a backlit keyboard and even an hdmi port, which is something of a rarity for a chromebook and in its steel gray finish. It looks super slick in high end, the stylus one dell inspiron 14.. Some people love a stylus others, not so much, and while most touchscreen chromebooks can be used, the variety of different styluses. This dell machine sets itself apart, as it comes with an included stylus that has its own dedicated housing. This may seem like a small thing, but is actually a huge convenience. The dell inspiron also has a large 14 inch display 4 gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage before we reveal our final pick here are a few other great products that are worth a mention: the hp, chromebook x360 asus chromebook flip c436 hp chromebook x2, the Deluxe google pixel book go: this is a chromebook from google itself and thanks to its impressive performance, it blurs lines between chromebook and more powerful laptops. First of all, it has a large 13.3 inch screen and a particularly impressive springy keyboard, there’s. Also, eight gigabytes of ram aboard meaning it can handle a wider spectrum of tasks and has a grippy textured body, which makes it easier to hold its battery. Life has been highly praised too. The pixelbook go is one of the pricier options out there, but it certainly offers a step up in terms of performance so which chromebook? Should you choose well, as with any laptop like device, you need to think about what work you’re likely to be using it for and whether the device you’re looking at has the performance to match things like usb and hdmi.

Ports are also a big factor. We definitely recommend keeping an eye out for pricing when it comes to the inclusion of a stylus, as that can seriously bump up the cost unnecessarily.