through extensive research and testing we’ve compiled a list of car stereos that are ideal for different types of buyers, whether it’s the performance price or other unique features. You’Re looking for we’ve got you covered, i’ve included. The links of the products in the description, which has the detailed information and are always updated with the best price, as always like the video leave, a comment and don’t forget to subscribe. Let’S start with the pioneer av h: 220 it’s, our best budget option, which offers a 6.2 inch touchscreen display with user friendly icon controls, as well as multi color options that let you seamlessly integrate the stereo with your dash lighting. You can wire in your smartphone or take advantage of this stereo’s built in bluetooth. This stereo’s rear usb port will charge your iphone or android, as well as let you play and control the music on your phone. Its built in bluetooth can be paired to two different phones simultaneously. You can take hands free calls and streamed music wirelessly from either to back up their heritage of great sound pioneer included a 13 band equalizer and digital time. Alignment to ensure your listening position is the best position, preamp outputs, let you add amplifiers for more power and from your sound. You can also feed video to additional backseat screens there’s, even a video input for a backup camera. If you don’t need a cd player and you’re a fan of sleek design, then this one’s for you, the sony’s avax 5000, is mechless double din receiver that offers wired apple, carplay and android auto to create an interface that’s.

Just like your phone, all of your navigation, music and phone apps are shown off and controlled on its big 6.95 inch. Touchscreen display this sony. Stereo also includes bluetooth for wireless convenience. You can also listen to and control your favorite pandora and spotify stations. Much like their famous flat panel tvs sony went with a brilliant bezel, less display on this receiver that almost disappears into the dash its 10 band. Eq lets you get just your right sound while the five preamp outputs enable you to add amplifiers for your speakers and a sub there’s, even an input for a rear view, camera great for tight parking spots, two rear usb ports. Let you hook up a phone and a usb drive full of music simultaneously. If you think plugging in your smartphone is a hassle, jvc’s, kwm, 865 bw, digital multimedia receiver, offers up ways to connect your phone without being tethered it’s, also loaded with deep, sound sculpting tone, controls and ways to add more gear for better sound and additional driver assistance. It easily earns our best bang for the buck pick. This receiver’s, built in wi fi, enables you to link into wireless apple, carplay or android auto. So you can control your media with an interface. You already know android owners. You can also wirelessly mirror your phone’s screen directly on this jvc’s 6.8 inch touchscreen display and multiphone bluetooth lets you and other passengers quickly stream, music and take hands free phone calls.

The wired connections on this receiver are pretty cool too. A total of four camera inputs lets, you add a backup camera plus additional cameras for side views and for things you might owe like a trailer or boat. On the sound side, its digital processing gets the most out of your sound, compensating for the usually poor factory. Speaker locations and if you listen to high res flac files on a usb drive, this receiver plays them as well. If you want a huge screen in your car, then the eye catching alpine halo 9 receiver is for you besides amazing media options like apple carplay and android. Auto this big screen beauty offers some installation versatility. Its singled in chassis fits many vehicles and you can set the angle and height of the protruding display to get the optimal positioning on your dash. The alpine stereo delivers great sound, especially when customized using the sound sculpting capabilities of alpine’s tunic, app wired, apple, carplay and android, auto top the phone integration features on the alpine halo 9. So you can quickly access your favorite music and navigation apps. This alpine’s big 9 inch touchscreen display, looks just like your phone’s display, so there’s no learning curve, if you don’t, want to always plug in. You can also use this receiver’s built in bluetooth to wirelessly stream music and take calls hands free, in addition to compatibility with alpine’s tunic app. The alpine halo 9 features a 9 band parametric, eq and digital time correction.

To refine your sound. You can add a backup camera for added safety. The stereo also works with eye data links, maestro rr interface for select vehicles which lets you integrate lots of factory functionality, some of which you’ll see on the stereo’s display. Finally, here’s our best fully loaded touchscreen car stereo. We couldn’t think of a touch screen more deserving of this honor than the kenwood exelon dnx 997xr it’s got all the bells and whistles you could ask for in a car stereo its 720p high definition display is eye catching enough for movie night, while parked in the Driveway, even if the sun’s still out the 6.75 inch capacitive display, gives you pinch to zoom command over maps and you’ll be able to glimpse album artwork with unparalleled clarity. No matter the angle, the motorized display features reverse tilt, so you can find the optimum viewing position. Even if your dash has a funky curve or two you can enjoy the benefits of android, auto and apple carplay without connecting to the stereo via usb that’s convenience on top of convenience. Considering that you can now get maps messaging, music and much more done through the stereo, using your fingers and either siri voice assistant or google assistant to control the action, it also offers convenient screen mirroring for both iphone and android devices via wired usb connection. It boasts carmine maps of the us, canada, mexico, puerto rico and u.s virgin islands. You’Ll also get reliable routing with spoken street names at terns, lane, assistance and realistic views of complicated, intersections kenwood equipped.

This excellent reference receiver with custom made or carefully curated sonic components, including three sets of gold plated 5 volt preamp outputs to deliver superb audio performance. This receiver will play all your cds and dvds, including disks loaded with music files, while an av input offers connection for more audio video sources, a pair of rear usb ports, let you add audio from an ipod or flash drive, including high resolution flak and wav files. You also get an sd card slot for playing digital music files and map updates. The dnx 997xr boasts the capability for up to four cameras, front rear blind spot dash. So you can see more when you’re getting in and out of tight spots. This kenwood offers compatibility. You won’t find in many other aftermarket radios thanks to the idata link, maestro module in a wide selection of vehicles. This module lets you keep factory, features that you’d otherwise lose when you install a new radio you’ll also be able to check out engine performance data and other vehicle info on the kenwood screen.