We’Ll kick off today’s rundown with microsoft, surface pro 7, also known as the best two in one business laptop that can be found on the market in 2021, although the pro 7 model is very similar in appearance to pro 6. This laptop surpasses the previous model by miles it takes what works like a charm about its predecessors and takes everything else to the next level. The result is that the surface pro 7 covers the needs of the vast majority of business laptop users. The device boasts the 10th generation intel core processors and iris plus graphics. It comes with 8 gigabytes of enhanced ram and 128 gigabytes of storage. The 12.3 inch pickle sense screen looks as vivid and detailed as ever. There is also an adjustable bracket that allows users to tilt the pro 7 in any desired way. As for the new features, the device offers a usbc port, along with a standard usb, a port, a micro sd kcs reader and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. The design is largely unchanged from previous generations, except for new color options, but still provides a great typing experience now, as we’ve mentioned at the beginning, the surface pro 7 range includes intel’s 10th generation ice lake processor, along with improved performance thanks to the integrated iris plus Graphics, this makes the device excel in performance in almost all areas from standard word, processing to more demanding tasks, not business related, but you can even play 1080p games.

The onboard windows hello, face recognition eliminates the need to enter a password in the login menu. As for the battery, you can achieve almost 10 hours of battery life if you perform basic tasks like word, processing and similar stuff. The surface pro 7 also supports fast charging via the 65 volt charger included in the package. Although it still uses microsoft, surface connect charger via the most popular usbc microsoft claims that the charger is capable of providing 80 charge in an hour highly versatile, good stuff. For all you apple fans, we have singled out the apple macbook pro as the company’s best option. In this niche we are looking at the best apple business laptop. You can find the market in 2021, the apple macbook pro comes with a 13 inch lcd screen with true tone: a magic keyboard, an aluminum body, a huge track pad with force touch technology and a small, secondary oled touch bar screen that replaces the classic function keys Inside the laptop, we find the apple silicon m1, the chip that took apple products to the next level, the processor is driven by eight cores, four of which are focused on performance via 64 bit firestorm and the other four on efficiency through the 64 bit ice storm. This device was crafted using a 5 nanometer process, the first of its kind on the entire pc and mac market, with 16 billion transistors. The product also includes the now famous and neural engine and is capable of performing 11 billion operations per second it’s, followed by several ml accelerators, which support everything related to machine learning to artificial intelligence processes.

This apple macbook pro comes with a computer memory, size of 8 gigabytes, its own isp, to improve what facetime, hd camera records, secure enclave for data storage, on authentication, as well as the designed thunderbolt, which provides speeds of up to 40 gigabytes per second on an integrated Pair of usbc ports now let’s move on to what interests everyone with the mac. Everything is fast, the operating system runs smoothly, applications open and close with great ease and the on and off is almost instantaneous. As for the battery, the official data says it can. Last up to 17 hours in web browsing and up to 20 hours in video playback apple has implemented other improvements in this model that we have not seen so far in versions with intel. It has a layout of three microphones to help with audio recording and also promises to improve the quality of video recording with integrated facetime camera. It should be pointed out that there is an active cooling system that will allow users to achieve maximum business performance. If you can afford this fella, we say: go for it. If you’re looking for the top bang for the buck, we say check out the lenovo thinkpad x1, the best value business laptop that can be found in the market in 2021. The thinkpad is a perfect combination of form and function, with extra emphasis on the latter. The x13 uses the same magnesium alloy and carbon fiber materials found in the more expensive, x1 series and, of course, includes a ribbed keyboard and dual pointer system.

That fans also expected, as for the screen it’s a full hd 13.3 inch screen with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels that gives a decent brightness of 500 nits lenovo thinkpad x13 boasts a 2.1 ryzen, 5 4. 600. U processor, which is paired with 16 gigabytes of ram and a 256 gigabyte ssd perfect for most users needs thanks to all these features. The x13 offers great performance for work, including easy photo editing. For example, noise and heat are minimal, but both are visible during certain. More demanding tasks – lenovo thinkpad x13 includes wi fi, 6 and bluetooth, but it should be noted that there is no mobile connection option on the left side of the x13 you’ll find two usbc ports: an ethernet port, usb 3.2 port in full size, an hdmi video output, Port and a combined headphone and microphone jack on the right, you find the kensington lock slot and another full sized usb 3.2 port next to the large vent and forward a smart card reader for business users. Lenovo also included a micro sd card slot on the upper end of the x13 deck keyboard. There are also dual downstream stereo speakers with dolby audio technology, and we like that it can be configured to dynamically, adjust different types of content, instead of relying only on manual controls. The sound is surprisingly loud and clear. Battery life is also decent. Around 8 hours of active use and with its 4.7 pounds, the lenovo thinkpad x13 boasts a fairly lightweight and easily portable design for the listed price killer stuff.

Our silver medalist for today is the hp elite. Dragonfly. This touch screen laptop, is a compact 13.3 inch device designed to take up as little space as possible. Windows can be controlled by tapping the screen or you can perform tasks such as drawing retouching photos or editing videos with the stylus, which offers greater precision. The onboard hinges will allow the laptop to fold 360 degrees, which is pretty cool, so you can use it as a device for work while resting on a table or fixed surface or as a tablet in three different ways. Whether you want to keep it lying down or standing next to a keyboard as a dock or carrier, is up to you. Hp elite dragonflight integrates together with basic elements such as the touchscreen with backlit keyboard, a lockable hd camera two internal microphones, two wi fi, six wireless antennas, a fingerprint reader a touch panel, an hdmi output, a usb 3.1 port, auto output. That also serves to connect an external microphone and two usbc ports. The usbc ports can also be used to charge the laptop battery. As for the resolution, it’s 1920×1080, while brightness ranges from 400 and 1000 nits, depending on the exact model you choose inside the device sports. The 8th generation intel core i5 processor as well as 16 gigabytes of memory. The sound also deserves your attention now, despite the size and dimensions of the hp elite dragonfly, it has up to four top notch: bang and olufsen stereo speakers, as well as an internal front.

Microphone with multiple strings, the hp elite, dragonfly rocks windows 10 pro with hp software very useful in the medium and long term. This is a top level product worthy of every busy business person, but now let us move on to the very top shall we and finally, we have reached the gold medal and the title of best overall business laptop that can be found on the market in 2021 And the winner is lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon boosting exceptional value for money, as well as great performance and design lenovo, thinkpad x1 carbon has a slim and quite light design. It can be easily carried in a backpack, but never without forgetting the protective cover. Of course, the case differs from other models and series of ultrabooks as there aren’t too many metal and shiny parts or edges. The device is made of carbon fiber and magnesium alloy passing all quality tests implemented on today’s market. The screen also contains fiberglass reinforced plastic and is quite easy to open. You can do it with one hand. The laptop case is only 10 millimeters thick, which allows us to add two type c: usb ports increasing transfer speed. The bottom panel consists of five phillips screws with neat plastic buttons on the front when lifting the panel we’ll find that the front part is occupied by a battery, while at the top you’ll find components so that you can easily access the fan and wi fi network. The battery is bigger, so it takes up more space than other components, but it fits perfectly in the equipment.

The product has three lithium cells and 57 volt tower, which delivers 8 to 12 hours of regular operation or three hours of high level maximum level performance, lenovo, thinkpad x1. Carbon has an intel core i5 processor that is suitable for professional users, as well as students and even some gamers. When you open the laptop you’ll, come across a red button, a staple feature of the thinkpad family. The keys are integrated into the base unit, which means better stability and much faster responses, they’re big enough to type fast and are quite soft. At the same time, lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon comes with a screen size of 14 inches a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, as well as a memory of 16 gigabytes, which will be quite enough to fulfill the wishes of most users. You’Ll get premium performance and high durability of this fella, all wrapped up in the best possible price quality ratio. You want it the best you got it thanks for watching and that’s all for now. I hope to see you guys in the next video till next time.