. Through extensive research and testing. I have put together a list of options that will meet the needs of different types of buyers, so, whether it’s price performance or its particular use. We got you covered for more information of the product. I have included links in the description box down below which are updated for the best prices. Like the video comment and don’t forget to subscribe at number 5, we have microsoft, surface pro 7 power and versatility team up in our classic ultralight and versatile two in one for business surface pro 7 is optimized with improvements you ask for, while preserving the consistent design And compatibility you depend on experience faster, multitasking, more unplugged power and greater connectivity. 10Th gen intel registered core trademark processor, usbc, registered and usba ports get back to work faster with instant on enhanced dual far field studio mics work your way wherever and however, you work. This versatile and lightweight convertible laptop adapts to the ways you work better than ever laptop mode surface. Pro 7 moves at the speed of your business from running the business apps. Your company depends on to getting you back into your flow quickly and securely speed through professional grade software and essential apps, with a 10th gen intel registered core trademark processor and up to 16 gb ram and up to 1 tb storage get all day battery life up To 10.5 hours, one plus fast charging, so you can power your battery up to 80 in just over an hour surface.

Pro 7 is ready when you are with instant on and delivers the power you need thanks to standby, that extends battery life when you’re away surface pro 7 is an ultralight and versatile two in one business laptop that adapts to the ways you work contact, a microsoft Authorized reseller for pricing resellers will also help you deploy and manage surface for your business at number. Four, we have apple macbook pro. The apple m1 chip gives the one three inch macbook pro speed and power beyond belief, with up to 2.8 x, cpu performance up to 5x, the graphics speed, our most advanced neural engine for up to 11 x, faster machine learning and up to 20 hours of battery Life, the longest of any mac ever it’s, our most popular pro notebook taken to a whole new level. Small chip, giant leap it’s here our first chip designed specifically for mac, packed with an astonishing 16 billion transistors. The apple m1 system on a chip soc integrates the cpu gpu neural engine io and so much more onto a single tiny chip with incredible performance, custom technologies and industry leading power. Efficiency 1m1 is not just a next step for mac it’s, another level, entirely: 16. Core neural engine smarts meet speed, machine learning, ml brings task, smashing, speed and automation to video analysis, voice, recognition, image, processing and more and the m1 chip with one six core neural engine and full stack of technologies takes ml performance on macbook pro into the stratosphere.

The power of mac os big sur on m1 developed to unlock the potential of the m1 chip mac os big sur, transforms mac with major performance benefits and so much more powerful updates for apps, a beautiful new design industry leading privacy features and best in class security. It’S, our most powerful software ever running on our most advanced hardware. Yet at number three we have lenovo thinkpad x1 go anywhere performance at less than 1.9 cms thick and weighing only 2.7 pounds. The thinkpad x13 intel laptop is thin and light enough to easily take wherever you go, without sacrificing performance to get there with up to 10th gen intel registered core trademark i7 v pro processing and an option for six cores, plus up to 32 gb ddr4 memory and Up to 2 tb of high speed, pcie ssd storage, this laptop has speed and power last longer between charges. The x13 laptop gives you all day battery performance further enhancing its portability once you do need more power. Rapid charging technology gives you zero to 80 in just an hour, always ready with modern standby. Your x13 laptop will wake in one second and connect online. One second later, and its wake on voice feature allows you to wake it via voice command from across the room. As long as the lid is open, keep your private info private, protect your data and yourself with enhanced. Think shield features like think shutter, a physical cover for the webcam and an improved optional privacy guard screen that helps prevent nosy neighbors.

From reading your screen log. In with one finger via the match on chip fingerprint reader and let the discrete trusted platform module dtpm 2.0 chip encrypt your hardware test it for toughness. The thinkpad x13 laptop is tested against 12 military grade requirements and more than 200 quality checks to ensure seamless operation. Under extreme conditions from the arctic wilderness to desert dust storms from zero gravity to spills and drops, you can trust it to handle whatever life throws. Your way at number two. We have hp elite, dragonfly, incredibly, light hp elite dragonfly provides mobility beyond expectation in an exquisitely. Crafted x360 touch laptop ready to impress hp elite dragonfly has a durable iridescent, dragonfly blue, finish diamond cut accents and an impressive screen to body ratio. World’S most secure and manageable, pc s8 security features create an always on always acting resilient defense from the bios to the browser above and below the os. These constantly evolving solutions help protect your pc from threats, work from anywhere with extended battery life, stay connected with optional gigabit class 4g lte 4a and gigabit speed, wi, fi 64b striking finishes and accents highlight the design while ocean bound plastic. 631 are used in the speaker. Enclosure and display bezel advanced malware can wipe out your os. The optional hp sure recover gen 4, with embedded remaging 13 ensures fast secure and automated recovery from anywhere advanced malware can wipe out your os. The optional hp sure recover gen 4, with embedded remaging 13 ensures fast, secure and automated recovery from anywhere speed up image, creation and management of hardware bios and security.

Through microsoft system center configuration manager, firmware attacks can completely devastate your pc, stay protected with hp, sure start gen 611 self healing bios at number one. We have lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon powers through the day and night, with 10th gen intel registered core trademark processors. The x1 carbon gen 8 is faster than ever, no matter the task, and, given that it’s certified by intel registered for mobile performance, it delivers long lasting power and productivity. When you’re on the go enjoy epic battery life and when you do need some juice. Rapid charge boosts battery life up to zero to eighty percent. In just an hour. Take your productivity to new levels with always unresponsiveness. You can wake the x1 carbon gen8 from sleep in less than a second and be able to browse the web. A second later and with wi fi 6, you get fast and reliable connections, even on networks, with lots of devices attached or choose the optional wwan technology with ltea card and jump online with a secure connection. Just like a smartphone designed for convenience need to make a skype call or answer one sub functions on the f9 through f11 keys. Let you do it with ease even start a new message. With the touch of a button. The x1 carbon gen 8 delivers convenience at your fingertips. Immersive sound experience with the dolby atmos registered speaker system. The x1 carbon gen 8 includes two upward firing tweeters and two downward firing woofers to create an immersive sound experience.

What’S more for 360 degree. Microphones, cancel unwanted noise when you’re on calls and pick up your voice from across the room, so you can use voice activation to wake your system play music and more handles the unexpected extremes. Like all thinkpad laptops, the x1 carbon gen 8 is tested against 12 military grade requirements and more than 200 quality checks to ensure they run in extreme conditions, from the arctic wilderness to desert dust storms from zero gravity to spills and drops.