The vivid rich colors of the lenovo smart tab comes with a 10.3 inch 1920×1200 pixel display and its screen covers 99 of the srgb color gamut, which makes it more vivid than the amazon fire hd and the samsung galaxy tab on the right. It houses a power button and volume rocker, while the speaker grilles can be found on both the top and bottom edges on the left. It houses pogo pins to connect the smart tablet, m10 plus to the lenovo smart charging dock, which ships with the tablet for connectivity. It offers a headset jack, a usb type c port and an micro sd slot and its battery is rated to last 8 hours and 55 minutes on a charge while continuous web browsing over wi fi at 150. Nits brightness in all this lenovo smart tab, m10 plus, is a budget tablet for money. Conscious users and its facial recognition feature is seamless and has a highly engaging user interface with quick and easy access to the youtube homepage and the google news feed with a single swipe. Next is the fire hd 8. This fire hd 8 is an easy to use device. That looks and sounds great for the money it uses. The same 8 inch full hd display, as with all amazon fire, hd tablets and its slim design and rounded edges are surprisingly light and perfect for holding and slipping into a bag on the top. It houses a power button, usbc charging port 3.

5 millimeter headphone jack and volume controls, while the dual speakers with dolby atmos support, are found along the left side of the tablet and with alexa built in it works brilliantly and the hd8’s voice pickup is admirable. Its responses are accompanied by a visual for a better user experience. Its adaptive brightness can optimize brightness levels according to the surrounding light and with blue shade. It can reduce the amount of blue light on the screen in all. If you’re looking for an android tablet to watch tv, shows movies or reading books or hands free alexa enabled device, then this fire hd 8 can be an ideal choice. At this affordable level. We couldn’t ask for more in a tablet. At number 3, we have the fire hd 10. Plus this newly introduced 10.1 inch plus model lets. You do more than just browse the web and watch movies on amazon, prime by design, there’s no difference between the plus model and the standard. Amazon fired hd 2021 tablet. As both the tablets are lighter and thinner than the amazon fire hd 10 2019 edition, the smooth plastic backing to the tablet has a subtly embossed amazon logo and comes in a grayish shade, while the nicely curved edges and corners add to the visual appeal of the Slate in a 10.1 inch display, it houses a 1920×1200 resolution and lcd screen and for the size of the tablet. This resolution is high enough to get a nice and sharp picture with a respectable brightness level, even without hdr.

The quality and richness of the oled screen are extremely fantastic, which is great for enjoying movies and tv shows and in terms of specs. It comes in both 32 gigabytes and 64 gigabytes, and if you need more, you can add a micro sd card in all this amazon fire 10 plus is a great tablet and for the fans of amazon’s apps and services and affordable hardware it’s going to hold a Lot of demand next is the lenovo smart tab. M8. This lenovo smart tab m8 is an attractive tablet with a colorful display and excellent battery life. It has a modern look compared to other affordable tablets thanks to its narrow bezels and its control. Buttons sit tight and are positioned on the right side of the case. It is powered by a mediatek helio, a22 mt6, 762m and 2 gigabytes of ram and the 32 gigabytes. Flash storage can be used to store data and can be expanded up to two terabytes with a micro sd card. The touch screen is very responsive to inputs and offers very little resistance, which makes drag and drop movements easy, and the position sensor is reliable and quickly. Adjusts the screen’s content and orientation of the tablet. You can either use a pin code and pattern to unlock the lenovo tablet, or you can set up face recognition, which is very easy to use and works well in good lighting and with an excellent contrast, ratio and low black value of 0.

21 cdm squared colors appear Well defined, while the blacks look very deep in all. If you’re looking for a tablet for your younger child for games or fun, then this device is perfect and its user interface is engaging and houses plenty of features for kids, too. Last on our list here is the samsung galaxy tab s6 lite, this newest galaxy tab. S6 lite is an android powered alternative to the ipad. It packs a 14.4 inch tft lcd screen with 2000 by 1200 pixel resolution and at seven millimeters thick. This galaxy tab 6 is actually slimmer than some smartphones. It has a 3.5 headphone socket on the top, along with a secondary microphone and top firing speaker and the power button on the right can be used to activate bixby. The sim tray is slightly lower and can accept one nano sim and a micro sd card and the lower right. Half of the tablet has magnets to keep the included s. Pen stylus attached speaking of the s pen, it features air command and samsung capture is supported. On the galaxy tab, s6 lite, you can press the button on the s pen when it’s near the display to bring up a floating menu with shortcuts for smart select. Smart writes, live messages ar doodle and notes, and you can also add shortcuts of your favorite apps.