If you dont know some specific things to look for, you can end up with a tablet that wont work, how you want it to work, which is why I made sure to include tablets for all types of people. So, regardless of how you intend on using your tablet, Ill have the best, affordable tablet for you, like the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8, which is one of the most popular tablets on the market for good reason, its very affordable and does most of what you want. In a budget tablet very well like stream, videos and browse the web smoothly, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is one of their newest tablets and its an affordable alternative to their higher end models that comes with decent battery life, good, build quality and enough power to nail. Most everyday tasks: it has a Sleek lightweight design that features a metal back with plastic sides and its available in a few different colors. Depending on your preference, though, it lacks an IEP rating to protect against dust and splashes in an integrated fingerprint reader. It doesnt quite offer the same display quality as the Apple iPad Ill mention later in the video, but it features a 10.5 inch LCD screen with a 16 by 10 aspect ratio, thats ideal for streaming media. A 1920×1200 resolution that consistently produces a bright, sharp image with reasonably accurate colors under the hood. You get three gigabytes of RAM and a unisoc tiger t618 processor, but offers enough power for basic tasks like browsing.

The web, loading apps or streaming video, but its not ideal. For more demanding multitasking or mobile gaming, despite its affordable price, it also offers solid battery life and can reliably last for around 10 to 12 hours of usage on a single charge. To get you through the day. Unfortunately, these 64 gigabytes of storage is somewhat limited, but it comes with a Micro SD card slot to expand the storage or you can opt for a higher spec 128 gigabyte model. Is the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 going to be perfect for everyone, not quite as it lacks the raw processing power found on more expensive models such as the Galaxy Tab? S6 light Ill talk about later, but its a solid option. That does a lot of things well for an affordable price if you just want an affordable, No Frills model that can reliably stream media or browse the web. This is an excellent tablet for you by the way, if you want updated pricing on the Samsung Galaxy Tab. A8 or any other product I mentioned in this video check the links in the description for the most up to date. Pricing information. Next up, many people want a lightweight tablet that comes with a large high resolution screen thats meant for consuming media. The Lenovo tab P11 plus, is exactly this and its my choice as the best budget tablet for streaming media in 2023. With its massive screen, stunning 2K resolution that produces a sharp image, impressive battery life and portable design, the Lenovo tab P11 plus, is an excellent option.

If you want to stay entertained almost anywhere you go, it has a surprisingly robust, aluminum unibody exterior to protect the internal components, and you get a slim lightweight design that can easily fit into a backpack its compatible with a range of external peripherals such as keyboards or Styluses, to enhance your productivity, though each accessory is sold separately. You get a massive 11 inch IPS display that offers ample screen space for working or viewing your favorite content enough brightness to withstand direct sunlight in a 2000 by 1200 native resolution that produces a sharp and crisp image for consuming media on the inside. It has 4 4 gigabytes of RAM and a mediatek helio g90t processor that can handle basic processes like streaming, video or lighter multitasking, without sacrificing performance, but anyone who needs more power would be better off with a higher end model like the Apple iPad. Well mention later, in addition, it comes with a massive 7 700 milliamp hour battery that can deliver around 15 hours of continuous video playback per charge for longer days, which is outstanding. Considering the price you also get 64 or 128 gigabytes of storage for your important files, and it has a Micro SD card slot to expand the storage as needed. The Lenovo tab P11 plus isnt powerful enough to handle more processor, hungry applications or software, but it can reliably nail basic everyday tasks and it comes with a massive high resolution screen that consistently delivers an immersive viewing experience.

If you want a solid all around tablet with a large screen for streaming, your favorite content, this is an excellent tablet to consider. Most people might be looking for a tablet, thats easy to use as an excellent display and can capably handle day to day tasks. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 light checks, these boxes and its my choice as the best budget tablet for most people in 2023. The Galaxy Tab S6 light is a compact and reasonably priced option that features impressive battery life. A quality screen thats perfect for watching content. In an updated processor, with faster overall performance, its made with a durable metal frame and a rear that should be able to withstand some drops or bumps over time, and it has a lightweight, build, thats, comfortable to carry or hold. It has a 10.4 inch TFT LCD display with a 2000 by 1200 resolution that consistently produces a crisp, colorful and detailed image, thats ideal for consuming Media or working along with AKG dual speakers to deliver surprisingly powerful sound, in contrast to the previously mentioned Samsung Galaxy Tab. A8, its also compatible with the S Pen stylus, and it includes one with your purchase to provide plenty of bang for your buck. It has has four gigabytes of RAM and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 720g processor that can reliably stream online videos video conference and run some more demanding S, Pen applications with minimal lagging, though its not meant for gaming or demanding creative work.

The battery life is another solid feature and can reliably deliver up to 12 hours of runtime per charge, which is longer than some more expensive models like the Apple iPad, Ill mention shortly. In addition, it runs the latest Android 12 operating system and offers solid, update support. So you can be sure its a good long term investment, the Galaxy Tab. S6 Lite is an excellent value option that comes with a lightweight but sturdy, build and included S Pen, stylus for digital art or taking notes in a fast processor that can handle some more demanding tasks. If you want a budget friendly tablet that can power through just about any everyday requirement, this is the perfect choice for you. Next up, I have an affordable tablet that still offers an intuitive user experience, good battery life and enough power to nail the basics. The Amazon Fire, HD 10 costs less than most competitors and its among the best tablets available for under a hundred dollars. Not everyone has hundreds of dollars to spend on a high end tablet and the Amazon Fire HD 10 is a more cost effective alternative that can reliably power through less intensive tasks like streaming or browsing the web. It doesnt have the build quality of the more expensive models on this list as its mostly made from matte plastic, but its still sturdy enough to withstand some accidental drops and comes with a surprisingly robust aluminosilicate screen to help prevent cracks or scratches.

It has a thinner, lighter design than previous generations and its available in a few colors, depending on your preference. You also get a 10.1 inch display with a 1920 by 1200 resolution, which is meant for streaming media and on par with the Samsung Galaxy Tab. A8. I mentioned earlier as well as an impressive stereo system with Dolby Atmos support. It has three gigabytes of RAM and a mediatek helio p60t octa core processor that can handle basic tasks like entertainment, related tasks, web browsing, opening, Kindle books and scrolling through your apps. Unlike the other options on this list, it runs Amazons intuitive fire OS 7 software, which provides Alexa support for hands, free control, content recommendations, support for different user profiles in depth, parental controls, compatibility with other Amazon devices and, more even more, it offers solid battery life for The price and can deliver around 12 hours of runtime per charge. Is the Amazon fire ht10 going to be the perfect tablet for everyone, not quite as it lags the processing power of higher end options like the Galaxy Tab, S6 Lite? But it does a lot of things well and can reliably keep you connected or entertained for a lower price. This is an excellent option if you dont need much power and just want a basic tablet for entertainment or general use if youre looking for the tablet that offers the best combination of display quality, build quality and overall performance, the Apple iPad is my choice as the Best overall budget tablet in 2023, the Apple iPad is available at a reasonable price, but it features a stunning high resolution display with true tone technology, generous app support and enough power to handle just about anything you could expect for the price it has Apples classic aluminum Chassis and comes with a thin lightweight build though some might find the design somewhat outdated.

The 10.2 inch display is a standout feature and it has a top tier 2160×1620 resolution that produces a sharper crisper Brighter Image than cheaper models such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, S6. Lite, so its a solid choice for everything from streaming to creative work. I also like that it uses true tone technology which optimizes the color temperature based on the lighting to reduce eye strain. It doesnt have face ID support, but you can get an integrated fingerprint scanner for secure logins. It has 64 gigabytes of storage, three gigabytes of RAM and an a13 bionic processing chip, thats fast, responsive and can reliably power through just about any task in including some photo editing, light gaming or running multiple applications. At the same time, unfortunately, it lacks the battery life of other options on this list, but it can still deliver around 10 hours of usage per charge to get you through most of the day even more. It runs Apples, iPad, OS 15, which offers multiple updates a year, a comprehensive, app Library, a split screen function to improve your productivity and more. The Apple iPad is a high quality Tablet, thats available for a budget friendly price, and it comes with a sturdy metal frame. A crisp display with vibrant colors and a powerful processor that can handle some more demanding tasks or applications if you can afford to spend a bit more in what an option with top tier power and speed in this price range.