Are you a musician who is tired of constantly flipping through sheet music timing? Is everything when you are on stage or in the recording studio? So why fumble through loud and distracting piles of printed music, when you could go hands free Bluetooth, page Turners, enable users to use their feet to swipe from one page to another. This indispensable tool will allow you digitize your entire sheet music library. You shouldnt worry about sheet music blowing off your stand, especially if you have outdoor events, you can play through an entire set list without any need of touching your tablet. Whats more many of these devices are engineered to trigger metronomes or backing tracks. The best part is that they can be wirelessly paired with nearly any smart device if youre eager to regain some of your onstage concentration, be sure to check out our top 5 Bluetooth page Turners and take a look at our helpful buying guide. Weve taken a hard look at some of the best selling products in hopes of narrowing down the competition and making your consumer experience as easy as possible. Hello. My friends welcome back to my channel in this video. I recommend best Bluetooth, page Turners before you start subscribe to the channel and press the like button to be up to date with all the news lets begin number five in our top is from the Star favor brand sick of turning Pages manually want to practice more Neatstar favor page Turner pedal wireless USB foot pedal from now on.

You can just worry about practicing endlessly, because the page Turner is too smooth to stop one charge. 50 hours of use LED light on the power switch of the page. Turner pedal has three colors indicating the remaining battery capacity, green 60 percent, yellow thirty percent red 20 percent needs to be charged. Specially designed foot pedal structure makes star Faber turn page pedal real quiet, so it gives you proper support during studio, recording or Hall performing. Rest assured to play your tune uninterruptedly five common functions on the panel of the foot pedal page Turner from left to right are page up and down indicator Left Right indicator up and down Mouse clicking Left Right. Keyboard spacebar enter ing on the repeat, switch. You can scroll the lyrics and music sheets or control the multimedia platform phone tablet or PC wireless page. Turning can be achieved once you connect the Turner pedal to your device, easy setup and immediate match. Constant, stable signal without interference in 32. Foot will make you happy practicing anywhere star favor, page Turner. Foot pedal is compatible with various platform and system like smartphone tablet. Ipad and computer also suitable for many popular apps onsaw onsawn PS4 mobile sheet dont forget to subscribe to this Channel and like this video, we continue with the number four that is part of the ismeuse brand asmus Wireless page Turner work with kinds of apps for teleprompting Photo album telepromping, reading music score scrolling, lyrics and tabs triggering backing tracks and effects capturing photo and video, sending midi commands plus so much more compatible with iOS system above version 13.

4 Android system, all metal, shell, metal, stud, durable, portable designed steel switches, deliver responsive feel with Minor audible, sound with solid metal enclosure specially made for musicians with four anti slip, pads on the bottom of the page, tuner stable to use and without movement connected via Bluetooth for last next Loop, switching and assist Looper tuning convenient operation during performance, steel switches, deliver responsive, Feel with minor audible, sound built in rechargeable lithium battery 48 Plus hours on a single charge, included USB charging cable for convenient recharging up to 60 feet away. Wireless connection range with stable signal, strong, anti interference, ability free your hands. The player does not need to manually operate the equipment and the way of one foot control can make your performance more smooth. The ismes wireless page Turner is small and beautiful, so its a great gift for yourself or friends who love music number three in our top, is from the folkney brand for usage modes, support up down, left and right page turning support imitating finger page turning compatible with Almost all apps, it is easy to read electronic scores, ebooks PPT, Tick, Tock and all kinds of apps. It is compatible with almost 99 of apps and does not specify the use of apps Bluetooth. Compatible. 5.1 high speed connection no need to use wire connect. International standard type c charging socket built in rechargeable lithium battery can last up to 40 hours when fully charged support automatic shutdown to save power after 30 minutes of use and can also turn off the power saving function for usage modes support up down left and right Page turning support imitating finger page turning compatible with almost all apps simple key design, with single pedal, easy to use and easy to carry Music number two in our top is from The Stomp brand.

The stompage Turner is made with a solid metal enclosure and built for the gigging musician. In fact, we Road tested it by running it over with a truck the reliable companion for hard working musicians. This foot switch pedal is compatible with iPad iOS, Kindle Fire Android tablets and most devices left right, foot switches, turn pages left or right or scroll up and down seamlessly use your favorite app for customized control works great with first Score: makota Mobile sheets, onsong Planning Center Music stand and more with 50 plus feet, The Stomp foot pedal can be configured within select apps to control multiple devices at once and turn the whole bands page together, one of the longest in the market using a single 9V battery or you can use a 9V Dc power supply for Non Stop music. You can also use the attached USB terminal to keep your phone or tablet fully charged when using the power supply Music. Dont forget to subscribe to this Channel and like this video Music, the number one product is part of the mookie brand mookie Wireless page Turner, pedal perfect for musicians or businessmen to free their hands while performing or doing presentation. 10 plus meters wireless range, the built in rechargeable battery, can last more than 50 hours after being fully charged. Allow you hands free reading on tablet, Android tablets, Mac and PC, avoid reading manually affect the music practice signal stability and strong anti interference ability. There are five buttons representing five modes on the center panel.

Different modes are used to send different commands to your favorite, app and selected device left and right. Foot switches emulate, including left right, arrow keys, page up down, left right. Mouse Clicks in space enter Keys, works with many apps for all mobile phone systems, tablet and headphone Wireless equipped, Android devices, PCS and Macs reading apps, including first score next page music, reader, 4, teleprompt plus 3, paperless music, PS4 DD gig book and many more simply by Turning on the unit take control of Music reading scrolling lyrics or guitar, tabs teleprompting or media control, and more high quality PVC casing and a non toxic, harmless soft silicone pad protect your pedal, which Bluetooth page Turner.