A slim profile keeps it portable for everyday life on the move and premium construction lets it stand up to day to day. Wear a built in kickstand provides all of the flexibility. You need prop the asus transformer pro upright on a desk or slide it downwards. On a coffee table, the pure silver metallic finish looks absolutely stunning: either color options of the asus transformer cover keyboard will accent your style perfectly. Its a joy to type on too generous key travel means youll quickly. Forget youre writing on a two in one just below the keyboard is a large touchpad. A glass cover makes it smooth to the touch. It can recognize. Multi touch gestures for getting around windows 10.. The display is a sight to behold. The 2k resolution ensures no details. Are left out, the asus transformer pro produces 100 percent of the srgb color gamut. You can count on your photos being true and vibrant Music. A full viewing angle helps everybody see the screen, no matter where youre set up true vivid construction of the display reduces the number of layers between your eyes and screens pixels. This is great outdoors, where glare can be a new Music, whether its your favorite music or the newest netflix release. The asus transformer pro provides outstanding audio, an intelligent amp system monitors power output to safely double the volume without damaging the speakers. Despite its portability, this pc has a lot of power up to an i7 processor and 16 gigabytes of ram are available, with up to a one terabyte ssd on top youll, be able to work like a pro from anywhere whats more.

The fingerprint scanner lets you log in securely and quickly. The asus transformer pro has a suite of full sized inputs ready to connect to your world. The asus transformer pro powerful, convenient and expandable powered by intel core i7 processors lets add z10. I find its easiest to let the product unbox itself, so dont get any fingerprints on it. Alright, so weve got the zenpad z10 usb charging cable and a little packet with your documentation. That also comes with a pin key to open up the sim card and sd card tray, which ill show you that in a bit lets take a look at the design of this tablet. Its got very clean lines, a very elegant design – and i love the metallic finish on this. Its got a really great premium feel it also features double diamond cut, edges that give it a very unique look and feel on the top. Weve got an audio jack and then a built in microphone on the right hand, side we have the volume, rocker and the power button, and these have a very unique metallic texture on them. So theyre easy to find on the bottom. We have the usb type c connection for charging also comes with quick charge 3.0 and it has dual stereo speakers with dts hd audio for excellent, sound quality through the speakers or when using headphones. On the left hand, side we have the sim card and micro sd card tray, which is easily removable with the included pin.

The screen is 9.7 inch led backlit ips panel thats 1536 by 2048 resolution internally. It features a qualcomm hexa core processor at 1.8, gigahertz 3 gigabytes of ram 32 gigabytes of storage. But, as i mentioned earlier, you can expand the storage with up to a 128 gigabyte micro sd card and it has a 7 800 milliamp hour battery. One of the cool features of the zen ui i want to show you is the splendid app and what this does. It gives you greater control over the display. You can easily adjust the color temperature from warm to cool theres, a vivid mode. Then you can also customize the look where you can change the hue. The saturation theres also blue light filter to reduce eye strain, which i find especially useful if youre reading before bed and the next zen ui feature, i want to show you is zen motion and what that does. Is it basically allows you to go from the lock screen to pretty much any app that youd like using a gesture and then to adjust the settings? You just go down to zen motion and you can choose which app goes with these preset movements. So you can see that c opens the camera app if we try that just start with a c, and it opens up the camera. Hey – and last thing i want to mention – is that its running android marshmallow now to find out more information about the zenpad z10.

Go ahead and click on it here and that will take you to the product page Music. This is the asus zenpad 3s10, which is built for a premium video experience, no matter where you take it. The aluminum construction of the zenpad 3s10 feels sturdy, yet the thin, rounded edges are quite comfortable to hold asuss signature. Spin line texture on the function keys, gives a nice tactile, feel and provides a sense of class and balance. The bezel around the front of the zenpad 3s10 is only 5.3 millimeters wide providing 78 screen to body ratio which leaves more screen for you to enjoy distraction. Free, no other tablet at this size can match that asuss. True vivid screen construction eliminates more than half the layers that typically comprise most tablet screens. This results in a crisper image, with better color quality than thicker screens, with more layers sandwiched on top of each other. In the background, asuss, true to life, image processing ensures tv grade, brightness contrast and sharpness optimization. The zenpath 3s10 provides top notch audio as well. The duo speaker system features new five magnet speakers to crank out tunes louder than ever. Thanks to the nxp smart amp, the hi res audio upgrades sampling rates to well over cd quality. This is the first tablet in the world using dts headphone x. This enables virtual 7.1 surround sound with supporting headphones. Once you hear the difference, youll never go back. Keeping all of this running is a powerful dual core 2.

1 gigahertz processor, a 1.7 gigahertz quad core processor and 4 gigabytes of dual channel ram with up to 10 hours of battery life and qualcomm quick charge. 3.0. The zenpath 3s10 can easily keep up with everything, even processing heavy tasks like gaming, and if you want to lock the entire tablet down, a new fingerprint scanner can store five different fingerprints to quickly unlock your device with a finger at any angle and authenticate secure apps, Like your payment or banking, app for all the details of the zenpath 3s10 visit, asus.com, which well link to in the description below thanks for watching asus, has a new two in one pc, thats built for professionals on the go meet the asus transformer 3 pro. It has a versatile form factor the processing, power and comfort of traditional clamshell laptops. The sharp design of the asus transformer 3 pro will fit perfectly into your modern lifestyle. The diamond cut alloy used is as durable as it is beautiful, while the all metal frame provides sturdiness for the long haul. The integrated stepless kickstand provides a full range of viewing comfort. The included asus transformer cover keyboard clicks on magnetically and empowers you to handle daily tasks from pounding out emails to browsing the web 1.4 millimeter key travel. Distance means you dont have to sacrifice comfort for mobility, the touchscreen measures, 12.6 inches plenty of room for work and play on the software side. True to life, video monitors every pixel of your show and adjusts for optimal sharpness and contrast between the extra wide color gamut and the razer sharp pixel density.

You can enjoy media the way it was meant to be seen. The special front facing camera uses infrared technology to quickly and easily recognize faces in front of it. This lets you log in painlessly thanks to windows. Hello lets not forget about cortana the asus transformer 3 pros array. Microphone can pick up voice commands accurately, while blocking out background noise, whether you need to take notes in meetings build flowcharts for your next project or take some time to doodle. The asus pen is available for the asus transformer 3 pro. This affords precision and comfort when bringing your ideas to life under the hood is some serious horsepower for really getting things done. Quick charging is perfect for those living with forward momentum, get a 60 charge in 60 minutes flat, despite its portable size, the asus transformer 3. Pro can be your daily driver thanks to an array of inputs and unique accessories. The usbc plug offers fast data transfer speeds thanks to thunderbolt 3 technology and a standard hdmi slot means you dont have to deal with adapters. The optional universal dock plugs into everything. In your home or office with a single cable to really kick things up a notch, the asus transformer 3 pro can plug into the rog xg station 2.. This empowers your pc with desktop grade gaming power, including 4k resolution and vr support, theres plenty more to the asus transformer 3 pro visit asus.